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Those Who Play is an RPG that gives you the freedom and support to play how you want to. I need your help to take it to print!
Those Who Play is an RPG that gives you the freedom and support to play how you want to. I need your help to take it to print!
45 backers pledged £1,046 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Danny Boyle Creator on


      Hope you enjoy it! And enjoy your gold star as well, you won the coveted "Best Address" award.

    2. Balgin Stondraeg

      Hey guys,

      my copy arrived here today in merry old England. Hopefully the rest of you will be getting yours soon as well :).

    3. Lievens Jorrit on

      So, where we at now? :)

    4. Kyle Wallace on

      I took part in a play of the game on Friday, and safe to say me and my mates really enjoyed it! Really pleased I pledged £13 now for a copy of the game, and my friends will also be buying copies. We really loved how easy the game was to pick up and play and to enjoy! We had a quick one-off campaign and we were all laughing our heads off and loving the fact that the story did just flow around our actions, instead of sticking to a pre-written certain storyline. We felt really free to do whatever we wanted really, which made the experience really unique and enjoyable. I can't wait to receive my copy when it's released!

      Thanks Danny!

    5. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Kyle Wallace

      Looking forward to it :)

    6. Kyle Wallace on

      Sounds good to us!

    7. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Kyle Wallace
      That's great, the more the merrier.

      Are you familiar with Geek Retreat in Glasgow? It's on the same street as the Cathouse and Games Workshop.

      It does require you to buy a drink or something to eat every hour, if that's a problem we can go elsewhere.

      Otherwise, there at 6pm?

    8. Kyle Wallace on

      It'd be me and two pals, if that's alright?

    9. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Kyle Wallace
      How does Thursday sound?

    10. Kyle Wallace on

      When would you be thinking?

    11. Kyle Wallace on

      @Danny Boyle thanks man! That'd be fantastic if that were able!

    12. Balgin Stondraeg

      Sounds like you're in for a grand time there Stefan. As a Sassinak I can only look on with envy.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stefan T on

      Hi, I'd be interested in trying the game in Glasgow

    14. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Kyle Wallace
      That's great to hear! If you want a hands on experience with the game before release, I can run a game for you and your friends in Glasgow.

    15. Kyle Wallace on

      I really hope this gets funded! Both as a Glaswegian and an avid roleplayer! Honestly, from reading it it sounds like me and my mates would absolutely be in love with it! Love all the storytelling!

    16. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Balgin Stondraeg
      Thank you very much!

    17. Balgin Stondraeg

      There you go buddy. Have a few quid from me to help with the final push. Let's hope things turn out well for you :).

    18. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Phil Nicholls
      Thank you very much!

    19. Phil Nicholls on

      Hi Danny,

      Trying to do my bit to drum up some support for Those Who Play. A short review has been posted at my blog, Tales of a GM:…

      Best of luck


    20. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Lievens Jorrit
      Glad you enjoyed :)

      Help spread them around.

    21. Lievens Jorrit on

      Those movies are exactly how all my friends think LARP works. I died laughing.

    22. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Lievens Jorrit
      Added, I have no idea how I managed to miss that.
      I will be uploading an example of play to

      Check it out for more information on how the game is played.

    23. Lievens Jorrit on

      You should probably add that it is a D10 system, I didn't see that in the salespeech :)

    24. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Simon Early
      I'm not allowed to edit rewards, but yes, I'll supply a PDF to those who buy a physical copy.

    25. Danny Boyle Creator on

      @Simon Early
      I'll edit that to include the PDF.

      @Lievens Jorrit
      Players who didn't take certain skills still get 1D10 (1 ten sided die) when attempting as you get to roll the associated pool (Physical for jumping) and then your traits add to your roll. (Fit x 4 would give you +4 to running, climbing, jumping, etc)
      So if you don't want your character to have spent a lot of time practicing their acrobatics, they still have a reasonable chance to leap those pesky walls.
      (Usually for simple physical tasks, the Task is 7. (Task is similar to DC in D&D))
      Hope that clears that up for you.

    26. Simon Early on

      Does the early bird paper version also include a PDF copy?

    27. Lievens Jorrit on

      It doesn't get dumbed down to the point where the narrator goes 'well, you didn't take "jump" so you cannot escape over the wall"? 'cause that'd be ... annoying.

    28. Danny Boyle Creator on

      Unfortunately I've never played Amber Diceless but from what I've read on the Wikipedia, I'd like to try it.

      I'd say what makes my system really unique and different is that there are no stats, instead there are skills and traits which you use in the appropriate situations, meaning characters can be good at a wide variety of things rather than just what their stats would normally suggest.

    29. Lievens Jorrit on

      Good luck, designer man :)
      If you were to compare your system to Amber Diceless, what are its main edges?