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Modern fantasy conspiracy theories meet cold war spy stories and Asian action cinematography. All made in Unreal Engine 4!
Modern fantasy conspiracy theories meet cold war spy stories and Asian action cinematography. All made in Unreal Engine 4!
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    1. NightWolf21k on

      Thanks for the info - and yes i know what you mean so it makes sense :-)

      There could always be set backs, and i dont think there are people out there who would put it against you as long as you give us just an update on the status.

      Its good to hear that you try to to both in a sort of a way-

      Looking forward when the forums are up :-)

    2. Dev Null Studios Creator on

      @NightWolf21k Thank you!! There's always going to be setbacks during production. The important thing is finding a solution. To answer your question.

      Forums: I was hoping to have them up already but I'll be working throughout the holidays to get them up and running. Even though most (if not all) of the staff are gone for holidays, I'll still be at the office everyday even if it's for a couple of hours. Right now it's just a matter of getting all the users into the forums and assigning proper groups. It's been a while since I had to admin a vBulletin forum so there's some re-learning involved.

      Updates: The plan for the updates is a bit of all of what you mentioned.

      - Rather than run them in parallel which I think is kind of redundant, my plan is to release a short Bi-Monthly update on Kickstarter summarizing the activities and progress. It will be linked to the forum where a more detailed version of the update will be posted.

      - Additionally, I will be posting my entries in the Producer's Diary on the forum. So anyone who wants to know the day by day issues, activities or my thoughts as a producer can get up to date news. The diary entries will be a staggered release with the newest unedited entries being available to the folks with Inner Circle access and then released to the rest of the backers on the forum a couple weeks after. These are similar to the vlog entires I did during the Kickstarter campaign but instead have done it as a written diary entry so I can type things up on my phone while sitting on the bus or waiting between flights.

      This way, everyone get's a heartbeat update every two months to prove we're not dead and if anyone wants more detail or more involvement, they can do so through the forums.

      Hope that makes sense.



    3. NightWolf21k on

      Happy Holidays to you too :-)

      Its good to hear that you are making progress (even if it is slower and has some setbacks, but you give us updates about it, and thats always great).

      Something i want to know, because nearly every project handles this differently: When the forums will be up, how will you handle the updates? Some only do them over the forums some parallel, and some just put a small summery every month or so on KS.