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A visual novel featuring a set of stories, following each character and their trials and tribulations surrounding love and lust.
A visual novel featuring a set of stories, following each character and their trials and tribulations surrounding love and lust.
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Steam Release Uncensored

Posted by Dharker Studios Ltd (Creator)

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that Steam have released some of their new content filters, at least enough to allow me to release my games starting with Negligee: Love Stories. Beta access keys will still be sent out giving backers early access to the finished game on steam this weekend.

What this means...

Negligee: Love Stories has now had an official release date once more set on steam, later today i will be submitting the game for review and this weekend sending out steam keys to all of you who are missing them, as per recent updates.

This will give all of you access to the 1.0 build of the game and give us an extra two weeks to further refine Negligee: Love Stories before official release.

On the whole what steam have done is not exactly what we wanted it isn't perfect. But it is a big step in the right direction and one of the benefits of the new filters (and simultaneously downsides) in the new Mature Adult Game filter.

This new filter is for games that are predominately made for adults, which Negligee: Love Stories falls into that category. The downside is that this new filter is automatically set to block these game types, if you want to see games that have the mature adult sexual content tag, you will need to visit your Store Preferences in order to adjust it within steam.

But this also means Negligee: Love Stories can and will be appearing on Steam completely uncensored - No Patch Required.

During these two weeks we will also be doing final work on the Artbook and other content for the game as well as preparing physical rewards as well for our backers.

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    1. Dharker Studios Ltd 10-time creator on

      @Thaine Hepler: Everyone has received them, they have been sent out by Backerkit.

    2. Missing avatar

      Thaine Hepler

      Has anyone received the Steam Keys yet?

    3. Tsunamisan on

      more platforms is always good not everyone uses steam. so Nutaku, Denpasoft still have good market especially if players want to have it on their PC and not have to keep a steam browser like app open at all times

    4. Missing avatar


      I wonder what the Steam vs Nutaku numbers look like. Does it make sense to release the full game on Nutaku instead?

    5. Missing avatar

      Linus Gustavsson

      Didn't expect them to allow it without patch. As they still run payment processors who are all "We don't want to work with porn because then people will buy it and refund it because they got found out by their mom".

      They also made it very unclear what the rules are for games that can be patched. As they would be all-ages on Steam, but maybe not when on your disc. And there is no ESRB ratings for what your discs contain.