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Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!
Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!
8,164 backers pledged $601,773 to help bring this project to life.

Honoring our promises!

Posted by Descendent Studios (Creator)

 Hello Descenters !

The long, long...loooooonnnnnnnggggg wait is about over. :)

As we promised last year, you will soon be getting your hands on the reimagined Descent! Very soon, our friends at Little Orbit will announce a couple of releases - a PC Beta and a full Retail Release that includes console versions.  

Anyone who got a copy of Descent: Underground during our Kickstarter or Early Access will have access to the PC Beta and receive the Retail Release. Because you believed in this project from the beginning, you will also be eligible for any PC pre-order rewards advertised by Little Orbit.  

If you have not yet redeemed your Kickstarter rewards, it is very important that you do so in the next few weeks.  

Here is the link to collect your rewards:

Your backer number is located in your Kickstarter account here

If you click the blue + (plus-sign) button to the right of Descent: Underground, your backer number will appear at the bottom of the pop-up window. We ask for your backer number to help make sure no one else can claim your rewards. 

We are also getting ready to finalize our list of names for the game credits, so we need you to update your profile on our site by the end of the month. At the bottom of your profile screen is a “Name for Credits” field to help us know how you want to be identified in the credits: 

We began this project in open development with you, the gamers. We intend to complete it in open development, too.

Later this month, we will invite Alpha backers, then Beta backers, to a special Kickstarter testing window to help us further refine the game and make it shine. This will then lead into the PC Beta, which will be open to anyone who got the desktop version before the Retail Release. 

These testing windows have important jobs to do. In each one, we will ask you to try out and give feedback on different aspects of the game, including the single-player campaign. Your feedback will inform our work to polish and refine the Descent experience ahead of our Retail Release. 

We are conducting the Kickstarter testing sessions at 

As we resume open development, you will also see more communications from us.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest Descent news! 

Thank you for your support- we look forward to launching this new era of Descent together!

Thanks for your support, and PATIENCE!

Eric "Wingman" Peterson and the gang!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bentley on

      Looking forward to ingle player. Not sure where you guys got the idea that Descent was first and foremost a PvP game, as when it was new everyone was hooked on the solo and team play. Somewhat regretting backing as a result, but I'm staying hopeful that the single player will be rock solid and offer a fully realized campaign and not just a 10hr mini-campaign.

    2. Missing avatar

      matty on

      Any chance we can get GOG keys now?

    3. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      @DutchUncleHAR - I had the same issue, do a pwd recovery with the email you think you used and it'll send your user name along with a link to reset the pwd. ;-)

      Good Luck.

    4. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      @Descendent Studios - Hey guys, just spent the better part of 15 mins trying to get the above done. I kinda wished you would of went with backer kit or something to streamline the process to how InXile Entertainment does their rewards fulfillment.

      One page, everything on it that pertains to my rewards. Simple.

      It looks like the page is using some sort of backend of a message board (which I assume is true) with too many tabs, and places to put in information. When I went to some pages I had to then go back to the main page to find my main menu navigation to access another section I needed to access, which was slightly confusing and cumbersome.

      I also had no idea what rewards were available to me on the site, what downloads (and what they were, I have an exe file for the game, which I assume is the beta??? as the page gives no description of what I was downloading.

      Anyway, I hope that there can be some clarification or a quick page whipped up to make things easier to do before the game launches.


    5. David Sekules on

      It feels like we've been waiting years for this one!* Really good to know we're entering the home stretch...

      I don't suppose there's a plan to offer a discount for console versions to your backers, by any chance? It's been quite a while since I signed up, and these days most of our gaming happens on PS4. Don't judge.

      Also: any plans to support VR? ;)

      * Oh yeah...

    6. Anders T.N

      Any chance we can get GOG keys now. I'm only asking since this would have been my preference way back when the Kickstarter launched as well.

      Alternatively if you want to be a good sport you could always offer the game up through GOG Connect:

    7. Missing avatar

      DutchUncleHAR on

      I can't log in. I found my backer number, but it doesn't like me.
      Maybe it's a problem with the name I used - not sure how I spaced Dutch Uncle or DutchUncle (or how I capitalized, for that matter)
      Then I tried to enter a support request:
      Kickstarter Migration - Could Not Locate Pledge
      and it gave me the error
      "An account exists with the Email address you provided. If you already have an account, please log in to create a support request."

      Well, yeah, I should already have an account, but I *can't* log in, that's the whole problem.

    8. Descendent Studios Creator on

      Fixed link for finding your backer number

      Dadgum hidden spaces.....


    9. Missing avatar

      Andreas Thalhammer on

      Oh, never mind. Found it. It's on the "Descendent Studios > My control panel > Settings > Profile Settings" page at the bottom. It was confusing as the link didn't lead me there...

      The link from this posting did:


    10. Kevin Kittle on

      Can't wait to play this on PS4!
      Any chance it'll be VR compatible? (at some point?)

    11. Missing avatar

      Andreas Thalhammer on

      I cannot find a "Name for Credits" anywhere when I follow this link:
      I am logged in. What's wrong?

    12. Aaron Conaway on

      Right on, glad you guys are still climbing the dev ladder. I hope the single player makes me really feel alone in space. When a bad guy starts shooting I have to change my drawers etc.

    13. Patrick Karjala on

      So is the game just "Descent" now instead of "Descent Underground"?

    14. Thalus on


      A switch version is planned ?


    15. Missing avatar

      nlcs on

      ...Wow, was that a Switch logo at the end? That's, uh, bold. Can I swap one of my unused 4-pack keys to a Switch key?

    16. Missing avatar

      nlcs on

      Honestly a bit skeptical on the project at this point but I'm glad to see you're trying to make the best of a rough situation. I think you've been a bit misguided at times but you're clearly at least trying to make a good product, which is more than I can say about a lot of companies.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Holy crap, I thought you guys gave up on this...