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A high-action high-drama fantasy RPG originally from Japan! A world of magic and mecha, with rules that emulate a Kabuki play or anime.
A high-action high-drama fantasy RPG originally from Japan! A world of magic and mecha, with rules that emulate a Kabuki play or anime.
1,704 backers pledged $129,640 to help bring this project to life.

it puts the book in the box and it ships it puts the book in the box and it ships

Whew! 1,000+ down, 330 to go!

Just wanted to give a quick status heads up on the score here.

All the copies of the game will be out and shipped by next Wednesday (that's the current plan, anyway). Unfortunately, Monday is a national holiday (no mail service), and the USPS pickup guy begged me not to post on Tuesday due to expected load. So one massive set will go out on Saturday, the rest on Wednesday. I'm expecting that this will encompass everything, including:

* All the Kickstarter backers
* The extras I owe for F-ups to the people who already received their sets (meant to send earlier this week, most are going out Saturday or next Wednesday)
* The very few backers During the KS campaign who paid directly to be included (problems with Amazon/KS payments, etc)
* The pre-orders to the site.
* Extras I owe to contributors (comp copies)

Friends in Canada, Australia noted that it takes about 10-14 days to receive the package after getting the email notice on shipping.

Some people... okay, mostly Germans... have been contacted by their customs department being told that "Your papers are NOT in order, ja?", and require receipts to claim their sets. For those folks, please simply print out your receipt from Amazon Payments as necessary. 

The last 300+ sets are falling into a few categories:
* All sets at $180 and higher are done, so everything else is below that level
* Hardcover sets
* Special orders (added-on extras, including multiple copies of the book)
* International orders
* Backers who bought in at the PDF level, then later wanted the physical book

But I've got a kickass system in place for the rest of the fulfillment process, which will carry us to the end, which is Wednesday.

The Good:

* Looks like I'll have some extras when everything is done. I likely won't go live with them for about a month (leaving for Japan for about two weeks next Friday, will be unable to tally or organize), but it looks like at a glance I'll have:
- Some kanji dice
- A MONSTER load of extra intro comics
- A huge load of extra tenugui/handcloths
- A very few sets of Aiki chits, for the folks who wanted them after-the-fact (warning, remember they're kinda pricey, At Cost they were close to about $1.50 each (for 60 chits, so close to $90. They're awesome, but yeah I made zeeeeero dollars off of those sets)
- Maybe a dozen or two "Director's Notes" books (physical)

So yeah, I'll be announcing leftovers and opportunities to get them in about a month from now.

The Bad:

* While shipping has been an interesting money-saving experience, it's not left me with any free time, and not much sleep! It is practically a second job. No sweat, really, I'm not suffering (too much!) or whatever, well aside from the lack of sleep thing, but the one thing I forgot to anticipate wasn't the "hardness" of the work, it was "the time I could be doing creative or writing works, but can't" (stuff like writing/editing some of the supplemental material). I meant to have some stuff like the Intro Adventure (for everyone) and the Ruined Empire setting and War Rules (for those backers) ready by now, but alas. So I'll be diving into that hardcore when I get back. Ruined Empire text-only (the art is currently in progress) will be ready within the next week.

* I always bought extras of all the physical items so that I wouldn't run out early. However, I seem to have somehow failed to do that with the Casino Dice used for the Emotion Matrix rolls, for those "$108+" backer levels. I will likely have to hand out "IOUs" on that item to about 10 backers while I wait for about 3 dozen more to be delivered. 

What's Next?

Well, once the shipping is done next Wednesday, I head to Japan for two weeks or so. Then, when I get back, I hardcore bee-line it to complete the rest of the supplements (in two stages: First text-only for review; then finalized much later with editing and pretty layout). I hope to have most of them done by August.

At which point... the NEXT Japanese RPG project begins in force. :-)




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    1. Brent Millis on

      Received! Thanks.

    2. Brian Kowalski

      Andy - great, drop me a line at when you're here. We can arrange details later..


    3. John Fiala

      My box arrived while I was out on vacation, and my 21 month old daughter really loved the dice! I think she'll have to wait until she's a little older, though.

