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I wrote The Monster Alphabet for my son. I'm printing it as a board book, so I can teach him that B is for Basilisk.
I wrote The Monster Alphabet for my son. I'm printing it as a board book, so I can teach him that B is for Basilisk.
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The Homestretch and Delays

I was holding off on this post as long as possible, but with only five days left in March, I have to accept that we're not going to hit our shipping deadline.

We had some delays in some odd, unexpected places and in some new, fairly expected places.

Where I expected delays was in the sheer scope of this project. As you can tell by that final percentage, it got quite a bit bigger than I initially projected. Some of the plans scaled up to fit, and others didn't scale quite so well.

So here's the status of all things Monster Alphabet:

The books - attached below are pictures of the ozalids and bluelines. One is there basically to make sure the book will be put together in the correct order, and the other is there to show me how beautiful the pages are turning out (answer: really, really beautiful). I'm FedExing back all the signed-off paperwork for my final final final approval, and the presses will run this week. From there, it's all about getting them shipped back to me.

The Posters - 2,000 posters have been ordered, and are in my office now. They're in two surprisingly dense boxes. Because of their short potential turn-around, I've left them sealed up for now so that my cat doesn't get into them. I'll crack them open later this week.

The Magnets, Bookmarks, Postcards and Flashcards - Oddly, I did not expect this part to be a delay. I've worked with this printer before quite often, and I've been happy with their products. But right now I'm stuck waiting for them to go through 2,600 magnets, 2,600 flashcards, 2,000 bookmarks and 2,000 postcards. Their ETA has been pushed back to April 16 due to quality control issues.

The shipping materials are on hold, but ready to order at a moments notice. I'm also really familiar with my shipping materials company, and their order turn-around is about two days (one of their bigger warehouses is within two hours of my office). Since I'm not going to need any custom packaging, I'm trying to coordinate the arrival of this material with the arrival of the books, so that I'm not swimming in boxes.

I promise I'll keep you posted with further developments.

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    1. Kimberly on

      Thanks for the update! Mine will be a first brithday present for my son in August, so I have plenty of time to wait. And if I don't have it by then, Snata can bring it in December!

    2. Darren J. Gendron 6-time creator on

      Thank you so much for the support guys! The Ozalids are back on their way to the printer, and the other printer (magnets, flash cards, ect.) is back on track. I hope you like previews of me opening boxes, because that'll hopefully be the next 2-3 updates.

    3. HSMagnet on

      just do what it takes for it to be as great as you want it to be. we will wait

    4. Teppo Koivukangas on

      I'll tell my cousin to keep the baby inside a wee bit longer, so can get one of the books as gift when he arrives. :P

    5. Shalom Craimer on

      Thank you so much for letting us know! I really appreciate the update. And please, don't exhaust yourself. Even a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth fan like myself can wait. Take it easy!

    6. Melody on

      Happy to wait! This is such a great project, would rather have it later, relaxed and "just right" versus rushed and not living up to potential.

    7. Daphne Koumpa on

      No worries, we can wait. Thanks for the update! The photos look great!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kerry O'Donoghue on

      Don't panic!!!!!!!!! You've done a tremendous job and the book is well worth waiting for!!