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Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!
Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!
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Update - long time coming

Posted by Descendent Studios (Creator)
Hello Descenters,  

Some of you have asked why we have been far less active these last few months. In fact, we owe you an update.  

We took a long, hard look at the scope of our project and how long it would take us to finish the game we described on Kickstarter. 

We always intended Descent: Underground to be a starting point to a larger universe. Plus, being huge Descent fans, we knew that some things had to be done right, and to a production level that exceeded expectations. So, for the last few months, we’ve been digging deep into our own processes and working out ways to finish the game faster and still support a live product with a great community. 

We discovered that over the course of the project we’d been spending between half and two-thirds of our time on things like tech support, bug fixes, and community outreach. Those kind of delays can be devastating to a small team. 

Luckily, we have some pretty cool friends and they’re helping us work through solutions to continue great community outreach while ramping up development. 

We invite you to help us test a new community platform called BrightLocker as the first of these solutions! BrightLocker is the brainchild of some game development veterans who are friends of ours from way back in our Origin Systems days. They asked for our help (and yours) to make sure BrightLocker supports awesome communities for cool games. 

Just to be clear- this isn’t about asking you for more money. While BrightLocker does forever crowdfunding and you’ll see rewards offered, that is not our main reason for making the switch. Our goal is to find better ways of communicating with our community without having to develop all the tools ourselves. BrightLocker is building those tools.

We also want to help BrightLocker become a useful resource for those of you looking to start your own game project someday! So, what are we specifically asking you to do?

  •  We want you to click on this link: 
  • Create your BrightLocker account. 
  • Follow Descent: Underground at 

That’s it. 

Once you get set up, just use the platform, share your feedback, and welcome new players who come to check out this wonderful game you’re helping to build! 

 We are also planning to bring back our public web show, “Wingman’s Hangar”. 

We are currently thinking about doing it monthly to give Viewmaster more time to focus on game development- as he is also the Art Director here. We’re also thinking about renaming the show- do you have any cool ideas? Rob says it doesn’t even have to have “Wingman” in the title… (Yes it does - Wingman) 

Finally, we’ve worked out a plan to bring a lot more developers onto the project to work on the game. We can’t discuss the details right now, but we expect to show you tons more cool stuff in the months to come! 

Important stuff like the size of our single-player campaign, what new tech is coming for your ships, how unlocks will work, how you level up, matchmaking, and so much more. Thank you so much for your support and your patience! You really are helping us to the make the best game possible. 

The Team

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    1. Descendent Studios Creator on

      We will be ramping up Kickstarter communication as we get closer to the Alpha and Beta playables for Single Player.

    2. Missing avatar

      John Dean on

      I'm with the people below - we pledged on Kickstarter, this is where we expect and deserve communication. I'm not creating any other accounts. Otherwise just give a refund if you don't want to deal with people from Kickstarter.

    3. Patrick Karjala on

      At this point, the Overload devs have a better, more viable product, and are spending their time MAKING A GAME instead of trying to market and make videos for more pledges.

    4. Patrick Karjala on

      Don't bother with a show about the game. This is not Star Citizen. Just make the game.

      Don't try to move people on to some new feedback platform to solicit more pledges. This is not Star Citizen. Just make the game.

      I can't help but notice BrightLocker has a binding arbitration clause, while Kickstarter doesn't. Hmmmmm...

      So what happens when you stop communicating to Kickstarter backers through Kickstarter? Does Kickstarter step in and force this communication moving forward?

    5. Missing avatar

      Bernd Schmidt on

      So, I got a new email with the information that you posted a new update on "Brightlocker". And that there will be news soon, but "only at Brightlocker".
      The case is, I don't want another account at yet another new, fantastic website I never heard of before.
      What worries me is that your last news where mainly promoting this new site instead of talking about your game that is now a year late.

    6. Paul Miller on

      I don't really want to sign up for another thing, thanks though.

      I threw a helluva lot of money at this game, but I lost interest what seems like a year ago. Lemme know if there's a release date so I can decide if I want to go the launch party...

    7. Missing avatar

      Jerry V on

      Why is it always the ones I want most that end up being poorly managed and never materialize? After contributing to several other failed projects, it has become very easy to read between the lines and foreshadow the indefinite disappointment lying ahead.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kevin Flynn on

      I like how the only response is to the supportive comment. Well, regardless of how much you have coming (that you can't talk about - I know an orange guy that says things like that), you still have not delivered on what you originally promised.
      And did you just put community outreach in the same class as tech support & bug fixes. The second two are delays normally caused by unidentified errors in the development process. So is community outreach now an unidentified error that you have to waste time on? Gee .. sure hope you get paid for THAT.

      I don't want another platform. Did that already with Steam, Ubisuck, EAwful and Stardock. You're already on steam. There is a community there. Unless you're just grasping for more dollars to fix a broken game that you know you can't publish, then you might try using what's already working for thousands of games.

