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A zombie-inspired deck of playing cards with custom illustrations by the brilliantly talented artist Obsidian Abnormal.
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2/3s good news

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

I really want to stay optimistic about this. The decks of Postumo showed up today. I immediately tore into a few, and here's my initial thoughts:

The green and red backs look spectacular. They're exactly what we wanted.

The silver backs didn't look so hot in the sunlight. So I took them inside. I immediately noticed that the tuck box looked fantastic, pretty much as we designed. But shuffling through the cards, I noticed that it wasn't my imagination, that they do look duller than they should. But even worse, they fade the farther into the deck you get. Some even look like their backs are black and white.

Clearly, this is a completely unusable deck. I randomly checked three other decks from three other cases, and they've all got the same printer flaw. I've contacted the USPC about getting this fixed, and I'll keep you all posted on this.

If you didn't order a silver back deck, there's a decent chance that I can ship your reward out in the next 24 hours, especially if you got an email notice saying that I've "shipped" you a package (I printed out 500 shipping labels last night, and will be packing up all the red and green decks that I can tonight).

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    1. Jeff Long on

      Got my green and red deck in on Monday. Thanks!

    2. Loïs Meyer on

      Any news ? I'm crossing fingers for a good resolution, but I can't wait for the goodies to come in my mail.

      I suppose you can't send separatly the silver deck, can you ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tina Marie on

      I signed up for one deck and one dice pack, and I haven't gotten any shipping info either.

    4. anthony on

      I can't wait, is there any further information on when you will be shipping out the green and red decks?

    5. Alexandre Cesar Nass on

      I havent recieved any confirmation and ive only pledged for one deck. Should i be worried?

    6. Andy The Sane on

      I really hope they are compensating you for this, Darren.

      I find it shocking that the USPC clearly don't have any form of quality control checking. The net result is that they have to spend money reprinting the cards properly, you have to put up with the extra frustration/stress of not being able to deliver to your backers and I for one will now think twice about backing any kickstarter project in future that mentions the USPC. Everyone loses.

      I know this is beyond your control Darren, so I'm not annoyed at you - just frustrated at the situation!

    7. Saxon Christin on

      Thanks for your attention to detail Darren. Take your time in getting the problem corrected. Hope it isn't too much of a hassle for you. The longer I wait for the silver deck the more excited I will be when it comes! Hopefully not to long

    8. Missing avatar

      Byrne McLaughlin on

      Thank you Darren for the update. Good luck getting everything out the door.

    9. Sven Schläpfer on

      I really love uspc cards (going thru abut a bike per week ;)) but they are far from perfect. Even their standard decks have flaws sometimes. But I am sure you and them will work it out. I can wait a couple more weeks.

    10. Evil Mushroom Games on

      Oh sad Times.......sad face.....well feel free to add those duff silver sets in as little extra...well looks like a little long to wait

    11. Steven Ivan Walk on

      [And I could probably drive over to pick up stuff to save you on shipping when things do show up.]

    12. Steven Ivan Walk on

      Take your time .. feel free to make them give you an uncut silver sheet to send me :P
      Seriously though, you don't have to pay return shipping on those i hope!

    13. Jaye Thompson on

      I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with the silver deck. Take the time you need, though. For me, I'm excited about receiving my decks, but I'd be less so if I thought it meant you were stressing. =)

    14. Darren J. Gendron 6-time creator on

      @Byrne you got a green deck and dice. The only thing that might delay your package is me not having enough time to pack it (I really wish the decks came in on schedule, as I would have had help over the weekend).

    15. Missing avatar

      Byrne McLaughlin on

      Honestly can't remember what color deck I ordered, but I haven't seen any shipment email...guess that is not good news?

      Any way I can check on that?

    16. Darren J. Gendron 6-time creator on

      @Chris @Alberto + other Lucky 7s and Basic Trifectas - If you ordered one of each deck and no add-ons, you got an email from me confirming shipping. However, it looks like those are not going to ship out for a another few weeks while we get this fixed with the USPC. My deepest apologies on this.

      Any order with a Silver-back deck is being put on hold while we get this fixed.

      Between now and 4 p.m. Wednesday, I'll be doing as much as I can to get the rest of the orders out. At 4 p.m., I'll need to make a final stop at the post office, then pack for WonderCon. Expect another update on this shortly.

    17. Chris Zettlemoyer on

      I ordered the Lucky 7's and i got a shipping notice early this morning.....I'm guessing it's safe to assume that it won't be shipped with the information provided above???

    18. Alberto on

      I pledged for the Lucky 7s level (one green, one red, one silver), and I have received an email saying that you have sent me a package. Does that mean I'll get the green and red ones before, and the silver one when they're fixed?

    19. Ed Mayhall on

      I did the Trifecta and hate the thought of seeing my decks delayed but it won't be the first time. USPC has messed up a few other projects I backed but they usually work with the designer and get them fixed ASAP. I am started to wonder if their QA department works in the same place most other QA departments work because I don't see how so many decks can get shipped with an issue as bad as what you described.

      Glad to see the project moving forward though and keep us informed on what USPC says they will do to get the silver decks fixed up.

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.