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A newsprint zine.
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Ten years of my life are tucked away on old hard drives and faraway servers. Folders within folders within folders; sites I can barely remember. I want to take a weekend to dig through the fragments and arrange the ones that strike me on my screen. Then, I'll print a hundred copies in newsprint and send them to all of you.

When the idea came to me, it felt reckless and simple. That's why I'm doing it.

Risks and challenges

There's always a chance I'll end up on a quest to make the collection perfect, delaying publication in the process. By keeping the print run small and the medium ramshackle, I'm hoping to counteract that tendency in myself.

I'm planning to print Archive through Newspaper Club. I've never used their service before and they're located in the U.K., so I count two elements of uncertainty right there. However, Newspaper Club is a very professional operation and they come recommended by friends, so I have the highest hopes.

Timing will be tight, since I have a window of exactly two weeks back in Michigan before returning to Berlin. This is good, in a way, since it adds some urgency to getting the packages out the door. If I don't manage to ship them all before returning to Berlin, I'll need to lug them back in my suitcase and learn the mysterious ways of Deutsche Post. I hear Deutsche Post is very good, though, so the worst-case scenario here isn't bad at all: I'll just ship the newspapers at a slightly higher price from Berlin.

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