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Scury Dogs: Pirates and Privateers is a board game from dern and obsidian, with gorgeous art and fun gameplay.
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Now I get why the Quartermaster was so important

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

And the Cooper, for that matter.

Putting together the packing boxes for this project has eaten up a lot of time. We're slowly pulling through the levels. I know I initially was planning on doing the highest-level backers first, but I did have a chance to mindlessly pack and stuff all the game-only boxes really fast. There's also a slew of $75 boxes that are getting out in the mail already.

If you haven't gotten an update email, don't panic yet. A bunch are going out today. Also, if you're in Maryland, I might be hand-delivering your box this week.

Counting postage alone, we've spent $3,669.47 this month, and will be adding at least another $800 to that.


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    1. Seregmegilmor on

      Got the box too, now to gather up a few crewmates to test it out !

      In the meantime, I've been reading and re-reading rules and cards, and I've come up with a "wee" (*cough*) list of questions about them.

      I've taken the liberty of posting it over at boardgamegeek ( ), so if you do get a few minutes when you're done with the packing and sending you could dedicate to this, I'd really really appreciate if you could sail over there to provide a few answers Darren.

      Cheers !

    2. Seung Lee on

      Just got it a few days ago! The box looks absolutely stunning!

      And...unfortunately I can't comment more because...I can't get the box to open T_T. Will take some fenagling to get one side of the top to let go of its grip on the bottom

    3. Missing avatar

      Shellykatt on

      Wow, I haven't checked the updates in a while, but I see you are working hard. I am sorry I missed the release party, but will start eagerly checking the mail! :)

    4. Jes Schattie on

      It's amazing how fast it all adds up, isn't it?

      Hang in there, guys - there is an end in sight! :p