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A high-action high-drama fantasy RPG originally from Japan! A world of magic and mecha, with rules that emulate a Kabuki play or anime.
Created by

Andy Kitkowski

1,704 backers pledged $129,640 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Craig Judd on January 14

      Thanks Andy. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    2. Creator Andy Kitkowski on January 14

      Hey Craig: These are definitely always on my mind. Currently battling a nasty fever, when I have a few days to breathe I'll take stock, drop a mini-update and then start pushing hard to completion. Thanks!

      BTW: Ready-to-Play: Yes, Lotus Blossom, and there are two more coming as well (they are complete, just need editing). Three total.
      Names List: Sams as the book, just in an easy-to-DL and print format (free)
      Against the Tide: Same; just pulling from book and reorganizing to make it easy to DL and print (free)

    3. Creator Craig Judd on January 13

      I know some draft DLC was sent out a while ago, but I'm more interested in the final versions for completeness' sake. Since there's a lot of updates to hunt back through, would you mind providing a summary update for the following items?

      * the illustrated Tenra Bansho Zero replay
      * the ready-to-play scenario (Did this become Lotus Blossom's Bridal Path?)
      * the Mythos Hunters Zero campaign reskin
      * Against the Tide campaign setting
      * Tenra Bansho Zero Japanese name list (Is this any different to the lists in the book?)
      * A Set of scenarios and scenario seeds by designer Jerry Grayson
      * Tokyo High-School Demon Hunters campaign reskin
      * Extra Characters DLC (Looking forward to the ninja dog!)
      * Mass Combat Rules DLC (Looking forward to the final version very much!)


    4. Creator David Comer on October 29

      I'm really looking forward to the mythos hunters add on coming out afore too much longer. Any thoughts on when that might be?

    5. Creator Andy Kitkowski on October 6

      Hey Shane: Sorry about the delay. I'm writing up the rules (I'm hoping for a shareable playtest of the rules by the holidays), and Steven is kicking ass with the background fiction. Seriously, microfiction in games is one of the weakest elements normally, there's only a few games that stand out. Steven is one of those greats. So utterly evocative, it's kicking my own ass to finish my elements that much faster!

    6. Creator Shane Phillips on September 24, 2014

      Anything going on with Demimonde (the Persona-esque)?

    7. Creator Alberto Camargo on September 2, 2014

      Cool beans. Thanks! Anything we can help you with?

    8. Creator Andy Kitkowski on September 2, 2014

      Yep, I'm still on my goal of "done by the end of the year" (at least in text if not in full). I'm actually about to post an update with a new (and awesome) Tenra scenario for all backers. Still on target, and will have the actual fruits of that wait soon.

    9. Creator Alberto Camargo on September 2, 2014

      Just wondering how the alternate settings, the war book, the adventure and all that was going... it's been a while.

    10. Creator Sleet on July 14, 2014

      So, Tenra Bansho Zero is an Ennie nominee for the Best Production Values category. Nice to see recognition of just how beautiful these books are.

    11. Creator Andy Kitkowski on June 18, 2014

      Heya, I... wow, yeah I said that on May 8 didn't I. Apologies. Currently (and I mean **nearly daily**) Jason is skillfully lining the errata out/fleshing it out, we're hammering it together and almost done. Promise!

    12. Creator Jeremy Puckett on June 15, 2014

      Hey Andy, it's been a little bit more than two weeks at this point, and I was wondering how the errata and other goals are coming along. Hope you're enjoying Japan!

    13. Creator Andy Kitkowski on May 7, 2014

      Note that the last official update was more recent than the comment below. :-)

      But yes, I'll have another Update in approximately two weeks, with the Errata complete and progress postings/summaries on the other goals. Currently Jason and I are settling the roadmap for getting the rest of the deliverables done by the end of the year. Will have real progress noted soon!

    14. Creator John Fiala on May 7, 2014

      Any news? It's been almost two months since your last comment.

    15. Creator Andy Kitkowski on March 12, 2014

      Hey, very sorry: Truly not out to snub anyone. However, just landed in Tokyo a few days ago, and since then internet is extremely limited: I basically can only browse the internet (incl here) with my iPhone (internet service is installed in another week or so). I should have better access in the next few days (even before I have the internet installed in my own house), and I promise I'll post a real update as soon as I can.

      Sorry about that; this situation sucks for now, primarily because I can't do my "real job" either because it relies entirely on a fast connection...

      In the interm, if there's any specific questions folks had (other than "what's happening?"/"are things on track?", which I'll definitely answer), please hit me up here and I'll absolutely roll those into the next update I post.

