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Light Machines 2.5D CNC CAD/CAM. Mainly developed for CNC HotWireCutters/Styrofoam-Cutters/Wire EDM Features for CNC Laser and Mill
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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

Bezier CAM is software developed for basic 2D/2.5D Modelling and Computer Aided Machining.

Kick Starter Logo Processing
Kick Starter Logo Processing

BezierCam is 2D/2.5D  Cad / Cam Software developed around basic Idea, that any drawing/sketch can be quick turn into G-Code for various small CNC machines.

There are compilation available for Windows operating systems and Gnu/Linux

Unfortunately there is no Mac version. I just didn't have access to any rotten apples - cant test it correctly.

Windows came with own installer, Linux version is stand alone AppImage and it should work on 90% of distributions with no issues.

Software was mainly created for CNC FoamCuters / EDM, but it was extended to generate similar code to suit Laser/Plasma Cutters / Laser Engravers / 3 Axis CNC Mill's / Routers. 

Detail Cut out on my CNC FoamCutter
Detail Cut out on my CNC FoamCutter

Main Features.

Automatic Edge Path Regeneration - 

Vector Detail regenerated based on low quality JPG image.
Vector Detail regenerated based on low quality JPG image.

Algorithm takes picture loaded into background detecting edges and replacing bitmap picture into vector based sketch 

Manual Drawing / Editing

Edit Mode
Edit Mode

if you want you can manually draw, or edit drawing

Wire/EDM  G-code Generation with Automatic/Manual Bridge Connections

  • Code Generation, based Shape 
  • Auto- Single Line/ Looped Segment detection

Laser/Plasma - three modes available for Laser/Plasma CNC 

  • Cutting off around edges.
  • Engraving
  • Image to PWM ( or experimental Image to Speed  when power of laser is constant and just speed of drawing segment changes according to color of image )
Laser Settings
Laser Settings

Mill/Router - Two modes available here similar to Laser Plasma

  • Cutting of on edges -Engraving 
  • Z-Brush (single path algorithm)
Z-Brush  to G-Code
Z-Brush to G-Code

Short story

When I first build my CNC Hot Wire Cutter, I'm found i cant find any suitable software to quickly generate machine code ( G-Code ) to suit me.

All professional CAD/CAM system was to complicated & expensive and just flew offers plugins to generate code for Wire EDM CNC, which in basic concept is similar to CNC Hot Wire Cutters I'v developed.

First I wrote simply c++ program generating G-Code on base on .lwo object file, generated in modelling software from LightWave 3D package. But that was just long painful process using advanced 3D modeling software to generate flat 2 dimensional object then recalculated into basic vector lines and then into G-Code.

When I'v decided to develop new models of cnc machines, I decided to rewrite program with Basic idea of using background Image as template and drawing simple geometrical lines and Bezier curves to create wire paths witch can be recalculated into G-Code.

Later I'm start adding more features as automatic edge detection regeneration, features for other machines as Laser/Plasma CNC and 3 Axis Mill's. 

Links to Download:

Linux AppImage_x86_64

Windows Installer

the links direct you to Google Drive folder pleas keep in mind if I upload new Version You will find it in corresponding folder. 

And it will had in name CurrentVersion, to avoid confusing version numbers. 

A bit of update... 

I'm made some quick Video Tutorial showing basic functionality, of BezierCam I hope this will help you working it around.

All feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Risks and challenges

Next on my hit list is to add some more functionality.

Add importing and exporting options for other vector file formats mainly DXF and DWG so popular in CNC word.

Add 3D visualizations, at this moment program use OpenGL library only in Orthographic mode.

Extend Mill/Router to algorithm for Z-Imaging with multiple stage.
this will speed up process of milling because first Router milling bigger parts of material roughly by bigger tool, in a shape and then it use one or two passes with very precision moves to get final effect.
Add tools options and tool edition section.

And extended program setting, to give a user the opportunity to change colors, default settings etc.

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