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Ryuutama is an original Japanese heartwarming tabletop RPG of travel and wonder, currently being translated for release in English!
Ryuutama is an original Japanese heartwarming tabletop RPG of travel and wonder, currently being translated for release in English!
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A Taste of Land, Sea and Air... Supplemental Rules!

Posted by Andy Kitkowski (Creator)

Hi Ryuutama friends:

Our sincerest apologies for not posting these earlier, so many were interested in adopting the supplemental travel rules in their existing Ryuutama campaigns. We've got an entire supplement's worth of text to release this year, but for now I wanted to share our very Very (VERY!) rough draft of the supplemental rules for the following:

* Land travel (caravans and wagons)
* Sea travel (and the new Navigator class), including sea combat
* Air travel (and the new Pilot class)

Please remember the following when perusing the document:

* It's very unedited, the final will be much more clear and concise (and laid out)
* It's incomplete, there are some missing examples, but the core of the rules are there.
* In other words, no need to comment about spelling/grammar mistakes and the like, we'll have that "almost finalized draft" in time. Just let us know if there's some clear huge piece missing (with regards to land/sea in particular) that you need to run these rules at your session, and we'll correct that.

Again, we are providing this as a gift to the Kickstarter backers, to help start up your official-ish caravans, schooners and airships!

Thanks again for your patience, guys. We'll have the supplement (full content) ready this year.

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    1. Christopher LaHaise on

      Looking forward to future Ryuutama supplements. :) Please keep us informed!

    2. Andy Kitkowski 3-time creator

      Thanks for your feedback, Adrian: Localization is still in the air, so we might move that term around a bit later.

      As for emergency repairs: Without hand-wavey magic, no emergency repairs mid-combat.

    3. Adrian Tymes on

      Nice! My group's running a campaign where there are airships, though the PCs won't actually get to fly on one for a while. (The airships are all grounded; fixing the reason why is the PCs' first quest.)

      But it would be useful to have an idea of how they move (as written, sunstone just makes them float). Fuel is mentioned; is it used to power air screws, to heat a certain side of sunstone to cause it to push away from that direction (creating thrust as well as lift), or something else?

      Also, "Navigation" Check seems like maybe not the best translation, as navigation is something akin to mapping, i.e. the INT+INT check you've translated as "Direction" Check. Maybe a better term would be "Piloting" Check or "Crewing" check, which would more obviously be the physical actions to crew the vehicle (since it's STR+DEX)?

      Also also, one of our players would like it made clear whether emergency repairs in combat are possible. As written, there's no support for them, suggesting they're not.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kelly Brown

      How perfect! I got talked into (more like I talked my way into) running a short filler campaign. The group is literally heading to a Airship port tomorrow as I gotta keep this campaign moving fast! I will use the rules right away!