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A Sci-Fantasy/Thriller Space Crawl Pitting Space Pirates Against Demons
A Sci-Fantasy/Thriller Space Crawl Pitting Space Pirates Against Demons
1,543 backers pledged CA$ 211,448 to help bring this project to life.

May Update

Posted by Dethrone Games (Creator)

Hey Guys, I received an update on the minis. Ludo Asia had to make some minor adjustments to some of the files (see some examples below). I’ve gone through the modifications they had to make and none compromised the integrity of the original design. WOW. The minis are looking incredible. All minis had to be increased in size which I’m sure everyone is ok with. Below are the actual files that are going to be used to make the masters. As soon as I receive any more updates I will post them immediately. Thanks again for your patience.


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    1. Dale Thurber

      Update, please.

    2. The_Silencer

      I don't have high hopes for this. I'll be the first project that I lost my money so I guess it is a learning experience.

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve Pitson

      Any Chance of a Christmas update?
      The lack of communication is starting to get worrying Dez, Will this ever be shipped?

    4. Brian Powell on

      @Dr.Pitufo - You have as much chance of a reply on here as they do in the Comments section. Sorry man. I'm out my money too.

    5. Missing avatar


      Hello, I waitting for my pledge. I am backer 1.743 and I paied 250CA$ Where is my game?. Tell me anything about this, please. Thanks

    6. Carl Beard on

      Still nothing, is this even monitored?

    7. Carl Beard on

      Still nothing.....

    8. Justin Vahrenkamp on

      Hey Dez what up you alive?

      Whatever happened to that game we all gave you good money to make?

      Anyways....hope you are doing GREAT!!!!!!!!

    9. Carl Beard on

      Still nothing....

    10. Eka Setiawan

      It is September and I'm just checking in..
      There's no updates and It's been a while..

      What gives?

    11. TigerNineThree


    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Michel

      Looks like a dead Project..

    13. Steve Parksmith

      any news?

    14. Carl Beard on

      Still no update and almost September?

    15. Guz Forster

      June, July, and now August without any updates. How about some?

    16. Missing avatar

      Neil Fitzpatrick on

      Further update please folks?

    17. TIM HEFFERNAN on

      Can we please have an update on the game. I understand there have been delays but it's best to remain in touch with your clients for future projects.

    18. Guz Forster

      No word since May. Please update us!

    19. Luke Butler on

      can i get a refund for this game please? :|

    20. Exo Waltz on

      Dez, an July update would be greatly appreciated, or annoucement for an Aug update, including the current roadmap.

    21. Philip Pratt on

      I really am beginning to think that these guys are just a bunch of con artists, if not then the worst bunch of business mangers in the world, I am quickly beginning to think we will never see this game and these guys have just disappeared with everyone's cash....

    22. Martin Langfeld

      No June update? July update? Maybe something physical, 2 years after payment?

    23. Patrick Perl on

      This post does very little to allay fears that this game isn't going to be made or received by backers. The communication on this has been very shady and virtually nonexistent. Even simply responding to concerns in this thread would do wonders to quell fears. Please, Dez, for the sake of all those who gave you their hard earned money... can you respond?

    24. Missing avatar

      Oscar Dionisio Arenas on

      Can we Know the cuarenta situation of the proyecto?

    25. R. Morgan on

      I agree with Rob. Better communication would be highly appreciated. Lack of it is suspicious and makes the project look shady. Even if Life just got in the way, let the backers know! I understand that Kickstarter is often populated by projects not undertaken by professional companies with adequate project management, but your stakeholders (the people whose money you received) deserve more updates and revised schedules promptly after a change is required. Please take this as constructive criticism, but I think it is in everyone's best interests that you take a more active role in communicating with your backers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      You are currently 11 months behind schedule and the game hasn't even begun production. An updated timeline would go a long way in terms of appeasing backers. You've clearly underestimated the amount of time required to complete and produce the game these things happen with a lot of kickstarter projects. The thing that separates companies that people are happy to wait for and those that are sworn off for any future projects is communication. Once a month updates with no personal contact to your backers is a sure fire way to ensure that nobody will wish to do business with you in the future. Step up your game we all entrusted our hard earned money in you.

    27. Philip Pratt on

      I just wish i had never backed this non existent game, can i will the refund to my great grandson as that is the only way i can see this ending, why can't you guys just be honest about this to everyone so we can move on rather than this continual crap and lies?

    28. Knarf

      The thing that surprises me most is the absence of Dez, or one of his team, in the comments. That is usually not the best sign with a lot of questions on the minds of backers

    29. Missing avatar

      John B

      Welcome back Dez. good to hear something from you. I hope all things are well enough for you.

    30. Todd Ferrullo on

      @Dez: Those images are remarkably small. You really should have posted them at a much larger resolution or with links to bring us to something of decent enough size to make out the details. Most of the "changes" are not even visible at this size.
      The real information that we actually want though is a new revised timeline of this project.

    31. Missing avatar

      Patrick Rail on

      It's doing slow but at least we have update nearly each month !!

    32. Missing avatar

      William Elkins on

      I thought the mini's were redone months ago, is this just old information being passed on as new? Lets see something tangible, so far it feels like smoke and mirrors with renders.

    33. Missing avatar

      BK on

      I agree with what others have said here. This recent post once again sounds enticing on the face of it, but we have been down this road before, many times. I wont bother to present all the prior posts that have stated even more optimistic reports that the game was near completion, only to find out now that production has in fact not occurred.
      The greater concern is that this new information will be used to support brand new delays, such as that the increased size of the minis will mean that the box will now need to be redesigned and then a whole new process will begin with there needing to be new artwork/new layout/ new design/ new specs for the new box size. If this is not the case then by all means Desmond (and team) let us know right away. As the greater concern is that this campaign is going to continue to be an unsolvable conundrum that goes on for years only to find at the end the funds have been reported to run out and no project will be produced.
      I implore you Desmond to be forthcoming and transparent with the state of the campaign. To explain why in the world you would increase the size of the miniatures at this point? The last campaign I saw that said they were increasing the size of the miniatures late in the campaign was Evil Dead 2, and you only have to look over there to see how that has turned out. So, I am hoping that you can understand my (and other backers) concerns about these updates. Please provide us (your backers) with substantive information that will reassure us that the project is going to be completed and there will no be further undo delays.

    34. Knarf

      I throughly we were a lot further with this project. I honestly believed from previous updates that the production was about to start but seeing this update tells me we have to wait some time for that to start.

    35. Missing avatar

      Patrick Rail on

      Thanks for the update. For my part, I have plenty of games to play until I receive this game. Even if people are a little bit angry of the delays, it's better to have quality components and a polish game at the end. I didn't plegde for the Zombicide Invader and Nemesis because I'm waiting for Darkness sabotage ! :) Keep it up !!

    36. Bronson Murphy

      Good to have you back! Things are looking good.