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The Good Night Lamp is a family of internet-connected lamps. Turn the Big Lamp on and the Little Lamps turn on wherever they are.

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Connecting to your loved ones around the world at the flick of a switch!

Keeping in touch with people has gradually become more than being “always on, sometimes off”. We would like to think that people can share parts of their lives with their families & loved ones in more subtle ways with the flick of a switch. A physical social network. 

Why is this useful?

Home alone. Ever wanted to keep an eye on a loved one who lives alone? Give them a Big Lamp and watch your Little Lamp turn on as they come home or go to bed. 

Global families. Live abroad and can't seem to call your family at the right time? Let them switch a Big Lamp on when they're around and can be called and vice versa. 

Global teams. Have a team working around the world and want to see if they're around for that conference call? Turn your Big Lamp on when you're ready. Collect your colleagues Little Lamps and watch everyone join the call. 

Connecting worlds. Want to connect home and work, turn the Big Lamp off when you leave work so your family knows you're on your way.

How is it packaged?

The Good Night Lamp comes as a Set of a Big Lamp and 1 Little Lamp.  You can add Little Lamps as you go. Each Little Lamp represents another loved one or friend. 

A Set
A Set
Collecting Little Lamps
Collecting Little Lamps

What did we achieve in this campaign?

We started working on this in March 2012 and since then we've been slowly working towards a product we really want to bring into production. We've gone through 5 iterations of the production since then. 

By the end of this campaign

- We'd appeared in Forbes, Fast Company, BBC Radio 4, Boing Boing, Slashdot, Reddit and many more.

- We've been to CES and back and have been invited to showcase some of our latest developments at the Launch Festival in San Francisco, as part of a showcase of Hackney-based projects at SXSW & the upcoming Gadget Show Live where we'll have a booth.

We are opening up a store for pre-orders on Friday the 8th of February 2013. Have a look at our website for more details.

Our studio in London where John works.
Our studio in London where John works.
Inside the Little Lamp right now
Inside the Little Lamp right now

Why did we try to raise so much? 

After having run 2 companies in the past 7 years  we have a really good idea of what is involved in making things at the scale that we want to, ie not just a few Good Night Lamps, but plenty, thousands.

Basically we're trying to raise enough to make more than a little batch, more than something that's hand-made, hand-soldered and un-certified*.

This means we not only have to raise enough to set up production (around £150 000) but also to reward our backers with a product which we don't want to make at a loss. So when you back us, you also are backing our little company not to lose any money by making the rewards.

This means that for every backer that's giving us £89, £50.80 will go to making your Good Night Lamp set, and the rest goes into helping us towards that £150 000.

That £150 000 includes 6 months of work to cover:

- Design the electronics for pre-production and the software that the electronics need to have to talk to the internet (15 weeks of work)

- Find the right wood & plastics providers in the UK with Tom Cecil & Makers who have been working with us already.

- Cover the cost of certification of the product CE (covers Europe), UL (covers the US + New Zealand & Australia) and eventually for Japan as they have a slightly different wifi range.

- Rent of a room up in Liverpool where we can assemble the sets, pay people to work with us to help us assemble the sets, register them on our online service and ship them off safely.

- People's time to both manage the production of the product but also develop our online infrastructure. We will need to hire some people to help us out too. 

We hope this will make sense to our backers. What we didn't want to do was to be in a situation of either pretending that we needed less or hiding the cost of making something like the Good Night Lamp. Hopefully this is something other campaigns will also share with their backers as these kinds of projects take off in the UK.

Why are we doing this?

House Coats for your collection of Little Lamps
House Coats for your collection of Little Lamps

We are a team of designers, technologists and makers who have been working around the internet of things for a long time and we think its more than a buzzword. We think that there is a space in people's homes for quirky, internet-connected object that connect people in new ways. We have great plans for the Good Night Lamp. Follow our blog for all the other aspects of the project we've been building like house coats!

How can you keep in touch with the project?

We have a newsletter, a Twitter account and a Facebook page

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Making things is always risky. We're working with the very best people to help us make the Good Night Lamp Sets well both in terms of engineering, and production. We know that we're estimating how much it might cost us in terms of materials to make the Good Night Lamp Sets at volume, but we have enough experience to be able to build in enough of a buffer. We think we've accounted for most expenses like taxes and have over estimated the cost of certification just in case. We also want to work with the right people, so we would pay them properly, instead of relying on good will which is risky. Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience in building products for the web and products for real. We think that any problems we encounter, we'll be able to solve or find the right expertise. Have a look at our team page on our website for some background info. We will keep our backers informed through our website.


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