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Why are roller derby women everywhere donning fishnets & stage names to kick each other’s asses on the track? Juliette Lewis narrates.
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There’s a Derby Baby Inside of All of Us

There’s a Derby Baby Inside of All of Us

Don’t worry, you’re not pregnant. (Or, uh - maybe you are..) What I’m talking about is the BEST press question we were asked during our Atlanta screening on April 14.  Blogger / Editor Wilson Trivino of shouted across the red carpet to me, “Is there a derby baby inside all of us?”  “Hell, yeah there is!” I yelled, forgetting all the media tips I’d been offered.  

Define it any way you want; over the course of interviewing almost 200 derby lovers everywhere, we heard lots of interpretations of this Derby Baby thing.  Juliette Lewis said, “It’s about finding your inner lioness.”  Suzy Hotrod said, “It’s what every woman can do for herself.”

Some ladies and gents found their inner derby baby when they stumbled upon their derby “tribe.” Others found it when they embraced their otherness, waved their freak flag, or just got “loud and proud.”  (That’s another Juliette quote, BTW.)  

I’ve been mulling it over for a couple of years now and I’ve finally settled on how my own Derby Baby is manifesting itself.  For me, it’s about not apologizing.  (Unless of course I spill something on you, or run over you with my car.  Then I’ll apologize.)

Whether you’re a chick, a dude, or a kiddo, it’s about embracing who you are and NOT APOLOGIZING.  Bear in mind, however, that giving yourself permission to NOT APOLOGIZE also means NO EXCUSES.  None of this, “I’m not athletic.”  “I’m too big/small/weird/broke/just had a baby/just turned 50.”  There are no excuses (refer to photo insert below, note message on t-shirt.)  Not in derby, not in life.  

So no apologies, no excuses.  You’re perfectly imperfect.  And you kick ass.  My original Derby Baby inspiration (again, refer to photo) had a brief but passionate love affair with derby that has since faded and morphed into ballet.  And that’s fine.  You go my little Derby Baby.  Be the best, the baddest, the most ass-kicking ballerina out there.  And for Gosh sakes, wear pads and a helmet.  -  Robin Bond

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    1. Creator elaine allcut on May 5, 2012

      This is the cutest picture of Carly I have ever seen! I liked what you sid about not apologizing for who you are! Hope you reach you goal!