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Why Sherlock Holmes?

Because he is a legend! There are millions of books printed worldwide and translated into 98 languages. The stories are also used as a English text book in Schools.  There have been 254 TV shows about Sherlock Holmes, making him a Record Breaker, in the Guinness Book of Records. He has been played by 75 actors. BUT, he’s not just there for entertainment, his methods of investigation inspired the birth of Modern Forensics. His methods are still used to fight crime today.

Sherlock has the super human powers of:

  • Observation - finding clues that others do not see. 
  • Deduction - putting the clues together to figure out what happened. 
  • Detachment - going into ultra focused mode.

A Set of 3

Sherlock with his best friend, the Good Doctor, John Watson and his arch enemy, uber criminal extraordinaire, Prof. Moriarty.

Looks Good on the Poker Table

These Poker collectable chips, makes any game table look fun and interesting. Sherlock Holmes is the Big Blind, Dr. Watson is the Small Blind and the Crime Boss Moriarty, is the Dealer's Button.

 Mounted on a Presentation Card.

This set of Poker Buttons comes mounted on a presentation card for Collectors, Fans and Poker Players.

It is packed with Famous Clues and Key Items of interest from the top Sherlock Holmes Stories.

The Back of the Presentation Card.

Sherlock's desk
Sherlock's desk

A typical day on Sherlock’s desk in 1888, would look something like this. Before the internet and social media, all he had were newspapers to connect crimes together.  He read many papers to keep up to date with criminal activity. He would play the violin or smoke his pipe, to help him think and concentrate with the problem at hand.  Another accessory that Sherlock was famous for, was his magnifying glass, that he always kept at hand, just in case he had a need for it. In between cases, Holmes did not slack off, he was writing Manuals (a.k.a Monographs) for:

  • Analysis of Tobacco - How to tell the brand of cigar or cigarette from 140 different types of ashes.
  • About enigmatic writing - How to solve coded secret messages.
  • The Typewriter and its relation to crime- Typewriter clues in Crime solving.
  • The uses of dogs in the work of the detective - not just for K9 tracking, but also how a dog’s behaviour, gives clues about the owner’s habits.
  • Document dating - How to tell the age of anything written on paper. 
  • Classification of different types of Human Ears.
  • Tracing of Foot steps - taking plaster castings to preserve them, just like on CSI TV Shows today.
  • How your job affects your hands - great clues on a dead body

Who Said What?

Here are some the most famous quotes from Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and Moriarty.

Famous Quotes from Holmes, Watson and Moriarty
Famous Quotes from Holmes, Watson and Moriarty

 The First ever CSI 

In Victorian times, crimes were solved with witness testimony or confession, rather than with evidence. Holmes was the first to protect the crime scene from contamination and look for trace evidence with a magnifying glass. Sherlock's impact on the world, was not just entertainment, his influence on real life Crime Detection is much overlooked.  Because of his methods, real criminals were caught, and innocent people exonerated.  The Books were treated like a 19th century CSI Manual, he was way ahead of his time. Sherlock Holmes is well respected by many forensic Experts, check out what these heavy weights have to say about him.

Henry Lee, World Famous Forensics Expert: “Sherlock Holmes is the Grand Father of Forensics".

Judiciary Chief, Alphonse Bertillon, whose reputation is that of creator of Forensic Science, said this: “I love detective stories. I would like to see Sherlock Holmes methods of reasoning adopted by all professional police.”

Dr. Edmond Locard, a.k.a the French Sherlock Holmes was a huge fan and actually met Arthur Conan Doyle in real life. Like Holmes, they were both big on trace evidence, “every contact leaves a trace”. This is what he said about Sherlock: “Sherlock Holmes was the first to realise the importance of dust, I merely copied his methods”.

Austrian Judge and criminologist Hans Gross, was fed up with the low quality evidence presented to him in Court and wrote the Manual on Criminal Investigation, based on Sherlock Holmes Methods. It was in print for 100 years.

Arthur Conan Doyle himself, proved the innocence of Man falsely accused of disembowelling horses, although the man was set free, his conviction remained and Doyle used his influence, to campaign for the creation of the Court of Appeals against wrongful convictions. 


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