Make Scurvy Dogs: Pirates and Privateers sail the seas!

by Darren J. Gendron

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thorne & Erin

      I firmly believe that you're better off riding the delays and not compromising the quality. Thank you for making what I think is the right decision

    2. palenoue on

      I'd rather have an awesome game arrive late than a "meh" game arriving on time.

    3. Søren Høeg Pedersen on

      Looks great :)
      And I agree with Thorne & Erin, I think you should just focus on making it a great game and not think to much about quality. I think thats one of the problems with many PC games today, that they are to focused on the Deadline. Its a good thing its there, but what point is there if the game you ship out a that point is flawed and filled with bugs..

      So onward to the point: Sail those deadlines as you would sail any storm, looking out for ya crew and ale! :D

    4. Tegs on

      I'm always happy to wait for Awesome! :-)

    5. Seregmegilmor on

      Same here, I'd rather wait a few more months for a quality product than getting a rushed one earlier.

    6. Jes Schattie on

      Wow. That is gorgeous. I'll wait as long as it takes.

      (And on the bright side for us - we'll know where we're living by August! :p)

    7. John Barstow on

      I'm with everyone else. Awesome is always worth waiting for.