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Scury Dogs: Pirates and Privateers is a board game from dern and obsidian, with gorgeous art and fun gameplay.
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Treasure and Treason

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

So, what are Missions?

Missions are an optional rule. Each Captain draws a Mission card before the game starts, and keeps it a secret until the game ends. Then all sorts of mischief breaks out. Gold counts change, Knighthoods are handed out, and Letters of Marque are destroyed.

Each deck will have one of each Mission card, along with 16 Long Cannon cards, six Evidence cards, six Grappling Hook cards, six Pistol cards, six Barrel cards and six Manacles cards.

It will normally cost $12, but for the preorder we're selling it for $10.

The official preorder link is here:

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    1. Ryan Nussbaum on

      Dang, I'm in Colorado, not able to hit any of those.

    2. Darren J. Gendron 6-time creator on

      They will be available at every show I do (well, we're 80% hopeful we'll have it in time for Origins - but definitely for ALA Chicago, CTCon, Dragon*Con, GenCon, Baltimore Comic Con, Otakon and MagFest).

    3. Ryan Nussbaum on

      This looks cool but is there any other way to be able to get this? Shipping for me was 6.55. Seems steep to me.