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A zombie-inspired deck of playing cards with custom illustrations by the brilliantly talented artist Obsidian Abnormal.
1,252 backers pledged $39,392 to help bring this project to life.

99% Zombiefied

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

OK, if I actually did the math, we're actually past 99% right now. As far as my spreadsheets know, we've sent out everyone's initial wave of rewards. We still need to ship out art prints, and if you're getting an art print and an uncut sheet and are overseas, there's a chance that I set your uncut sheet aside to pack them together.

Also, we're in the process of replacing lost and damaged merchandise. If I replied to your email with ASAP, P = this Monday. Expect tracking emails to be on their way (or already in your inbox).

To celebrate these milestones, we're officially unlocking some of the Postumo merch.

If you wanted to get more red, green or pewter backed-decks, you can order them here:

(note: we should be able to keep the red and green in stock, but the pewters are a limited quantity. Also note: the pewters are what I was for a time calling "silver," but I did intentionally pick a more pewter shade for them).

Dice sets are for sale here:

And uncut Red sheets are for sale here, but for a limited amount of time only:


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    1. Farnaby on


      I haven't received anything yet, who do I contact to check if it has been sent?

    2. Christopher Wold on

      I haven't received anything yet.

    3. Jordy den Hartog on

      I just got my hands on my swag and I have to say, I'm very impressed with how verything came out. The chips look great, as do the cards and all of it has that still new scent going for it. :)

      A question though, my dice appear to be missing (I had the double trifecta with 300 chips and a set of dice) and in their place there was a print of one of the jokers. Now I don't quite remember if those prints were added at some level automatically, but it's not showing up in the description of the reward I chose so there might be a mix-up there