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Thank You Everyone! We reach our level 2 goal. This is the LAST LEVEL of GAME OVER!!! More Artwork, More Freebies, Same Pledges! Read more

Savannah, GA Comics
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This project was successfully funded on March 18, 2012.

Thank You Everyone! We reach our level 2 goal. This is the LAST LEVEL of GAME OVER!!! More Artwork, More Freebies, Same Pledges!

Savannah, GA Comics
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Happy 2 Year Anniversary Everyone!

Hello to everyone, its been 2 years since Game Over successfully got funded! A lot of us are in a different place and time in life. Time really flies! When I first set out to create this Kickstarter, I wanted to make this project something we can share and talk about in years to come. Also, I wanted to keep updating on the lives of the artists involved in the book once in awhile. 

I know I know, updating every 6 months doesn't quite cut it as "once in awhile". I just don't want to swarm everyone's email unless there's something great to share. And indeed, today we have several great news!

Nicky in Liquid City 3
Nicky in Liquid City 3

First off, I'm involved in the upcoming Liquid City 3 comic anthology by Image. Liquid City 2 was nominated for an Eisner Award last year. For avid fans who follow the comic scene, the Eisner Award is the equivalent of Oscars in the comic industry. So I am definitely excited about this! The book will be out in June and it contains stories and art from Asian artists and writers edited by Sonny Liew!!! I've seen the preview and the work in this book is AMAZING. You can PRE-ORDER the Books HERE!!!

Jorge in Teen Titans Go!
Jorge in Teen Titans Go!

Secondly, Jorge is currently an up and rising star! (He refused to admit it) He has worked on Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Beyond (DC Comics) and some other secret projects that he can't share with the public. Please continue to follow and support his work.

Jen continues to Kick Ass!
Jen continues to Kick Ass!

Jen on the other hand continues to kick ass editing and creating successful Kickstarter projects one after another. Her latest Kickstarter is a unique project where she work with writer James Maddox on a comic series titled, " THE DEAD". Though the project has ended with amazing support from the community, you can probably try to contact James or Jen on the possibility of getting their book. You know you want it!

Support our latest Kickstarter Project headed by Jeremy!
Support our latest Kickstarter Project headed by Jeremy!

While we're all pursuing our own paths in the comic industry, we still come together every once in a while to work on exciting, passionate and driven projects. Our latest is the HORIZON ANTHOLOGY by Jeremy Lawson. The three of us including Morgan and Laura is involved in it. This time round, its a FULL COLOR comic anthology and the best part is, IT IS ALREADY 95% completed. We just launch this today and would appreciate all the support we can get. So do share this great comic anthology with your friends!


Art in a tipping way, TIP JAR

Hi backers, how are all of you?! Its been awhile since the project ended and most of the artist has move on to do amazing stuff in the industry. There's many great news and projects going on but there's one particular one that I wanted to share with you guys!

TIP JAR is a new project that myself and a few friends created recently. The project is currently funded over 110% with 21 days going. How it works is you pay what you want and get a 300+ page pdf sketchbook from 14 unique artists who need your tips! The minimum tip is $1! Yes, $1, no catch. Tip Jar started off as a pet project to engage the community as a result of our previous successful Kickstarter projects.

And here are some of the sketches that I, myself am contributing to the amazing PDF book. We have lots of stretch goals and great stuff that we're adding into the project so do go over and take a look! It would also be awesome if you could share it with your friends who loves to collect sketchbooks! (^__^)

Happy 1 Year Anniversary! the GAME is On again + Secret Free Gift!

Hi everyone!

Happy belated 1 year anniversary to Game Over! Last year on 18th of March, Game Over: Insert More Quarters was successfully funded at 300%. We receive lots of love from our backers, family and friends. It was a first for some of us who've never published before and that tells us that the industry supports artists who are serious in their GAME! Also, I did a personal survey with most of you and the feedback was that 75% of the backers are interested in funding a second comic anthology should there be one.

Today your dream comes true!

I now introduced you to GAME ON: The Respawn, our sister comic anthology. Game On is a continuation Kickstarter project to Game Over: Inster More Quarters. It is a comic anthology by 14 new amazing artists! The artists involved are a bunch of talented people whom are friends of the Game Over artists. The book will surely be a great collection alongside your Game Over book. So please click on the link and watch the amazing work by these people and spread the word!

Lastly, although I am not involved with Game On, (besides the cameo at the end of the Kickstarter video!) I wanna support these fresh bloods and thank them for giving a second life to the Game Over Anthology. IF YOU BACK THE PROJECT, send me a personal message in Kickstarter and I'll send you a 11-page digital PDF of my personal travel comic to San Diego Comic Con last year for free once the campaign ends.

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7 more days to Playlist Anthology + SIXTY SHADES funded!

Hi guys, how is everyone doing? I've mentioned a comic anthology by my great friend Jen a few weeks ago called Playlist Anthology. There's 7 more days to go and you should take a look if you haven't. Its a great comic anthology where 20 artist reinterpret 20 different unique songs into comics. That's 200 pages worth of comic! I myself have personally backed it and I urge you to take a look!

Also, my personally Kickstarter: SIXTY SHADES has been successfully funded! Thank you for some of your support! =)

The Playlist Comic Anthology

Hi Everyone!

I have great news for all your guys who have supported our Game Over Comic Anthology. Jen, my great sister who is part of Game Over is now producing her own comic anthology!!! Because she is running it, I know its going to be GOOD!!! So please go over to check out the KICKSTARTER! Its called, Playlist Anthology and most of the original team on GAME OVER is in it! Playlist is a comic book anthology featuring short stories with text that comes solely from song lyrics. It will have 200 pages of delicious short sequential stories. Its so good that I'm backing it myself! Support it!

Meanwhile, My own Kickstarter, SIXTY SHADES, is about to get funded! If you haven't taken a look, now is the time! (^__^) !!!