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Help bring to life secret-agent worthy wrist watches where traditional rotating hands are replaced by horizontally moving cursors.
Secret-agent worthy wrist watches where traditional rotating hands are replaced by horizontally moving cursors.
Secret-agent worthy wrist watches where traditional rotating hands are replaced by horizontally moving cursors.
266 backers pledged £31,539 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Guillermo - Only 25% of the 1000 units sold, so it is most likely there will be some Type 40 watches available after the Kickstarter campaign :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Guillermo Villalobos on

      Oh that seems alright I was worried that I would have to thrust the watch to my face to get it to tell the time.
      Looking forward to the watch may not be able to continue with my pledge though so I hope we are able to buy one after the kickstarter

    3. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Guillermo - Thanks for the kind words! By "Day initials" do you mean D L M M J V S? If so, note there also English day initials on the upper part of the top cursor/display: S M T W T F S. You need to rotate your wrist because taps could easily be false triggers.

      Rotating your wrist toward you if not something that is very natural for anything else than watching time, that is why I've used this gesture to trigger time display. That being said, I've found that turning the steering wheel of my car and scratching the back of my hand with my left hand can also trigger time display :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Guillermo Villalobos on

      Hey so, with the day initials on the watch will they always be in French?
      Also to tell the time do I have to lift my wrist to my face or can I tap it or is there something else?
      Watch looks amazing by the way

    5. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Claude: Autant que j'aimerais que ce soit possible, le volume/prix actuel ne permet pas ce genre d'extra.

      Q: Would it be possible to have an aluminum casing for the Type 40
      A: As must as would like this, the actual volume/cost does not allow it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Claude on

      J'aimerais savoir si on pourra avoir le type 40 avec la monture comme le type 46 en alluminium moyennent un surplus? Se serais un bon retour pour les premiers investisseurs pour votre beau projet. Quand penséz-vous?

    7. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Nicolas - Thanks for your feedback. Right now plan is for a regular watch box for Type 40. I'm contemplating the idea of offering the safe box as an extra. With wristband model C you have ±3 mm of adjustment. You can always make it shorter but not longer :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Simard on

      If there is a safe box already, what would be the purpose of adding 20£ ? Nicer box ? And if the wrist C is either too short or too long, is it difficult to change later ? Thank you

    9. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Sammi - It's a very neat piano finish box with black leather interior (white Division Furtive logo on top and embossed logo on the interior leather). Can't wait to receive the first samples!

    10. Sammi Khayer on

      I initially thought the watch would be delivered in some sort of simple transport wrapping/box only. If so, I would gladly add an extra 20£ for a special casing like the safe box. What does the standard box look like? Potentially it could be awesome enough :)

    11. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ Sammi - I've made inquires and it does not look good for the safe box (too expensive). Would people be willing to pay extra for this option? It would be about 20£. I've order samples of the standard box for the Type 40. I should be getting the samples with logo and everything in two weeks.

    12. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ Claude - Merci! Par contre Kickstarter est une plateforme anglophone. Toute l'info sur le site web et la page Facebook de Division Furtive est disponible en français.

    13. Missing avatar

      Claude on

      I'm in for wristband C. Je suis pour le brasselet C qui est beaucoup plus beau a mon avis.

    14. Missing avatar

      Claude on

      COMMENTAIRE GARRETT Love the idea. Wish I could swing the type 46, way to far out of my price range. Why is the movement motor so expensive?garrett gourley Would love to see the 40 housing made out of aluminum and the backs be a plastic like the type 46. I would even pay extra to have the case the type 46 came in. (TRÈS BONNE IDÉE ET LE SITE AVEC UNE OPTION EN FRANÇAIS SERAIS AUSSI UNE BONNE IDÉE CAR J'AI QUAND MÊME ENCOURAGÉ UN PRODUIT QUÉBECOIS MERCI)

    15. Sammi Khayer on

      I prefer wristband C and would love the safety box for the type 40. A cool watch as this deserves a great package.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rod on

      I'm in for wristband C. I think the clasp looks better as its larger like the watch.

    17. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Garrett - Price is driven by the very low volume of all the custom parts, especially the motors. Uniqueness has its price :)

    18. Garrett Gourley on

      Love the idea. Wish I could swing the type 46, way to far out of my price range. Why is the movement motor so expensive? Would love to see the 40 housing made out of aluminum and the backs be a plastic like the type 46. I would even pay extra to have the case the type 46 came in.

    19. Division Furtive Creator on

      Hi, maintenance is only for the Type 46. For the first year, it is recommended to send it back to Canada to see how the novel movement design age. After that we can make arrangement with you local watchmaker as only minimal maintenance is expected (oil the two cursors). The Type 46 will have a 2-year warranty. The Type 40 is maintenance free and will have a 1-year warranty.

