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Ryuutama is an original Japanese heartwarming tabletop RPG of travel and wonder, currently being translated for release in English!
Ryuutama is an original Japanese heartwarming tabletop RPG of travel and wonder, currently being translated for release in English!
2,056 backers pledged $97,960 to help bring this project to life.

Milestone Two: Colors and Seasons

Posted by Andy Kitkowski (Creator)

We introduce our next Milestones, and demonstrate a fun Japanese game here! (I actually like it far more than Jan-Ken)

As Ryuutama closes in on 1000 backers, it was time for us to post another set of Milestones!


We're currently weighing the decision on whether to have two printings: A "Kickstarter Backer Only: In Full Color" printing and doing the rest for retail in black and white, or just simply setting it so that all books for KS and retail will be full color, but one thing has been decided: We have enough resources, entirely thanks to you, to now offer the book in full color.

This is cool, because even Okada-san way back when wanted to release Ryuutama in full color in Japanese (you can see a hint of that in his Player Summary PDF, which boasts a supremely functional yet colorful color design), but didn't have the clout to do that. Thanks to crowdfunding, we were able to help his dream become true!

But, there is some give-and-take on this item: The give is that we're spending a lot more to make this full color, including taking design elements (borders, outlines, non-illustration graphical elements) that were originally B&W and colorize them; then of course the printing itself, which will be pricier. In exchange for that, we had to remove one expectation for now: We had to remove the dust jacket element: It was a little too costly to do both at this time. The dust jacket featured the cover on one side, and the combat play mat on the other: The combat mat is a free available download, so people will be able to print their own anyway. 

We're looking at re-instating the dust jacket eventually if costs allow for it, but for now we had to take it off the table. Well, not off the table so much as slide it to the side, and keep an eye on when we can bring it back in.

The other "take" from this is that this is an awesome, fine reward, probably the coolest thing we'll be doing this campaign: But it is (as we say in the tech world) "feature creep", and this ultimately changes the workload involved with the design of the book. That means that in one simple change we may have to delay the release of the final PDF (and book) to 1-2 months beyond what is listed on the front page of the project (and which we cannot edit/rewrite anymore). Everyone will still get the raw text version before the holidays, mind. We hope the small additional wait will be eclipsed by the beauty of what you helped us create.

And on to the rest!


In the original first Ryuutama supplement, there were rules for "creating unique roads". We'll be adding those in in conjunction with the wagon rules, for people who want to do a caravan-style campaign.


Each topography, each weather type, will have 3-6 (or more!) unique random events that can be rolled to kick off a scenario. 


These are 1-2 paragraph "choose three elements and fill in the blanks" one-shot scenario outlines. Based on the result, you'll have a fun, unique scenario that can be used if your creative batteries are low that day, or you just want to throw in something new!


We'll be putting together print-and-play (paper, to be printed and sleeved) accessory cards to be used with Ryuutama:

Except in English, of course!
Except in English, of course!

They'll have a printable mat so you can show the players the current weather and topography for their skill rolls. You can also do all sorts of cool tricks with the cards, outlined in the video above.


Jerome Larre's Ulele Ryuutama campaign ("French Kickstarter") introduced a few new character classes. While we think we have some awesome new character class ideas (okay, that was a joke), we're going to be doing some crossover content with the French edition. This will include the Hermit, Teacher and others!


Finally, an additional note on international shipping...

A few people have asked us in private about this in regards to multiple people sponsoring/"ordering" books together, so we wanted to be clear about one thing, and offer another item:

* Combined shipping cost is a one-time cost: If you get 2+ friends to order books together (at $40 each), the shipping cost of $40 is just a single one-time cost applied to the total. So if you buy one book, that's $40 extra. 4 books, still just $40 extra, not $160. 

* Additional PDF links: For every additional copy of the book you order, you'll get an additional download link for the PDF. We will eventually be posting the PDF of the game on the site, and so we'll be able to offer your friends an additional download link as well. Not that we wouldn't mind you sharing with your friends in your gaming group, that's of course totally fine too.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Komavary on

      Are the shipping costs to Canada and Japan also one-time only?

      How do you calculate the PLUS PLUS extra? If you are ordering a physical book ++, that means that the extra book could be ++ only (so +50$?)

    2. Matthew Levi Miller on

      Full color, yes! All of the ++ materials? YES! Character creation video? Yes, sir! I'm excited that we get more classes as well, that is always fun. =D

    3. Sam on

      Full colour will be great, I am not big on dust jackets since they get lost or damaged too much in my experience

      Will you be adding the weather cards as a proper add on for nice quality printed card ones as well? I think that would be a cool addition that more than just I would pay for if it was not a big jump in your costs / time constraints

    4. Missing avatar

      MaximumDisplay on

      Awesome! I love full colour! Will we be getting another messege from Okada-san in the kickstarter?

    5. Klawzie on

      Yay! Full color! Way exciting! I'm not a hugebig fan of dust jackets in general. I tend to rip them or lose them. And if it sees play, then unless you're printing it on indestructo paper, the chances go up. Totally worth the possibility of delay. Most likely to be able to organize an online game than a F2F game anyway, so some physical delay is a trifling matter.

    6. Sam Garamy

      Another voice of approval for full colour book! Glad that we're still able to get a raw text version of the game, since I'm really eager to read the text. Also, in response to the vid, I would like to see the character creation vid. I think that'd be fun.

    7. Ryan T.

      AWESOME on full color!!

      Is there the option to add a Combat Mat of decent quality as a paid add-on? That would be of high interest and immediate purchase for me at least :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hauge on

      Aww. I'm a bit sad that the dust jacket has to be shelved, but that's MORE than compensated for by a full-color book! Woohoo!

    9. dingopirate3000 on

      I was hoping that color would become an option, so I am very excited for this milestone. It would be pretty cool to have the play mat book cover, so hopefully that returns in a coming milestone! Also, I would definitely watch a character creation video.

    10. Scott on

      Well, I did like the idea of having the play mat on the book cover, I can see why the change. No worries. I'm sure this'll look great!

    11. Luke Walker on

      Regarding additional copies to save on international shipping, I have further questions:

      1. Will those buying those additional books also get to have their name listed as a backer in the book despite it being under 1 pledge?

      2. If those buying the additional books also want the Plus Plus PDFs, can we simply add $10 to the total pledge per person?

    12. euansmith

      Full colour is pretty darn cool. It is also something that the "big boys" offer these days as a matter of course; so your product will look premium. All the best.

    13. Matías Nicolás Caruso

      I agree with the others, full color is way better than a dust jacket (plus it's something everyone benefits from, even people who only buy the PDF). The cards look awesome as well.
      As for Matt's character creation video, I'd love to watch that. :D

    14. Neotemplarvellum on

      Full color is way better than a dust jacket that will just fall off constantly and be an annoyance.

    15. Melody Haren Anderson on

      This all sounds so amazing every time I read something new. I am so impressed. And a delay in return for full color? Sign me up! Dust Jacket I don't mind losing really. :)

    16. Missing avatar


      I'll have to wait until I can get home to watch the video, but everything I've read sounds awesome! Thanks for the update!