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Ryuutama is an original Japanese heartwarming tabletop RPG of travel and wonder, currently being translated for release in English!
Ryuutama is an original Japanese heartwarming tabletop RPG of travel and wonder, currently being translated for release in English!
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Milestone One : The Shore and the Sea

Posted by Andy Kitkowski (Creator)

Hey all, Andy here. Thanks so much for your contributions! We have two things to discuss in this update, so here we go!

FINAL ART PLEDGE LEVELS - We posted the last levels for Mizusaka's art contibutions: 10 last character sketches, 5 last scene sketches. When they're gone, that's it: We have to make sure not to crush her with sketch commitments, as these represent already almost one years' worth of work on top of an already busy day job!

MILESTONE ONE REACHED - Here are the elements we're working on. As I mentioned, we're going with revealing milestones reached instead of future goalposts. We'll be revealing the milestones at various intervals. We'll also post the backing levels they're available at. All content is digital unless otherwise noted:


In our first milestone we'll be revealing some of the supplemental material we're translating for the "PLUS PLUS" levels, as well as some of the basic extras we have as well.


* Random NPC Tables - In the original second Ryuutama supplement/travelogue there was a great idea: A quick NPC generator that was evocative and cool for quickly generating characters you interact with. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues that table as-is can't be used, so we'll be creating one inspired by the original. 100-plus options for interesting NPCs.

* "The Accessories Kit" - So we were thinking about some board-game-like components for Ryuutama, for things like Fumble Tokens, Character Sketch Cards for the battlemat, maybe even cards or plates to quickly reference character skills. We're going to be putting together a set of these things for people who want them, likely through The Game Crafter's Print-on-Demand service, for those who want them. More details later, we have a lot of research to do on this part. All these components will be also available for download/print for those who want to put them together themselves.

* New Rules for Herbs - Okada-san and I put together some ideas for a new supplemental system for the Healer classes "Herbs/Herb Gathering" sub-game. Okada ran with it, and we're going to have an optional list of extra herbs, and some randomization into the ones you find. It'll make more sense when you see the rules, but trust us, this is a cool little add we'll have as a downloadable extra.


We're translating material from the original two Ryuutama supplements. Here's a taste of some of the things on deck.

* Wagon Travel Rules - Carts, carriages, wagons: The core of Ryuutama is all about travelling on foot. The first Ryuutama supplement offered rules for buying and using wagons and other vehicles. We're translating this for the first English supplement!

* Ocean Travel Rules - Boats? Boats! Get a boat, buy provisions, and travel by sea! Information and rules about sea travel from the original supplement.

* Navigator Class - With the ocean travel rules comes the new eighth and last official character class, the Navigator! They are critical for navigating the seas. They can also substitute grog for water!

* Konekogoblin PCs - We poke into the original Ryuutama second supplement to deliver to you the official rules for creating Koneko-goblin PCs. Characters in Ryuutama are all human, though they can come from all different areas and ethnic backgrounds: There are no playable elves or gnomes. However, there are now playable Kitten-Goblins. With their cute little wooden cat-paw shields and swords in the shape of fish, and the way they end their sentences with "-nya/-gobunya"... well, they're a very fun, cute character option!

We'll reveal more in time! Stay tuned, and please feel free to get the word out to friends!

Also, if you're interested, Dave at New World Academy posted an interview with me and Matt about Ryuutama. Feel free to check it out!


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    1. Scott on

      Koneko-goblins sound too cute! It definitely will be a choice for some of my players in my group. Thank you for the up-date, and for the mention of the Weather/Topography cards as well. Looking forward to seeing all of it.


    2. Industrial Scribe on

      What was the level of funding needed to reach the "FIRST MILESTONE"?

      Seeing as how we know you are a devil for the details, I gather you costed the milestones and as such is it possible to share this information?

      Was it 200% of funding? or more like a % of funding that did not include extra's or shipping in the calculation? (So understandably, quite a bit different from the dollar total we see in the kickstarter pledge total and therefore hard to show).

    3. Andy Kitkowski 3-time creator

      Oh, crap! I forgot to add the other add-on item: The Weather/Topography cards, for all backers. They will be in a simple print-cut-sleeve-use format. We will likely also be going for a set of them on DriveThruCards as well!

    4. Andy Kitkowski 3-time creator

      @ABruneian : Likely not. We're making it objectively better, anyway!

      Also, regarding the second supplement: We'll be telling all in the Director's Notes expose (shocking! Just like a tabloid!), but in short we have rights to about 2/3 of the text. But none of the art. And the last 1/3 of the text (which included the NPC charts)... well, we'll save that for the Director's Notes story. :-)

      @Johny: The original book actually has about 200, in reality. The last 40 pages or so are reference sheets, examples, index, notes, etc (they stop numbering the pages after 160-170 or so, but there are still many pages of material after that). We'll be including those in our edition as well, for 200+ total.

    5. Missing avatar

      Johny Fight on

      A question: you said that the book has 200+ pages, while the original japanese version has only 160+. What makes the page account difference?


    6. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the explanation and transparency, Matt, hopefully more milestones and pleasant surprises can be reached later on...
      If things can be re-written in 'better' form, it makes me wonder...will we ever get to see the 'original' form or able to choose to play the original form?

    7. Matt Sanchez on

      Regarding the licensing issue, it is simply that the rights to the second supplement do not belong to Okada-san, which means that we would have to go through the stygian depths that make up the Japanese publishing world to possibly have a chance of obtaining the license. But fret not! The 2nd supplement is mostly fluff that we can easily rewrite plus a couple of cool things that we are going to rework into a better form. It is safe to assume that the supplements won't be direct translations, since we will be adding new materials along the way.

      I am super excited about our upcoming milestones and don't want to spoil anything yet, so I'm going to drag myself away from the keyboard now! Thank you again everyone!

      BTW for those of you who are interested in the intricacies of obtaining a license from a Japanese publisher, Andy and I discuss the issue in an upcoming episode of our podcast, Super Excite Game.

    8. Matías Nicolás Caruso

      Very interesting stuff on the work. I'm sad to hear about the licensing problem, but I'm sure the table you'll make will be as cool as the original one.
      As for the supplements, I get that the English supplements won't be a direct translation of the Japanese supplements but rather they will mix a little bit of both of them with some new content?

    9. Sam Garamy

      A shame to hear about the licencing problem - is it possible to explain what happened there, and how your one will reflect and be different from the original? I'm sure that it'll be a suitable replacement, though.

      I have a few other questions. One of my favourite things about Tenra Bansho Zero was the director's commentary booklet. I believe you said that this was planned as a milestone on the front page. Do you expect that this will be as expansive or even moreso, since I think you said that it would also involve Matthew, Okada-san and Mizusaka-sensei's commentary? Also, about how much of the backer art will be included in the Ryuutama book and supplements? I'm just curious since on the front page it said some of the scenes would be included, and the art is really cool, and the more the better.

    10. Ryan T.

      Is there any possibility of a stretch goal to include more color illustrations or, if needed, an upgrade pledge for a more colorized illustration guide?

    11. Missing avatar


      A bit bummed because of the licencing issue problem... What is in there we will miss eh?
      Although the alternative sounded neat and great! Makes you wonder whether you need more money or something to be able to fully licence this game with all its aspects?
      But I am sure that the translators knows what they are doing, they already planned and discuss for quite long afterall...
      What is the chances I wonder for us to be able to see the whole supplements? Maybe a physical compilation of them in a few years time?
      For now, I am glad that things are going well with the kickstarter for now. I wish you all the best of wishes and regards for this!