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Scury Dogs: Pirates and Privateers is a board game from dern and obsidian, with gorgeous art and fun gameplay.
245 backers pledged $23,452 to help bring this project to life.

Ready to set sail with Scurvy Dogs - Check the Map NOW!

Posted by Darren J. Gendron (Creator)

Reminder: The surveys for Scurvy Dogs were filled out a year ago - under the list of things we would have done differently, not sending out the surveys until everything was ready to ship would be No. 1.

So how do we fix the addresses? Unfortunately, it's going to be a manual task of changing entries in the spreadsheets. If you moved in the past year, please send me your new address through the message system by Saturday, 5 p.m. EST. We're going to be packing and labeling boxes all weekend, so you'll get a confirmation email saying that they've "shipped" soon.

The boxes won't actually get to my post office until Monday, Sept. 17 (or Wednesday, Sept. 19, if we run short of time Monday). But they are shipping out!

If you had a special request to go with your order, now is also a good time to remind me.

And finally, two things - the LE Crew Cards are now in. Initially designed to be Booty Challenges that turned into Crew Cards, we decided to just shuffle them into the Crew deck. Note: In both theme and gameplay, these four drastically change the landscape of Scurvy Dogs. Use them at your own peril.

Also, we're down to the last week of our next game's Kickstarter, 3v3: Commissioned. Based off of O's comic Commissioned, it's a PG-13 romp of ninjas, gnomes, computers, bad dating and toilet jokes. Also, as a last-week special, we've dropped the cost of Zombie Cameos down to $275, and that still includes two copies of the starter box, two copies of the first expansions, and Line For Life (or un-Life?).

Check it out here:

And today's art is the four piles of Scurvy Dogs LE Cards:

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    1. Adam Bokhari on

      Hey I'm a $1 backer but that's only because I didn't have enough money at the time of funding for a full copy of the game. Is there any way I can purchase a copy now?

    2. Ryan Nussbaum on

      Any update on the shipping? I sent my change of address to you but never got a confirmation back. I know thiere is a TON to deal with here., just making sure there is not a mistake.

    3. Missing avatar

      Phillip on

      The LE cards look great!

    4. Søren Høeg Pedersen on

      Looking forward to the day the pirates arrive at my door... I recon that would usually be a bad thing..