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Secret-agent worthy wrist watches where traditional rotating hands are replaced by horizontally moving cursors.
Secret-agent worthy wrist watches where traditional rotating hands are replaced by horizontally moving cursors.
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Singapore, are you receiving?

Posted by Division Furtive (Creator)

Hello collectors,

Just a quick update to let you know that the splash resistant Type 40 for the kickstarter backers have shipped! It's getting really close to the end of the Type 40 pre-orders fulfillment. :)

There is one collector in Singapore who was supposed to receive his watch two weeks ago via regular mail but did not. I'm wondering, is there anyone in Singapore so far who has received its watch via regular mail (not Fedex). When? I shipped a fair amount over there so I would be surprised that none made it and I did not hear about it. Please let me know as this will help me figure out what is wrong with this particular package (I can check with the ship date in my records and try to establish the standard delay).

- Gabriel

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    1. ONG YU ZHI on

      Hi Gabriel, I still yet to receive my watch. please check on it

    2. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ Lim Bee Leong - Sorry it took so long but I'm glad it finally made it. I had other report from Singapore as well so it seems it is finally making it thereé

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      Lim Bee Leong on

      Hi Gabriel, a quick update to inform you that I've received my Type 40 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today.

    4. Division Furtive Creator on

      ...all shipments to Singapore I mean...

    5. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Hems - Thanks for letting me's becoming clear that for some unknown reason all shipments (yours is the June 21st batch) are delayed. Please let us know when it gets in.

    6. Missing avatar

      Hems on

      I know its a little late but I'm also another backer from Singapore and I've yet to receive my type 40 as well. Just giving you a heads up.

    7. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Scott - Thanks for letting us know. This is the 3rd confirmation this week from Australia for the June 7th shipment. So it's 9½ weeks...not really good but at least this will serve as a reference points for the other shipments. Now waiting for feedback from Singapore and Malaysia...hopefully it will be very soon.

    8. Missing avatar

      Scott Gallacher on

      Hi Gabriel,

      Just to let you know my watch arrived yesterday at home in Australia.

      Looks great :)

    9. David Vo on

      Got mine the day I asked about it (should have checked my mailbox). Loving it! Great job, Gabriel!

    10. Division Furtive Creator on

      I have a better overview of the situation now. 3 watches delayed in Singapore, 2 in Australia, 2 in Malaysia and 1 in Taiwan. All from the June 6th shipment. Given these are all clustered about as far as possible from Canada, I think at the moment it is just a "normal" custom or transportation delay. These were sent by boat so by no mean I was expecting rapid delivery. I just a bit disappointed because Canada Post did specified 6 it's going on 9. Please be continue on being patient and let me know as soon as you receive your watch.

      @ Lavinia - Shipped only two weeks ago. Thanks for keeping me posted

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      Scott Gallacher on

      I'm also in Australia (Melbourne) and I backed at the 175 level (Custom). Mine hasn't arrived as yet. I had told my wife she could get the kids to give this to me as a birthday present (this Saturday 10th Aug) but its looking less and less likely that it will arrive intime.

    12. Aaron Lin on

      Anyone from Singapore without fedex still waiting for yours?

    13. David Vo on

      Just curious if there's any way I can get some sort of tracking or indication of when you shipped my unit so I can get an idea of delivery date range?

    14. ONG YU ZHI on

      Hi, I'm from Penang Malaysia. I pledge the TYPE 40/No.50 to No.249 and yet to receive my type 40 too! just check it n let me know.. thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Lavinia on

      Hi Gabriel, I'm another buyer from Singapore and I've yet to receive my Type 40 also! Just to let you know. Thanks.

    16. HaffizJauri on

      Dear Gabriel, I'm Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My situation as same as David Hang. (Early bird backer) and I am not request for water resistant testing. Plus my Type 40 shipped via regular mail. Tq

    17. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ David Hang - Thanks for letting me know. I received confirmation that some units made it to Australia so far...therefore I'm suspecting a random custom delay and I think the only solution at the moment is to wait a little more. Please let me know as soon as you receive the package.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Hang on

      Hey I'm in Perth, Australia and I have not received my watch either. I was one of the early bird backer and should have had mine sent out in the first wave. I have contacted you via kickstarter.