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A zombie-inspired deck of playing cards with custom illustrations by the brilliantly talented artist Obsidian Abnormal.
A zombie-inspired deck of playing cards with custom illustrations by the brilliantly talented artist Obsidian Abnormal.
1,252 backers pledged $39,392 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Theoretically done

According to my to-do list, we've wrapped up all things Postumo. Thank you so much everyone, this was an amazing trip!

However, I also know that we're missing about .1% of the backer rewards being fulfilled, and maybe a little bit more than that (due to the always fun lost in transit issues). So if you haven't gotten everything yet, please send me a message now and I'll get to work fixing it.

And for those that want to know what's next, check out our new deck, Seelie! The Kickstarter for Seelie runs until July 13.

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99% Zombiefied

OK, if I actually did the math, we're actually past 99% right now. As far as my spreadsheets know, we've sent out everyone's initial wave of rewards. We still need to ship out art prints, and if you're getting an art print and an uncut sheet and are overseas, there's a chance that I set your uncut sheet aside to pack them together.

Also, we're in the process of replacing lost and damaged merchandise. If I replied to your email with ASAP, P = this Monday. Expect tracking emails to be on their way (or already in your inbox).

To celebrate these milestones, we're officially unlocking some of the Postumo merch.

If you wanted to get more red, green or pewter backed-decks, you can order them here:

(note: we should be able to keep the red and green in stock, but the pewters are a limited quantity. Also note: the pewters are what I was for a time calling "silver," but I did intentionally pick a more pewter shade for them).

Dice sets are for sale here:

And uncut Red sheets are for sale here, but for a limited amount of time only:

Still packing zombies


I just looked over the last update, where it said that I was feeling better and hoping to be done by last Friday. Well, wrong on both accounts.

My health took a digger and I was having trouble keeping food and water down for a while there. I was beginning to feel like my joker card. And the shipping deadline was missed in there.

Now I'm slowly getting back on my feet (again) and hitting the home stretch. There's a few different groups of backers now.

1-There's about 160 backers that have yet to get any email confirmation from I will be printing those labels out soon.

2-There's another ~300 backers that had gotten their confirmations, but have yet to receive their package. I took ~250 of those to the post office today, and the remaining 50 or so will be out in the next day.

3-Some people are getting incomplete packages. If you're missing an uncut sheet or screenprint, this is normal. We're planning on shipping the tubes out later this week. If you're missing dice, chips or decks, please let me know.

Also of note: the 5x7 print that's coming with your cards is there intentionally - it was one of our stretch goals. I am sorry that some of you are getting the print damaged in transit, we had a packaging change in how stiff some of the envelopes were supposed to be.

Silver Back Update


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2/3s good news

I really want to stay optimistic about this. The decks of Postumo showed up today. I immediately tore into a few, and here's my initial thoughts:

The green and red backs look spectacular. They're exactly what we wanted.

The silver backs didn't look so hot in the sunlight. So I took them inside. I immediately noticed that the tuck box looked fantastic, pretty much as we designed. But shuffling through the cards, I noticed that it wasn't my imagination, that they do look duller than they should. But even worse, they fade the farther into the deck you get. Some even look like their backs are black and white.

Clearly, this is a completely unusable deck. I randomly checked three other decks from three other cases, and they've all got the same printer flaw. I've contacted the USPC about getting this fixed, and I'll keep you all posted on this.

If you didn't order a silver back deck, there's a decent chance that I can ship your reward out in the next 24 hours, especially if you got an email notice saying that I've "shipped" you a package (I printed out 500 shipping labels last night, and will be packing up all the red and green decks that I can tonight).

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