Descent: Underground

by Descendent Studios

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      nlcs on

      Can I convert an unused key to a Switch key?

    2. Missing avatar

      nlcs on

      I mean from the 4-pack I bought in the Kickstarter. Only used 2.

    3. Descendent Studios Creator on


      I think so, but am not sure - as those were PC versions - I will find out for you though - if we CAN do it, we will.


    4. Remote Viewer on

      Props for reaching this milestone! Great work! Descent the way it’s mean to be <3 thank you for your dedication man and keep it up!

    5. Missing avatar

      James D Wallace on

      It's kinda sad that there were 8000 backers... and only 8 people have liked this post so far. I haven't given up on yall yet!

    6. Descendent Studios Creator on

      @james - we just posted this like 30 mins ago, give them a little time... :)

    7. Ian Morley on

      Hi there. I have accessed the pre alpha build that was on Steam a long time ago. I have the $30 pledge. I haven't activated the full game yet, as far as I'm aware, and was also wondering if there is any scope to change my final product to the Switch Version?
      I still have my PC but, although it far suppasses the Switch, I hardly ever play it anymore due to how convienient the Switch is.

    8. Zorik K on

      how can I download this game ?

    9. Zorik K on

      Just found link to steam ))) thanks

    10. Patrick Karjala on

      5 months later...