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Modern fantasy conspiracy theories meet cold war spy stories and Asian action cinematography. All made in Unreal Engine 4!
Modern fantasy conspiracy theories meet cold war spy stories and Asian action cinematography. All made in Unreal Engine 4!
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2018 Q2 Update

Posted by Dev Null Studios (Creator)

[ Japanese version here ]

Hello Hello,

Summer is here and Q2 is now over. This is going to be a fairly short update as there are only a few noteworthy things to mention. The project is still moving along although we’ve had a few hiccups along the way.

** Project Update **

Things are still moving along. After a lot of bouncing back and forth between several freelance artists and outsourcing art houses, I’ve decided that there’s no point wasting time trying to outsource parts of the art pipeline as the art style we’re trying to hit is beyond the abilities of most people. Interestingly enough, the companies that claimed they could hit the art style are asking for waaaaaay too much money.

Instead, we’ve shuffled some things around within the production and I’ve scaled back on the engineering and development side of things to shift my focus more on the 3D art pipeline. This renewed focus has helped the project considerably as I have better control over in getting the art style right. It does mean I have to relearn some tools that I haven’t touched in a while as well as some new tools but at least we’re making progress.

Biggest hurdles right now aside from staffing is really the fact that our real-life obligations like work, family or in my case health issues still detract us from being able to work on the project as much as we would like.

** Indiegogo InDemand is Now Closed **

Done and done!
Done and done!

As mentioned in the last update, the Indiegogo InDemand campaign has come to an end. This was not an attempt to get more funding but rather allow those who missed the original campaign a chance at it.

Currently there are no plans to restart it or implement any other systems for late backers. While getting additional funding would be nice, at this point in time, we believe our resources are better put to use getting the project done.

** The New Office is Ready! (Sort of) **

Tiffany at the new office.
Tiffany at the new office.

While we’ve moved out of our old office back in March, our new location still needed a lot of work before it was move-in ready and we’ve been working remotely for a while.

Although it’s taken a few months, the new space is now mostly ready and we are now almost fully functional in the new space. Our greenscreen/mocap space is not yet ready but we are able to do most of our work out of there now.

Many thanks go out to Silvio and Cathy at Trixter Canada for putting in the work to get this space ready!

** Project Updates Have Gone Bilingual **

Sometime during the last month or so, we snuck in a Japanese version of our update on our website.

For the next little while, with the help of a new marketing assistant who’s volunteering her time with us, the Abyssian Knights project updates will be posted in both English and Japanese. This is currently a trial run as we explore different options for the project.

** Staffing Changes **

Due to other obligations in life, a few of our team members had to pull out of the project both temporarily as well as permanently. While remote work was an option for those who have moved further away, after months of trying, we found that it just doesn’t quite work that well for a lot of people.

To cover the loss in workload, we’ve just spread the work across the remaining core team members. It definitely slows things down but we have to do what’s needed.


- Budd


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    1. Dev Null Studios Creator on

      Hi RigidByte

      Don't worry, we're still using backerkit. We've just decided to put it on standby until we're ready to deliver and we have some spare resources available to manage that.



    2. RigidByte

      Gahhh I must have missed an update on this! D: I thought you were gonna use backerkit or something. *_*