      Sorry about saying 48 hours: At the time I thought I'd have that time, but then between work, packing, getting visas issued/readied/etc for my move to Japan (which I did after that last post of mine), I ended up having no time. My sincerest apologies for setting an update time and not meeting it: It's not something I normally do, but this is definitely a "this will only happen once" time (as I immigrated to Japan over the last two weeks). Please accept my apologies, and bear with me for just a few more days.

      (all this: Written in my iphone, currently my only data access to the internet)

    16. Creator Neotemplarvellum on March 11, 2014

      Soooo how about that update?

    17. Creator Andy Kitkowski on March 3, 2014

      Heya! Will be posting a general update in the next 48 hours! Progress is happening! It's a little slower than I hoped, but it is happening!

    18. Creator Imban on March 1, 2014

      OoOoooOo I am the spooky ghost of stretch goals...

      (standard poking and prodding for an update on how those are going)

    19. Creator Glen Green on November 2, 2013

      just backed the other project

    20. Creator dingopirate3000 on October 29, 2013

      Yeah, I'm the Geomancer guy. (If anyone is curious as to what we're talking about, check out the Tenra Bansho Zero G+ page, people, including me, share our fan work there) Thanks for the update, this is some exciting stuff!

    21. Creator vytzka on October 29, 2013


      If anyone gets confused about stratagems, "Defeat the enemy by capturing their chief" should be 18 according to my research, not 28 (there are two 28s in a row haha). Otherwise, more than solid.

    22. Creator Andy Kitkowski on October 29, 2013

      Hey Nicholas, I just posted an update with some downloads, please check it out.

      OH, HEY, YOU'RE the Geomancer guy! I just noticed that! I wrote you a reply by email, that material you made was totally awesome, and I hope you share it with others! Hit me up when you can, that stuff was really brilliant.

    23. Creator Andy Kitkowski on October 21, 2013

      Oh absolutely, I'm going to be posting some data (update, and some of the finished supplement stuff) within these next few days, no later than one week. Don't worry, things are moving, and will never stop!

    24. Creator dingopirate3000 on October 20, 2013

      Any chance of an update soon? I know you're busy preparing for Ryuutama, but I'm sure we'd all love to hear about any progress that has been made.

    25. Creator Industrial Scribe on August 13, 2013

      Okay 16+ hour days are more than a bit draining. No one expects you to run a side project with that looming in the background.

      I'll look for those Furoshiki links this Weekend. Could you put me down for a blue and white one if possible.

      Hope you find some time to sleep during all this.

    26. Creator Andy Kitkowski on August 13, 2013

      Heya! Well, I've been thinking about that for a little while, but my main concern is this:

      I still have a bunch of stretch goals that I promised for TBZ to prepare. And sure, it will take some time for them to be laid out with art, and I'm currently even waffling on a second mini-KS to get the Persona-esque one prettified (it will get done/released, but I'd love to add more art...). But I want to be at the state where I at least have all of the *text* done, for all of the extras that I'm directly responsible for (replay, all DLC), and handed out.

      If I don't at least get that far... well, I can forsee myself getting so caught up in the next project that I forget or low-prioritize the stretch goals and stuff for this one. That's not gonna happen. I don't want to be one of those POS designers who jumps on the next shiny KS project before the last one has been fulfilled or even completed.

      The next KS (for Ryuutama) *will* go live this year, that's a certainty. No fear there. And Matt Sanchez (my partner on this one) and I are putting our heads together to come up with awesome goals if it funds. However, at the same time, Tenra was a celebration of an obsession-project I'd been working on for 7 years, hence all the fanfare and crazy rewards. The next one won't have as many "not directly tied to the game" rewards. Still considering chips (foam at high levels, cardboard at low) and all sorts of crazy extras... But likely far less textiles for this one, since it's more Western themed (though I was thinking of Japanese-style travel towels, the kind that people put around their neck when they hike, or construction dudes wrap around their heads).

      ...I've actually got a handful of the furoshiki (in all 4 designs) left as well from Tenra, let me take stock and I'll put up purchase links at cost plus a buck or two (close to $40 probably) this weekend maybe.

      I've resisted the urge to push on Ryuutama; work is super-busy for me recently (with 12, 16+ hour days regularly), Matt S just had twins and is inundated with poop and crying... But most of all I owe you all the text output of a number of supplemental Tenra materials first (they can be prettified/laid out over time; but the raw text's gotta get done). That's going to happen first. Then, once we complete some creative choices and decisions for the Next Thing, we'll see that next project go up.

      Thanks for your patience!

    27. Creator Industrial Scribe on August 13, 2013

      Any fresh news on your next kickstarter start date yet or is it only when every " i dotted and t crossed" on this project that we can throw more money at you. :)

      Got my Second set of books through no problem. Thanks again for delivering the highest quality rewards I have yet had from a kickstarter and the best customer service.

