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Be quick, Be alert, Be No.1! Even Santa didn’t know they exist!

You lie in your warm, cozy bed desperately trying to fall asleep, too many thoughts passing through your mind. You've already fluffed your pillow, pulled the covers up tight and even counted ten thousand sheep, but still you can’t fall asleep. It happens to every one of us and perhaps we might wonder why, some night we sleep like babies and other nights we toss and turn all night long!

What we don't know is there is an invisible world of small, kindly little creatures called Woolies who are responsible for delivering our dreams each night.

If they are late or delayed, we can't sleep, or we toss and turn and never really rest.

Is this for real? Do they really exist? Well, meet the Woolies....

The Woolies!
The Woolies! do the dreams come from?...Why do I have dreams?

That’s what my three-year-old son asked me as I was putting him to sleep one night.

Frankly, I didn’t know what to say. How could I explain to him just what dreams were or why we have them?

I recalled seeing a cartoon called Monsters, Inc. where monsters came to children at night to  scare them to capture their screams. I thoughtwouldn't it be nice to make up my own story for my son but with kind monsters (creatures).

I created a story to tell him about kindly, energetic, funny little mini-creatures called Woolies who lived in a magical world and a Wooly City invisible to human eyes and hidden high in the clouds.

No one has ever seen Woolies because they come zipping in only at that micro second as we fall asleep. It’s their everyday (night) mission to deliver wonderful and colorful dreams. Only the smartest, fastest and most daring Woolies are allowed to deliver dreams because they need to be delivered at just the right moment or they will either fail, or be discovered.

To determine who the best Woolies are for the mission, Wooly City holds spectacular races where the Woolies compete fiercely with each other in order to be awarded and entrusted with the most important mission to deliver your dreams.

This is how WoolyWooly started and it wasn't long, the idea of creating a digital Wooly game came to mind.

WoolyWooly is a captivating arcade-like experience for PC & iOS where you get a chance to take part in the most spectacular race of all Woolydom and to bring your Wooly to victory.

You can train your Wooly, improving it's skills and can also buy gear for him. You can also get different dopes and set the traps during the race (Oh yes, you need to use your wits in the races, so all is fair).

Keep your own eyes open! The other competitors can also use dopes and set the traps for you! Each trap sets you back from your goal of winning the race. Watch out and don’t fall into them!

Besides your competitors trying to entrap you, the track itself throws obstacles at you, holes, stones, puddles and even falling meteorites! However, no one said that it would be easy to win :) you need to be smart as well as fast.

We need your help!

As you can see from our video and screenshots, a great amount of love and effort has been put into the game graphics and the user interface. Every detail has been given lots of though and consideration to make it friendly, attractive and fun for kids (and kids at heart).

 With your help we can:
(1) Finish the sound: sound tracks, sound effects and character voicing.
(2) Complete the development of iOS game version (PC is almost done),
(3) Finish testing and debugging the game.

7000 - extra outfit, dopes and traps

9000 - 3 new characters and 3 new tracks

11000 - survival mode

15000 - game version for Android devices

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Every project involves some degree of risk, and nobody is guaranteed agaist unforeseen problems. And our project is no exception. But we thoroughly evaluate our abilities and weighed all advantages and disadvantages before launching this one. We approach it very, very responsibly.

At this point, we are done with the game's visuals, including locations, characters, ammunition, doping and traps.


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    Big thanks from the Woolies - they will perpetuate your name on the Wall of Glory!

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    Woolies are already on their way! Become the first coaches and be the first to get the game + exclusive HD wallpapers.

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    Best regards! You'll get a personal letter from the Woolies for your kids, relatives, friends or for yourself with the original stamp of the Wooly City post! And, of course, a free copy of the game with HD wallpapers.

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    A treasure chest! Your monster is ready for the tournament. Aside from the game itself, you'll get a full doping and trap kit + game set!

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    Woolies and magical city. All the previous rewards + a PDF storybook illustrated with pictures about adventures of mini-monsters!

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    Woolies are already knocking on your door! You will be one of the first to get the game, plus a mystery key that unlocks 1 personal monster. This is a limited series, no one will ever own this monster except for you! Available only for kickstarter patrons!

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    This is really cool! In addition to the game and a personal letter from the Woolies, you'll get a real Wooly! A real hand-made Wooly at your choice knit with care and love.

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    The entire team assembled! You'll get all four monsters knit specially for You! Yes, specially for You - every Wooly will be dressed in a T-shirt with Your name (or a text of your choice) on it + the game + exclusive personal letter from the Woolies.

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