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A Yuri love story about two young women who find themselves living together as they attend college.
A Yuri love story about two young women who find themselves living together as they attend college.
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Rewrites & Delays

Posted by Dharker Studios Ltd (Creator)

Greetings all,

This is a quick update to provide a couple of things to you all.

First development of the game is continuing, I know things have been a little quiet lately but this is due to several things, 1. the game My Girlfriend has been having some issues with steam (notes below) and 2. I have been very ill for the past month, and still am with various ailments but most notably Migraines. In general I am getting better but I am still dealing with daily headaches.

Anyway that is why things have been a little quiet of late, but work and development does continue... Now onto the talk of development and potential rewrites.

Steam Issues

So basically, we mentioned above, issues we are having releasing the game My Girlfriend, essentially the game is stuck in steams review queue and we are receiving no feedback as to why this is. But after some research we believe the reason is that My girlfriend is set in a school/college setting. And Steam are worried about how the game could be perceived as being promoting under age relationships Etc, which is more of an issue for them now that they 'officially' accept adult content games.

Anyway again we have no confirmation of this but the facts appear to align, we therefore are worried about My Senpai having the same problem and so have decided rather than risk it we will rewrite the game so that it is no longer set during the final year of college. Instead it will focus around the plan that Mira is staying with Senpai whilst starting an apprenticeship at a local company, the same company her parents and Senpai's parents work at or worked at previously. A but flimsy perhaps, but fortunately My Senpai is more about the activities outside of college than during it and so the re-writes are not too bad.

I have already started these re-writes in fact and have re-written the first 3rd of the game already, I believe I will finish the rewrites by the end of Next week or the week after, also other than a few additional character outfits, these changes should not really affect much within the game, all it means is that further work is delayed a little more whilst the re-writes are completed. The only reason this is taking a bit longer than I hoped is because of my headaches limiting the amount of time I can spend on the computer.

But once the rewrites are finished and the character sprites are finalised we should be able to move forward with the last of the current development before Beta begins properly.

More details will be coming nearer the end of March once things are more settled and in place.

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    1. Dharker Studios Ltd 10-time creator on

      @Drgy55: I don't disagree with their decision, it is a grey area and they are within their rights as a responsible company with employees and vast numbers of other developers to think of, to reject it, personally though rather than saying nothing and then banning a game, surely they could have raised their concerns and given me a chance to rectify their problems.

      But they are a large company they may feel a decisive decision is needed in such instances, I have asked my steam rep if they can look into unbanning it in light of my plans to rewrite the My Girlfriend game and they are looking into it for me, so this may not be the complete end.

      I don't think I will have the same issue regardless since they accepted the game Echo Tokyo without issue within a 1 day review process and that game includes sex dialogue, sex scenes, lesbian imagery, prostitution and dark scenes around sexual interactions. So yeah if they were going to have issues with all games surely that would have been blocked too.

      @pseudonym: No we arent releasing multiple versions of My Senpai, especially as it is not needed, My Senpai has a very vague affiliation to school, and can easily be altered to show the characters working an internship, indeed over half of the game has already been rewritten because there are so few sections that refer to school/college. Even the finale is easy to update to have the protagonist waiting to hear if her placement is being extended or if she is being let go. So there is no need to put out multiple versions of My Senpai.

      @Brad Pavlacka: Thanks, My headaches feel they are starting to pass, or at least get better allowing me to work more each day, but it can be trying at times.

      @Geoffrey Bluechel: I doubt it, I dont think this is them reacting to press or anything like that, this is them reacting to the consequences of putting adult games on their platform. They said when they allowed adult games that they wouldnt allow anything illegal on the platform. They have now banned My girlfriend and stated that its school setting with uniforms puts it in a grey area and they are unwilling to risk the legal ramifications it could cause by allowing such a game on their platform.

      To combat this we are rewriting our games to be clearer as to characters age and so on, indeed our game Echo Tokyo: Phoenix was accepted to steam and that game has escorts, prostitution and violence within it. So there issue is more with this grey area revolving around sex with minors than adult content and anime style in general. I think we will be fine, this will just delay development.

      @JV: Valve are doing what they have to, to protect themselves from legal action, the truth is setting an adult hentai game in a college with school uniforms is a grey area. They have decided they dont want to risk the legal issues of releasing such a game, it is a fairly reasonable position to take, if it were your business and livlihood you might do the same, indeed I will do the same moving forward removing such content and settings from my future games.

      As for distributing it elsewhere instead of Steam, I technically could, but here is the problem, this game cost around £40,000 to produce, Kickstarter raised roughly £15,000 (less if we remove the cost of physical rewards and shipping) leaving a loss to produce of £25,000. Simply put all over platforms sell at most 1000-2000 units over a 3 month period from release. Less beyond that after fees and taxes we would be lucky to break even. The point is we require steam to reach a broader larger audience to make a profit. Thus I have to take that into account.

      Also most of those smaller companies don't have automatic sales figures online, as such I wont use them, the only platforms I would be willing to sell it on are:, Nutaku and Humble Store (humble store isnt an option as its a key reseller mainly) and the other two are far too small time to sell on their own. To make a profit which as a business I need to do, I have to adjust the game and sell it on steam.

      I dont want to sell multiple versions of the same game, which is why I am not selling My Girlfriend as it is on Nutaku and then an alternate version of that game on Steam under a different name. I feel it would be best to simply have a single version of the game under a single name out there on all platforms.

      @James Sunderland: Read above, this is the update, My Senpai is being rewritten so that it wont have a problem, but the game will be delayed as a result.

    2. James Sunderland on

      Can we get an update on the situation?

    3. Missing avatar

      JV on

      I saw what happened to your other project, My Girlfriend, being banned from Steam recently for being set in college. Valve is on a banning spree lately. So instead of rewriting, could you not choose other platforms to release it on?

      At this point, Valve is absolutely, completely unsafe for this type of anime styled game.
      How about fakku, jast, mangagamer and maybe (I've seen some adult games there) instead?

    4. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Bluechel on

      Hope you feel better, I understand the decision to rewrite these games but Steam shouldn't be causing these issues in the first place. These are good settings and flimsy reasons to bar them. If steam eventually backs off or drops this new issue entirely, might we be able to obtain the original edit?
      I also hope this doesn't fully prevent you from making games in this genera in the future. I'm pulling for you.

    5. Brad Pavlacka

      Get well soon.

    6. Missing avatar

      psuedonym on

      Rather than rewriting one of the core themes of the game, could we opt to skip the rewrite and just receive a key for a store other than Steam?

    7. Drgy55 on

      Hmm yah Steam needs to be more transparent. I completely disagree with the schoolgirl issue, but that aside, there should definitely be no issue with college girls. I imagine you might have the same difficulty no matter what setting you choose simply because Steam sees "drawings" and "sexual content" and immediately associates that with "pedophile." They did allow Kindred Spirits on the Roof with no problem, though, so... "shrug*

      I wish you luck and good health regardless. Migraines are awful.