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Most people have heard Bob Dorough's music over the past 50 years without knowing it. Until now. A story for every artist who refuses to give up.

"Bob Dorough’s story inspires in us the power of music to change our mood, even our world, and how to age without getting old: he’s all eternal youth and love for life, with a ponytail, a toothy smile and a goofy charisma."

"Inextricably woven into Bob Dorough's life story are broader issues of cultural change, the role of the arts in education, the history of American musical tastes and the impact of technology on the music industry—all of which resonate with the state of our country and world today.”


We need to raise $17,000 in 45 days to finish production for DEVIL MAY CARE. If you and your friends pledge just the minimum donation of $10, then we can reach our fundraising goal before August 11 at 11:59EST.

If you have a little (or a lot) extra to spare, you will gain exclusive access to amazing prizes from a copy of the finished DVD to a “shout-out” on our website to a personal post-concert hang session with none other than Bob Dorough himself!

Over 50% of the film has already been shot. Now that we're entering the final stretch of production we need your help to get into the editing room and beyond...


*COMPLETE SHOOTING the remaining scenes

*EXPAND PUBLICITY and grassroots outreach campaigns



Over the course of eight decades Bob Dorough rose from a small-town Texas kid to accompanying Charlie Parker, collaborating and recording with Miles Davis, leading Sugar Ray Robinson’s musical show, composing for the Beats and most notably, to becoming the star performer and musical director of the original SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!

Bob's first album, Devil May Care, captivated Miles Davis and led to a complicated relationship that resulted in two recordings, "Nothing Like You" and "Blue X-mas." Stranded in Paris by Sugar Ray, lured to L.A. for an ill-fated recording, then returning to New York where a comeback record deal with Blue Note collapsed, Bob Dorough’s belief in the power of music prevails.

The rediscovery of Bob Dorough's worldwide cult following, hit songs, prolific albums and international appearances transpires while the 86-year-old records his own album with no compromises, performs wherever asked and proves the truth behind the lyrics of his first published song...

“He who is wise never tries to revise what’s past and gone. That’s how I live and I’ll die, devil may care.”

Also appearing in the film (among others)...
Fran Landesman, Gwen Davis, Jack Sheldon, Nellie McKay and Phil Woods

Directed by Erin Harper
Produced by Beth Bogart and Steve Berger
Edited by Erin Greenwell
Cinematography by John Inwood
Camera by Erin Harper, Sam Henriques,
Ben Cole, Adam Benn,
Janis Vogel, Jeff Hoagland

THANK YOU for your support!


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    Special “Thank You” on the DEVIL MAY CARE website.

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    Get a DVD of the film upon completion signed by Bob Dorough and a special “Thank You” on the DEVIL MAY CARE website.

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    Get the DVD, a special “Thank You” on our website, and exclusive access to the DEVIL MAY CARE forum where you can view behind-the-scene clips and photos and peruse production diary entries.

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    Be part of “The-making-of”: relate a personal memory about SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! or Bob Dorough on camera, and it might end up in the movie. Camera shy? Meet and eat with the crew instead and we'll answer any questions you may have about Bob, the movie and the process. You also get the DVD, a special “Thank You” on our website and private forum access. 

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    Enjoy VIP treatment for you and a guest at one of Bob's performances. Watch the show from Bob's table and enjoy his company after the set. Also, watch your name roll in the movie credits and receive the DVD and private forum access.

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    Sit in on a private rough-cut screening with the director, producers and editor. All-you-can-consume coffee provided...Too Much Coffee Man! You also get the DVD, private forum access and your name in the credits.

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