    4. Ryan Blackstock

      Thanks Andy, I just got my set!

    5. Andy Kitkowski 3-time creator


      @David Chart : My grammar is N1 (I've tried practice tests) but my vocabulary and kanji are N2 at best. I need to step my game up!

      @Jonathan: Sorry about the corners banged (it's not mangled, is it? Just a few bumps?). And yeah, feel free to start making stuff!

      @Stacie: Soon, yes that will totally be an option. I think it will be mid-June, when I'm back in the US and ready to push forward, that I'll open the store up for the intro comics.

      @Felipe: You're in the list, but seriously, folks, I'm going to be packing and prepping all weekend, I honestly will NOT have the time to confirm whose did and did not go out. If you got an email to your kickstarter email account, it got shipped or it's prepped to ship in 1-2 business days. Just wait for the email, but EVERYTHING will be out by Wednesday. So please don't worry about it for now.

      @Brian : Interesting! This is me and Nick for the $2800 backer level trip. We'll be in Tokyo for a few days, then Kamakura, Kyoto area (Kyoto/Nara/Osaka/Kobe) followed by Kurashiki. Maybe we can sync up one night over at Cafe Daydream in Kanda for some gaming and talk? Can't promise, though, things will be pretty hectic!!

      And thank you everyone else for your comments!

    6. Brian Kowalski

      Andy - where will you be in japan? Starting today, I'll be in Tokyo for a month myself for work. We should meet up, always nice to talk with a fellow game designer. The tenra books were great by the way...

      Brian Kowalski
      Blue Kabuto games

    7. Kenny Bailey on

      OH YEAH. The NEXT Project. Looking forward to it. You can count on my support. :)

    8. Felipe Mascarenhas on

      Andy, can you confirm if my reward has shipped?

    9. Seizui on

      Overall, you've done an awesome job, man. You're one of the few Kickstarter folks that had everything hacked out at the end. It doesn't have to be perfect, but from the comments, you have worked your butt off and satisfied a lot of people. Thanks for the heads up on the next Japanese RPG coming out. I have my money set aside for that.

    10. Kurt Runkle on

      This was the best, most efficient and on time Kick starter I have pledged so far. Congratulations on a great finished product and thank you for having the integrity and selflessness to put in all the hard work to meet your promises.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Venus on

      Still waiting for mine with baited breath... :)

    12. Dennis Beebe on

      got mine last week--a huge thank you, andy! the end product is gorgeous, excellent work /deep bow

    13. Missing avatar


      Awesome news, I can't even express how much I'm looking forward to having this book in hand.

    14. Stacie Winters

      I got my copy yesterday and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you Andy, this game is a beautiful game. :)

      Would it be possible to get any more copies of the Introductory Comic since you have many more extra copies of them? Having extras of it would come in handy.

    15. MadMoses on

      German customs: I had no problems getting my previous kickstarter parcels with a print of the amazon payment receipt email (for extra safety, also bring the email from kickstarter where your pledge level is explained, so that you can show them what is supposed to be included and that shipping costs are included, because they are part of the customs fee you have to pay). However, I heard that different customs offices are more of a pain in the ass than others.

    16. Industrial Scribe on

      'It ship the books to the backers or else it gets the hose again...'

      You must be getting really good at packing by now :)

    17. Jonathan Souza on

      VERY happy, I got my copies prior to the convention weekend.

      Only real complaint is some shipping damage (i.e. not fishing for a replacement copy, just it got beaten up a bit and one of the corners is crunched), but it's a MINOR complaint....

      Waiting with baited breath for the "Ruined Empire" the "Our Lawyers Advised Us To Not Call It A Persona 4 Riff" and some other stuff that would give me ideas for my own DLC... ;)

    18. David Chart on

      My parcel arrived a couple of days ago, and appears to be complete. The hardcover books look awesome.

      But, seriously Andy, have you tried taking JLPT N1? I have trouble believing that you wouldn't pass after translating Tenra…

    19. Klawzie on

      Ryuutama for my birthday month? Yes, please! I'll start saving. :) Thank you for all your hard work!

    20. Missing avatar


      Just received my books!!! Fricking awesome! Can't wait to get a game going!