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Modern fantasy conspiracy theories meet cold war spy stories and Asian action cinematography. All made in Unreal Engine 4!
Modern fantasy conspiracy theories meet cold war spy stories and Asian action cinematography. All made in Unreal Engine 4!
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2018 Q1 New Year Update

Posted by Dev Null Studios (Creator)


Q1 2018 is just about to wrap up. The last three months have been rather slow due to multiple factors ranging from holidays, snow storms and people needing to take time away from the project due to obligations at their day jobs or in my case health related issues. I’m pretty sure it was Confucius that said “it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” and we definitely haven’t stopped. The project moves onward but we just had to rework the scope of the project and adjust production schedules based on the limited capacity we are running on right now.

Healthwise, I’ve been making a lot of progress and I’m almost cleared of being at risk for cardiovascular disease. Additionally, after a year of being bounced from medical specialist to medical specialists, I finally have the cause of my pain and mobility issues that have been tormenting me. It is unfortunately a condition that results in a bit of a permanent disability but I’m doing my best to keep it at bay without having to resort of invasive surgery.

To help move things along better in the production and better facilitate the time I need for health issues, I’ll be shifting my focus back to the core of the production and less on the administrative stuff. This gives me the opportunity to hand things over to Tiffany who has been my right hand person for this project since it started. She’ll be taking over the remainder of this update as well as the majority of future updates going forward.

Don’t worry, she’s actually been the person who has been editing my updates for a while so if anything, the updates will probably be more structured and sound less like me rambling about stuff.



** Production Delays **

Like any project of this scope, there are going to be delays. As many of us are working on this project on our spare time on the weekends, we take a bit of a hit whenever there are holidays or when the weather is so bad that we get snowed in (Thanks Canada!).

With a good portion of the team members having dropped off the project temporarily to focus on real life obligations *ahem* “day jobs”, the amount of work we can do is further limited but things should pick up once they return. In the meantime we’re working on a reworked production schedule based on the limited manpower.

** Conventions **

Budd at Anime Shotgatsu with a surprise appearence by Tatiana.
Budd at Anime Shotgatsu with a surprise appearence by Tatiana.

Towards the end of January we decided to attend the Anime Shogatsu convention at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center in Toronto. It was our first time in attendance and it was a last minute decision just to see how different a smaller more anime-focused convention would be. It gave us the opportunity to showcase an updated trailer for the series along with a side-by-side comparison video to really showcase how far we’ve gotten since our original demo for our Kicsktarter campaign. Both can be found on our website or our official Youtube channel.

With Anime Shogatsu done, Anime North is only around the corner. We’ve been in attendance there for the last couple of years and we love connecting with all of you there but we have decided to skip this year. By not having a booth this year, it allows us to refocus our time and resources towards the core of the production which should benefit everyone.

** BackerKit **

We haven’t forgotten about the Kickstarter perks. While Backerkit is all ready to go, we’ve deferred the distribution of perks until production wraps up and will revisit Backerkit in the coming months instead. This frees up both human and financial resources for production needs.

** Moving Offices **

Actual image from our office.
Actual image from our office.

The lease for the shared studio space we were using expires at the end of March and since the folks who we get the desk space from have decided to move to a larger space, we’ll be tagging along with them.

Our current space was fantastic and served us well over the last few years but our new space is not only much larger, it will feature a full green screen setup with ample floor and ceiling space for all our motion capture needs.

In preparation for the move we’ve spent an entire weekend packing all our project related stuff and placed it all into storage, or more precisely moved it all to our producers house until the move has been done and the space is ready.

In the meantime, to keep things going and minimize the delay on production, we’ll all be working remotely on our laptops.

** Indiegogo Campaign **

In the coming months, the Indiegogo In-Demand Campaign that we launched for late backers will be shut down. This is unfortunately something beyond our control as it’s an Indiegogo policy that if there’s no funding activity within 6 months, the InDemand campaign will be automatically shut down. So if you or someone you know has been on the fence or holding out on your pledge to the project until the last minute, now is the time!

** Forum Temporary Closure **

Back at the end of January 2017, the Abyssian Knights Forums went live. With the refocusing of resources on production, the Forums will be temporarily shut down until the end of production. Updates will still be posted on Kickstarter and the Abyssian Knights website. The Forums will go online again once everything is closer to launch.

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