    20. Missing avatar

      mark on

      The watch requires maintenance after the first year and then every other year. As it is a watch like no other where can you have it maintained or is it that we have to send the watch back to Canada?
      What is the warranty on the watch?

    21. Missing avatar

      mark on

      Safety box for #40 plus one from this side.

    22. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Tristan - Thanks! Took a bunch of Type 46 pics today! Will sort this over the week-end and post the pics on the next update. As for new pics of the Type 40, this will come later (putting a new/nicer prototype together...waiting after some parts).

    23. Tristan on

      Congrats on reaching the goal for selling sex on a wrist :D

      But now seriously... we need a lot more pictures ;^)

    24. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ Nicholas - Thanks! I'll investigate to see if a bulk order on these "safe boxes" can make them affordable enough to be used for the Type 40 (right now it's only for Type 46). Stay tuned....

    25. Nicholas Natale on

      Glad to be a supporter of this amazing project (I wish I could've thought of something so amazing!). It's awesome to be a part of something so limited and special- I just hope they come in some fancy boxes similar to the ones in the video! :)

    26. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ Angel - Great idea! It is certainly possible but has to be tested. It would be done with the same laser engraver that is used for the tokens. Since token production will begin before the end of the project, this will create an opportunity to test this and offer it as an option if it yields satisfactory results.

    27. Angel Hamm on

      Is it possible to customise the type 40 by writing a word below the epoxy or the lens?

    28. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ David - The Type 40, just like the Type 46 uses a 24 mm wide strap. Strap can therefore be easily swapped (not that 24 mm straps are less common than narrower models).

    29. David Vo on

      What is the lug width for the Type 40? Is there anything preventing an owner for swapping in a third-party strap? I assume it uses a standard springbar?

    30. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ Mark - At the moment the new rubber strap samples haven't reach us yet (first ones received were not a good fit, this is why there was a conscious effort not to show it in the pictures). These should be in late this week or next week. Once this is in, pictures will be broadcast and it would be great to have backers' input.

    31. Missing avatar

      mark on

      Maybe it would be an idea to show us a full picture of the 40 watch with its strap as at current it is a bit misleading as only one strap is shown. (apparently the strap that is not standard with the 40 watch)

      BTW I am still keen as hell to get one of these collector's items.

    32. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ David - Will certainly do the list+example in the survey. As a backer, you must however make sure to pledge the correct amount for the desired rewards.

      As for the "option" (like the one Robin requested), backer are free to make requests based on their taste and we'll do our best to accommodate them. However it's impossible to anticipate every possible options and therefore cannot list them (these are not rewards but extras).

    33. David Vo on

      Division Furtive - as with many KS projects with so many accessories, upgrades, and bonuses, things get really confusing. When the survey comes out, can you create some sort of list plus examples of how people might organize their order? For example, I didn't even know you can change band options until you answered Robin's question.

    34. Division Furtive Creator on

      For "upgrades", please mention it in the final survey to make sure your watch is built according to your specs.

    35. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ Robin - Everything is possible :) The vision for the Type 40 is a sportier watch, thus the choice of a rubber band. However, it is possible to customize your Type 40. Add £15 to your pledge if you want to upgrade to a leather band and add another £65 if you want the butterfly clasp (sorry this part is very expensive).

    36. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      This watch looks amazing. But, for the Type 40, I think it would much nicer with the leather band (like in the Type 46.)

      Best of luck.

    37. Division Furtive Creator on

      @ Tristan - Thanks for the kind words and support.

      Type 40 - I'm currently working on improving the casing design. I'm therefore hesitant to release more pics of something that is not final. At this regard, the Kickstarter community is truly awesome: being able to show what I consider is "a work in progress" and get such a positive response is a blast. I'm hoping to complete the redesign this week and get the parts back from manufacturing between the second and third week of the Kickstarter campaign...stay tuned!

      Type 46 - Sure! I just need to put my hand on a decent SLR (and maybe a professional photographer too). I'll work on that this week.

      - Gabriel

    38. Tristan on

      It is a real piece of art! PIèce de résistance you might say ;)
      Love the 46, too bad it is too deep for my pockets, but I'm backing for the 40.
      Is it possible to see some more detailled photo's on both of them? 46 and the 40? Could perhaps convince potential buyers...?

    39. Division Furtive Creator on

      @Colonel Fubar - Thanks for your support.

      Please calculate the cost of all the goodies and/or watch you want, pledge that amount, then select the highest reward.

      If you want a watch, it's very important that you select a Type 40 or Type 46 reward to be accounted for in the specified serial number range. In the final survey (once the Kickstarter campaign is over) we will ask you what goodies you would like.

      Example: Let say you want a Type 40 (at £120 reward level) and a luggage tag (£15), pledge £135 and select the "TYPE 40/No.010 to No.049" reward.

    40. Missing avatar

      Colonel Fubar on

      Is it possible to add a luggage tag to a pledge ? How much would be needed ?