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Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!
Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!
Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!
8,164 backers pledged $601,773 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Adam

      Klaudjius, I even talked myself up to upping my pledge by 25 bucks, so I hope I'm right, too. :D

    2. Alex Volkov on

      I know ...I know but at the same time theres a little fanboy in me that wants this to succeed

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Cregan on

      I'm just waiting to see it get to 598k, and someone plunck down the remaining 2 grand at once. That would be awesome.

    4. G'lek on

      @Klaudijus Zekonis Glad to hear it, though don't let anyone here pressure you into doing something you don't want to do. It's your money, after all.

    5. Joel Segerbäck on

      It's certainly healthy to be skeptical. I have some worries about the goal of this project (though they've mostly cleared it up, the campaign page still lists a lot of aspects I can't say I'm behind), but I'm still really interested in seeing something happen with the Descent IP, and I feel the Material Defender pledge level is about the level I'm comfortable with here.

    6. Missing avatar

      LotharBot on

      @Sean Cregan you can still play D1/D2 multiplayer. Setup instructions:

    7. Alex Volkov on

      well f*ck it,uped my plege,lets just hope i won't turn out like before

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Cregan on

      Less than 4800 to go!
      This is happening people! Can't wait! Got wingman copy for my dad, he loved this game too. Now we can play it on multiplayer. :)

    9. G'lek on

      @Klaudijus Zekonis Yeah, I can understand that. I do agree with Adam, though. The guys who are forming this team are definitely not newcomers to the video game world. If anyone can pull this off, I would think it would be them.

    10. Daniel Isbell on

      Upped my pledge $10 for the digital soundtrack.

    11. Monte Emerson on

      is there anyone who's going to hit the reactor with a 5k mega-missile? :D

    12. Adam

      I've never been burned on a KS pledge, knock wood. Have had some unexpected delays, but never a flame-out. If the team behind a project looks solid and has experience -- and this one definitely does -- that's 90 percent of the battle.

    13. Alex Volkov on

      after droping a 1k for planetary annihilation....yeah...

    14. G'lek on

      @Matt Stortz There's nothing wrong with that concern. I was part of the Towns disaster and I felt rather burned by the whole thing.

    15. LoE on

      Finally took the plunge. Some of my very first multiplayer memories were from playing Descent in highschool over dial-up with friends (that and Diablo).

    16. Missing avatar

      John Pembleton on

      decided to jump in :D its the closest kick starter Ive seen for a while

    17. Alex Volkov on

      I would but i still want to support the game

    18. Matt Stortz on

      Hey Klaudijus, how bout you just drop your pledge to 0. Then you can't complain the whole time about being "burned"

    19. Eric Pohner on

      Almost there!!! 99% of the way to the finish :)

    20. Matt Stortz on

      Add a few bucks on people! We're so close! And boo to the fools that have dropped their pledges, boo I say!

    21. Joel Segerbäck on

      This Descent II track was always my favorite, hoping to hear more like it in this:…

    22. pclabtech on

      So, if everyone chipped in 1 dollar, we would fund!

    23. Lanoitakude on

      My first exposure to Descent was in middle school. The computer lab teacher would set up a LAN party every day at lunch for some of us kids. He'd destroy us with his mad skills. The world needs this game again!

    24. Missing avatar

      RArcher on

      Just upped my Pledge for a Descendent Studios T-shirt.

    25. Missing avatar

      Guy Lyman on

      Everyone should be pumping this soundtrack out of their speakers right now :)…

      Get pumped! Now's the time to back and up your pledge if you're on the fence. The franchise will live on!

    26. John Rykert

      Can this be played on a local LAN, or this an online game only?

    27. Joel Segerbäck on

      Whoa, looks like this is actually going to happen!
      I hope you'll get the original Interplay musicians back on-board too. Johann Langlie, Ronald Valdez, Mark Morgan, Peter Rotter, Larry Peacock and Brian Luzietti did amazing stuff for the previous games.

    28. Missing avatar

      Hal Hockersmith on

      They have the licensing for the name, but not the Pyro GX (which is why there is a ship called the Torch and not the Pyro) or any other part of the Original Descent Trilogy.

      @Klaudijus Have you watched the demos they have done? Seems like work is at least somewhat functional. Even if it doesn't get a huge single player campaign it still will be nice to have an updated multiplayer.

    29. G'lek on

      @Phil I remember those days. Everything seems a lot harder when you're a kid. Then you come back and play those games 10+ years later and you wonder why they were so hard. Sometimes. Some games are actually that hard.

    30. Sit on

      Just upped my pledge... Been a long time Descent fan, been hoping Descent would hit the mines again.

      My first introduction to the Descent series (D1 to be exact) was when I was a 11 yr-old kid by a friend who just started the game and left me there to figure it out. Didn't have a clue what I was doing, just started hitting keys to see what happened. Couldn't figure out why the robots were so difficult to kill... Once my friend came back he informed me that flares don't make great weapons... Oh there's lasers and missiles on this thing? Sweeet!! That should make a big difference in game play, would hate to have to use flares on a boss...

    31. Esa Ahola on

      Pledge upped + t-shirt + soundtrack

    32. Alex Volkov on

      just lowered my pledge to $5,rather not get burned by ks again.But hey at least ill still suport the game.

    33. G'lek on

      Less than $8k left! We're on the home stretch, people! Let's bring it home!

    34. Missing avatar

      MangoMon on

      @Subnet: I also understand that they have permission from Interplay. So I think we're safe in that regard :-)

    35. Lanoitakude on

      Just bumped my pledge! So close now! You can do it, folks!

    36. G'lek on

      @subn3t I'm pretty sure they have Interplay's blessing to use the Descent IP. I could be mistaken.

    37. Missing avatar

      Hal Hockersmith on

      Just bumped my pledge. Should be enough for the ArtBook+Soundtrack and a Gift Copy (so I can beat up on my brother).

    38. Kastumoem on

      This Material Defender uped to bring in a Wingman (30$ to 55$) Keep it going

    39. subn3t on

      Perhaps a dumb question, but I'm assuming the licensing/IP for the Descent brand have been acquired? You never know with Kickstarter! :-)

    40. Missing avatar

      Justin Kellogg on

      It's happening! Just upped my pledge from 30$ to 100$. I want to pwn you all, just liked I did with D1 & D2 back in the days of Kali. Muahahaha!

    41. Missing avatar

      Aaron Kling on

      One of the programmers is a Linux guy! That helps my confidence.

    42. Missing avatar

      Sigma957 on

      I mean Torch, ahah.

    43. Missing avatar

      Sigma957 on

      I guess we will be getting a Wasp :o]

    44. Alex Volkov on

      i would defenatly up my pledge but ive been burned by ks before soim not sure :/

    45. Missing avatar

      one_of_one on

      Updated my pledge again. It is now "Safety In Numbers" + 120$ for 2 additional copies of the game, the soundtrack and 2 t-shirts (Descent Underground + STFU, both size M).

    46. Missing avatar

      Mark Taylor on

      Just added 'The Underground' to my pledge :)

    47. Missing avatar

      CyberCat on

      Wow less than $10k, this is incredible.

    48. Missing avatar

      Augustine Duran on


    49. Monte Emerson on

      I'm listening to the OST :)

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