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Scury Dogs: Pirates and Privateers is a board game from dern and obsidian, with gorgeous art and fun gameplay.
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Address checking

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

Ahoy mateys!

We had a few personal delays around the house that added a lot of chaos to my life, and some orders got lost in the shuffle. As soon as we have them all cleared out, I will be setting up an FAQ for Scurvy Dogs, so please keep posting questions.

Now, for those without their games:

Those that have not gotten their package yet, but have the wrong address on their notifications from you will be getting a correct notification in the next 24 hours. From there, it may take up to a week to reach you.

Those that have a notification from a month ago with your correct address, but no game: Please message me immediately.

Those in the MD/DC/VA area without a notification: You should be getting one (or a message from me) in the next 24 hours.

Anyone without a message or game that doesn't fit in the three above categories, please contact me immediately.


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    1. Darren J. Gendron 6-time creator on

      Also important: if you're trying to contact me about damages or missing packages, please contact me through the Kickstarter page for that product. It links up your backer status to a lot of important information that makes it quicker for me to find the solution to what went wrong.

    2. Darren J. Gendron 6-time creator on

      @Keith heyo, it looks like you've got an official "Lost in the Mail" package (which have been surprisingly rare for me this year). I'm sending you out a replacement copy.

    3. Missing avatar

      Keith Churchill on

      Hi! I received a message from Dernworks / with the correct address on 10/9 and still have not seen my package. I have twice tried to send meassages to your gmail account and have not heard back

    4. Darren J. Gendron 6-time creator on

      Yeah, the messages are the preferred way to ping me, especially if you need to send me private information. I get alerts the same way (although commenting at least means there's a chance that O will also send me messages to make sure I get stuff done). So yeah, comments mean that O is distracted from making pretty things.
      That said, I'm happy to report that we seem to have mostly only delays. Some labels got shuffled in with some customs paperwork, and I've been triple-checking all cameo packages to make sure the right art goes to the right backers. We've had only one tracking number result in a completely lost package (thankfully it was domestic).
      This balances out the one Australian package that the postal service deemed "undeliverable" due to a damaged label. A $52 shipping fee was rough once, but twice it really stings.
      But hey, I've learned from it. You'll note that almost all international boxes sent out this week will have a thick layer of packing tape over the address label.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      Darren, I sent you a message, we may have an issues with my package.

    6. Peter McAndrew on

      @Gokan: I think he means to use the "Contact me" link on the right in the blue "Project by..." box.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gokan Alyuz on

      G'day there
      Contacting you to let you know that I have not received a notification from or received my copy of the game yet.