      P.S. If even more Japanese textiles are available in you next project I will be a very happy backer. Consider me addicted.

    28. Creator Andy Kitkowski on August 5, 2013

      ...make that One More Week. Sorry, got sidetracked by some fulfillment/retail obligations. This week I'll be releasing the Rules Reference and the Mass Combat text dump (likely at the near-end of next weekend, if not Next Monday).

    29. Creator Nathan on July 22, 2013

      awesome! thanks for the speedy update

    30. Creator Andy Kitkowski on July 22, 2013

      Hey, should be just a week or two for the text dump.


    31. Creator Nathan on July 21, 2013

      Do we have an expected date for the mass combat rules? even just raw text would be nice as I'm planning on running a sengoku era styled game

    32. Creator Amiel Kievit on June 19, 2013

      Game arrived in oz, I swooned. Love it thanks for all the hard work.

    33. Creator Adrian Breau on June 19, 2013

      I have not received my books as yet.


    34. Creator Bastian Dornauf on June 18, 2013

      Hi Andy, i havent received anything printed yet and I think I should have. I know german customs can be really slow but maybe you can check if everything is on its way?

    35. Creator John Pope on June 17, 2013

      My stuff arrived today (all present and accounted for)!

    36. Creator S.p. Ross on June 14, 2013

      My stuff arrived today. Very cool.

    37. Creator Jürgen Duvendack on June 13, 2013

      Fetched mine from the customs office today. Everything is there and I even got some extra tenugui. And the hardcovers indeed look "ridic sick" and the intro manga are very beautiful.

      This was my first kickstarter and everything went so smooth, even the delays were no problem with the regular updates and information. Congrats for your excellent work, Andy (and also to everyone in your team)

    38. Creator Michael Smythe on June 13, 2013

      Ignore my previous comment. I didn't realize he had split the backer lists between both books.

    39. Creator Michael Smythe on June 13, 2013

      Ignore my previous comment. I didn't realize he had split the backer lists between both books.

    40. Creator Michael Smythe on June 13, 2013

      I got my copy on Monday and I was just flipping through it and checked out the kickstarter backers list but I didn't see my name listed. What would the Ashura set fall under for the kickstarter listing? I looked in the physical copies listings but didn't see it there.

    41. Creator Greg Pohlman on June 6, 2013

      Mine came in Saturday, everything looks great, I posted a photo of the spread on my dining table on facebook. I ran Tenra at Springfield MO's bigger local convention, VisionCon. I only got three players, but they enjoyed themselves, and a lot of people commented on the art. Another convention, G.A.M.E. ( is coming up in October. I'll probably run Tenra again or one of my board games.

      If you like mood music for your sessions, try building a Pandora station around Yoshida Brothers. With a side of Kitaro and Red Buddha.

    42. Creator Chris Venus on June 6, 2013

      Just got mine today and its lovely. My first kickstarter received and its gorgeous. Lovely quality and just lots of yay!

      I now need to learn the symbols on my dice properly. ;-)

    43. Creator Simon Taylor on June 5, 2013

      Just picked up my copy of the hardbacks from the post office today after work. After finally getting a chance to look at the game in physical form, all I can see is: very nice! I actually kinda regret not getting a soft-cover copy of the rules as well, but I've been spending enough on kickstarters lately anyway. Speaking of which, when is the kickstarter for Ryutama likely to, er, kick off? Oh, and how exactly do you use the tengui to carry stuff?

    44. Creator chapel on June 4, 2013

      Got my shipment today. Slightly dented. Thanks.
      Now a kind of silly question: Are there some points I should pay attention to when I wash the furoshiki and the tenugui?

    45. Creator Sleet on June 4, 2013

      Got my books today, and they're absolutely beautiful! Andy has outdone himself with these. Plus, I think they're the first books I've gotten through the mail that managed not to get dented edges.

    46. Creator Luke Walker on June 3, 2013

      @Keith: Andy's next project is Ryuutama:. I think Sword World is so generic western fantasy that most translators are giving it a pass for now.

    47. Creator Keith Foo on June 1, 2013

      Hi Andy got my books today and they are of great if not exceptional quality. I'm wondering what your next project will be?

      Perhaps a revised version of SWORD WORLD? :)

    48. Creator Eric Steinbrenner on May 31, 2013

      My $70 reward... plus hard-cover upgrade... plus additional soft-cover set with a free tengui thrown in for going over $100 total... plus extra manga and postcard set arrived today. I was happy it arrived I think both style of book sets look fantastic. I'll have to find some people to play with or look at preparing a convention scenario to run.

    49. Creator Gary T. on May 31, 2013

      My $70 reward arrived. Looks much better than I expected! Thank you.

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