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Publishing a collections of memoirs from the Lower East Side of Manhattan in time for the Latino Authors Writers Conference.
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Diana Diaz

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In the Wake of Sandy...

As many of you know by now, my beloved Lower East Side has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  I am here with my parents in the Smith Projects; they just got lights and heat restored, but Linda, my daughter and I are about to go out to replenish their food supply.  Thankfully, all of my family is safe.

I have never been so proud of my friends and neighbors here.  I am humbled, but not surprised, by the  outpouring of help, support and love from wherever fellow Smithsonians happen to be at the moment: Dallas, Las Vegas or here in NYC. To compound the angst, as one Smithsonian in Texas wrote, the media only shows us battery Park City and completely ignores the East Side.  We rely on each other for updates, assistance and consoling, no matter where we are.

These series of books are, to me, and to my familia at large, now more important than ever.  I am obviously detoured for a couple of weeks, but will keep you posted on the progress o Tales From The East Side.  Still pushing to print tis month, if physically possible!

Thank you all. I hope you're well.

Getting close!

I wil soon be asking you for t-shirt sizes and addresses!  Stay tuned:)


Hello, everyone!  As I await Kickstarter's release of your very generous donations, I am working on a final edit of the book.  I've been been walking around the old neighborhood and savoring the waves of nostalgia, from the squeak of the metal swing chains to the unpredictably rhythmic thwak! from the handball court to the spray of ice on my face if I stand close enough to the piragua man. 

What's more, people have been contacting me with their own stories, memories, and photographs.  Thank you so very much for helping me realize this project.  

I will keep you posted,



Preview in the NYTImes local East Village:

Successfully funded!

Thank you everyone!  Keep updated with the print progress on Facebook: