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Adventure to Camp Firewood in Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp, a new tabletop RPG from Devastator Press!
Adventure to Camp Firewood in Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp, a new tabletop RPG from Devastator Press!
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Show Your Firewood Spirit!

Posted by The Devastator (Creator)

Hiya Campers,

Today is the official launch day for Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp! YAY!

We couldn't have done it without your help – and of course, the guidance of our beloved Spirit of Firewood Totem.

If you've received the manual or played the game, it would be AMAZING of you to leave an honest review on Amazon today.
In order to make expansions (like "Going Into Town"), we need to show the Wet Hot team there's strong retail demand. Even if you haven't played Fantasy Camp yet, but you're looking forward to it, please put that on Amazon. Takes a minute, helps tremendously.

And it's so exciting when you guys spread the word on social media, as many of you have! Check out this video by Sean McGurr...

Don't forget to tag us @DevastatorPress when you post!

Shipping Update: At this point, almost every backer package has shipped (a month ahead of schedule). Campers in the US who are still waiting: Did you fill out your BackerKit survey? If we don't have your address, we cannot ship your book. We're going to the post office again tomorrow, so fill out your survey today and you'll get the manual super soon.

It might still be a week or two before international backers receive their manuals. Désolé pour l'attente. But they're on their way...



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    1. The Devastator Creator on

      @Will – Hooray!! And we're sending you another postcard – second time's a charm!

    2. Will Gibson Stops A Fireball on

      Got it!! The postcard never came, which is odd, by what are ya gonna do? Now leave me alone, I have reading to do.

    3. Sean McGurr on

      @The Devastator Thanks! We refer to it as "baby poop" colored.

      I'm sure the game will be great. Lots of love for Wet Hot and RPGs in my family.

      My wife and I actually saw Wet Hot opening weekend in NYC. I was/am a huge fan of The State and couldn't wait to see some of the guys on the big screen. We laughed our asses off in a theater at midnight with no AC on Times Square.

    4. The Devastator Creator on

      @Sean - It plays on my iMac when I click the video. Either way, it’s a terrific countertop.

      So glad you’re enjoying the book! Let us know how your first game goes.

    5. Sean McGurr on

      I feel as famous as Mr. Alan Shemper. I'm loving the book. Can't wait to get some campers together and play.

      Doesn't look like my video is playing (at least not on my iPad) embedded in the update, but enjoy the view of my kitchen counter!