    9. Anders T.N

      To be fair I don't think having a dedicated platform for community outreach is useful. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to argue that the steam community (or comparable offering from any other online retailer), Kickstarter, YouTube or Twitch is especially good at community outreach, but as platforms they all have the dedicated benefit of drawing me in for more than one reason. At the end of the day I suspect that is a necessity for anyone doing any form of outreach unless they have no desire to recruit new followers. Hence if you really wanted me to rally to some new platform I would go out there and talk to some of the established retailers and see if they perhaps would be interested in building something more tailored to the needs of game developers. I would recommend reaching out to the guys at GOG. They are doing a hell of lot as far as prioritizing the rights and needs of their customers in my opinion. Registering on yet another site to get info on a single game in what is becoming an ever increasing vast portfolio is really not tempting.

    10. Dylan Robinson on

      worried, but so long as this isnt a peter molyneioux (whatever his name is) type deal and you can actually deliver on these lofty claims, ill be happy

    11. Descendent Studios Creator on

      @Einar - well said, we have something pretty cool coming up, and we will say more on that later, essentially we plan to deliver a lot more than what we said here, and you can play the game now with SP vs bots, Survivor SP and Co-op, Co-op vs bots, and Multiplayer - so get in and play. As for what is coming, it will be more than what we originally set out to do, for the good of all of us.

    12. Einar Petersen

      I think a lot of people have an idea that a software development project is an easy thing. I do not see the delay as particularly disturbing given the developer still is dedicated to the cause.

      While I can understand asking people to move onto a new platform and one that allows continuous donations etc. might seem like a ploy from the developers side given a solid product might be missing from some peoples point of view - you have to remember that these people actually need to prepare for making a living, for all the employees involved in the development on a long term basis - Thus ensuring that us backers can continue to reap the fruits of the initial project.

      From the update it is clear that this is an initiative springing out from Origin days so it might be wise to consider that this is not just some random fad the team is jumping onto but actually a move towards getting settled into the long game here.

      For the developer the smart thing to do is likely to limit themselves to hard core development, while outreach and social media is important and should not be laid aside completely - I think perhaps they are wanting to deliver something out of this world for us and might be stretching themselves too much with nitty picky details that most wont notice anyway.

      Best thing sometimes, is to realize that is the case and then just deliver a working product like some might be clamoring for in this space.

      This will also enable you to tick off on a delivered product and then keeping up development on that finished product in order to deliver upon the true vision behind the Kickstarter and one that hardcore fans will be willing to back further, on the new platform.

      One also needs to keep in mind - The developers are stating they are not asking for more money!!!

      They are simply moving to a platform enabling continued fundraising, something that indicates they are in this all the way and want to continue a good relationship with their backers and fans.

      I for one wish the team all the best on the new platform initiative and a blast going forward!!!

      Looking forward to more news - Have a good one.

    13. Chris Tavares

      I didn't even sign up for the old forums, why would I join these new ones? I'm not really interested in a community, I just want to fly through a cave and blow stuff up.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Deschle on

      In the first two paragraphs, you basically agree on owing the community an update on the projects progress. However instead of providing answers, you ask us to move to some other community hub. One in which apparantly people can keep giving you money forever earning rewards in the process. Since I am not interested in yet another platform, I can only speculate about you giving that update over there?

      How does that look?

      Please deliver the new iteration of the classic Descent that you advertised and I pledged for during the original campaign. When that is done or about to be done it is time to think about growing the IP into a larger universe.

    15. Draco Whitefire on

      I vote for Wingman's Nuts!

    16. Charles Onstott on

      This update is disappointing. The project is already a year overdue and instead of providing a real status as to where you are and when we can expect to see a game, instead it looks like you are about to spend resources switching platforms. Personally, I don't want to use yet another platform. I would love it if your team would just concentrate on the actual game and provide meaningful status updates on here.

    17. Jason Wagner on

      I'm personally not interested in yet another 'platform' to deal with. I have helped fund a number of other games on Kickstarter and they were able to release without spending their time pushing another 'platform'.

    18. Leonardo Milani on

      I dont mean to be rude, but bringing back the wingman hangar will be a waste of resources. Nobody really cared about those (the videos didn´t even reach 1k viewers). The hours of work used on that should be put on development.
      Focus on the game. Less is more. Do damage control e try to figure out how to release an acceptable product.
      Also, you could learn from the guys at Revival (Overload). That game looks good, plays good, and feels good overall.
      I'm sure you can do better.

    19. Ian Wellock on

      So, given this and your previous descriptions of progress, how far along are you, and when do you expect to finish the game?

      I have to say, I'm a bit disturbed that now, a year past your estimated delivery date, only now are you saying that there's a lot of work to do, such that you need to bring a ton of extra developers in.

      Are you going the way of many other Kickstarter games or do you have a viable plan? When will you finish the game?