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A zombie-inspired deck of playing cards with custom illustrations by the brilliantly talented artist Obsidian Abnormal.
1,252 backers pledged $39,392 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Tuesday was pretty cool

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

At least that's the general opinion of my son whenever a big truck swings by the house and drops off a pallet.

We took in the poker chips on Tuesday, Jan. 8, and I've been meaning to post an update since then. Huge apologies for the delay on that, but it's mostly the chips themselves' fault. I immediately started digging into the boxes and filling up the cases.

You can't quite tell from the photo, but only the bottom two inches of that pallet have chip boxes on them. The rest have empty aluminum cases. So I've spent the last four days sorting, stacking and filling up those cases, then loading them into my van and dropping them off at the warehouse.

Overall, we ordered 2100 white, 2100 red, 1900 blue, 1800 black, 1500 green and 1500 purple chips.

So what are the next couple of dates to watch out for?

Well, the dice hit another snag. While waiting for the Scarab Red to come in, the Scarab Blue Bloods sold out. It would take until June to get the Blue Bloods back in stock enough to fill our order, so instead we'll be using Scarab Royal Blue as an alternate color. We're expecting the dice to now be done in five weeks.

The cards themselves are the big shipment that I'm worrying about. We're on target to get them in mid-February. I'd love to have a more specific date than "mid," and I'll try to get one next week. This is because Obsidian will actually be in the USA in mid-February. We're both guests at Katsucon in National Harbor, MD. If we get the cards in before February 14, we'll let you know immediately here. They will then be on sale at the convention, with two GIANT caveats - we'll allow all backers that come to the show to pick up their orders on the spot, and we'll also bring special gifts for those backers.

However, this is all very much up in the air. So what we do know is that O and I are going to be at Katsucon, you should join us there, and all backer rewards are on schedule to be shipped out in February.

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First month of Póstumo

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

Seriously, we closed out the Póstumo fundraising only a month ago? Well, give or take a few days.

We're deep in the cycle of waiting for printers to send things back now. The dice, cards, prints, screenprints, cases and chips are all on order.

Half of the shipping material is secured (the USPS envelopes that I was worried would take me two months of ordering 15 a day - I managed to get about 1,000 of them shipped at once, and surprised my postmaster as to the existence of these super-sized boxes of envelopes). The second half of shipping supplies are the only thing not ordered, and I'll be getting those about a week before the big shipments come in.

We got out all the Holiday Backer rewards a day before the shipping deadline, so they should be arriving in time for Christmas. It's now an exercise in staying in contact with the different printers (four orders current in printing) and staying patient. 

So I've got another project to help me stay a little distracted. A friend of mine, Kelsey Wailes, is doing her first-ever Kickstarter here:

I have limited involvement in this one, basically helping out with the skills I've developed from running four other Kickstarters. But it's an amazingly good product - both a plush and an adorable children's book. Don't believe me? Check out the third update (, download the pdf, and read the book for yourself. Seriously, adorbs.


Post-Póstumo Post

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

O and I have been spending the past 20 or so hours bouncing between levels of sheer gratitude, amazed joy, and pure exhaustion. People keep congratulating us on how we did, but honestly, we lost control of this project a long time ago. This was YOUR success, and you guys are incredible.

In the last 24 hours of the campaign, we took on 81 new backers and $3,654 of pledges. We got to 98.5% of our $40,000 stretch goal. Enough that you know what? That's close enough for us. We've officially unlocked the purple brain chips, and every backer will also be getting a 5x7 print of one of the various face or joker cards.

A reminder for what comes next: Some of you are already getting emails from me, asking to either clarify what your add-ons were or what amount of chips you needed. This is to help make sure our estimates are correct (which are currently at 2,800 decks, 2,304 dice and 8,700 poker chips).

For the rest: we'll get an exact clarification on your add-ons and your shipping address in February (maybe January), when we get closer to shipping everything out.

Here's the To-Do List:


The Art and Design 

Selecting printers 

Contacting printers 

Ordering Dice 

Ordered/received USPS Shipping Material 

Ordered/received dice bags 


Ordering 5x7 Prints (Thursday)* 

Ordering Decks (Thursday)* 

Ordering Chips/Cases (Monday)* 

Ordering Art Prints (Thursday)* 

Ordering padded non-priority envelopes (Closer to ship dates) 

Ordering art tubes (Closer to ship dates) 

Shipping International Holiday Levels part one (Dec. 3) 

Shipping Domestic Holiday Levels part one (Dec. 21) 

Shipping International Holiday Levels part two TBA 

Shipping Domestic Holiday Levels part two TBA 

Shipping card-only levels TBA 

Shipping card and chip levels TBA 

Shipping card and dice levels TBA 

Shipping card, chip and dice levels levels TBA 

Shipping card and art print levels 

 * - pending there being enough money in the bank to do so. We got a good chuck of the funds already cleared and I setup a digital deposit at about 1 a.m. last night. 

Notes: Uncut sheet levels count as card levels. Surveys for each level will be sent out about one week before each level is ready to ship.

A word from us Jokers

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

We're seeing an amazing race to the finish tonight. And that's after we need to thank people from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA, Uruguay and Venezuela. Seriously, there's a lot of thanking that needs to be done.

Now that we're in the final two hours, please make sure your trays are in the upright and locked position, and that you've picked out exactly what add-ons you want.

We put in the order for the dice yesterday, and are finalizing the order for the cards tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll also get the chip order sent out Friday.

Today, I got 2/3s of the shipping material sent to my house - 14 cases of envelopes and boxes from the USPS. The delivery guy was actually surprised that some of the cases even existed, as we'll be one of the first big users of the Priority "Game Board" flat rate box (it'll fit the 300 chips about perfectly).

What's next?

If you ordered chips, I'll be getting your color orders finalized through a Kickstarter message. If you ordered a Holiday package, expect to get an address survey within a week. And all other backers, expect to hear from me about once a week with updates as to how the process is going, and what the schedule is looking like.

And now, the Jokers:

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Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

Actually, it's a gaff on purpose, so I guess I'm gaffing a gaff? Meta.

A normal deck is 52 cards plus two jokers plus two ad/rules cards. We don't really feel the need to put in the ad/rules cards, so we're putting "gaff" cards into each deck. One will be a double-backed card. The other is an addition for the magicians using this deck that like to add a humorous reveal, and that's the 13 of Brains!

We'll have one more update later tonight with the Jokers. Until then, I need to eat some pizza, try to calm down, dance a few more jigs, and twitch with gratitude. Seriously, you guys are amazing.

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