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DEPORTED: A 20 Minute Documentary, set in Mexico, exploring issues of identity and the consequences of mistakes past made.

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The target of £700 is our shoestring budget and everything we raise beyond this will only help us to further raise the production values of the film.

What About the Film?

Deported (working title) is a 20 minute Documentary film exploring the fascinating stories of a number individuals whose lives are linked by one resounding factor; they’re all foreigners in their own country.

Born to Mexican Parents, their families emigrated to the US when they were young children. They were raised, met their partners, brought up their children and lived the entirety of their lives identifying themselves as citizens of the US.

At some point in their lives they have made a mistake which put them on the wrong side of the law and as a result have been deported back to their country of birth, Mexico.

Most of us would admit that we have made unwise decisions during our lives.

But how many of us would imagine that as a consequence of these mistakes we’d find ourselves exiled from our communities, from our families, homes and loved ones?

Forced to live in an alien country, speaking a foreign language.


Our approach as filmmakers

After our recent film festival success with the experimental documentary ‘Concrete Sleep’, which we made with a mere £250, we have been busy developing our approach for 'Deported'.

We are not concerned with creating a mere reflection of reality but in creating a filmic experience injected with interpretation and metaphor that catalyses truth and enhances reality while respecting each contributor's life experience.

The film will approach the portrayal of each contributor essentially as an isolated portrait that will comprise of constructed sequences informed by the interviews and interactions we conduct during production.

In the edit we will unite these sequences to create a collective experience highlighting each character’s personal struggle while revealing the similarities between their situations.

Through this approach we hope to bring a more personal and thought provoking observation to a remarkable situation while drawing parallels relating to identity that unite us all.

Introducing the Film Makers!

Alex and Matthew are two young experienced filmmakers currently working in Manchester, UK.

Over the last year they have worked together on various films. Developing as filmmakers and good friends. They have had recent success together, winning multiple awards for their film ‘Concrete Sleep’, which they Co Directed and Produced with George Haydock.

Alex is the Director and Co-Producer:

Alex Mannion-Jones is an independent director who has been creating films since 2008. He is currently completing a masters in Digital Post Production at the University of Salford, MediaCityUK.

His aim is to produce dialectically provocative media, with the latent aim of provoking dynamic social and cultural improvement.

Alex developed an interest in relating the story of Ensenada’s deportees during the three years that he resided in Baja California, Mexico. He began exploring the issue in 2012 with his short film: ‘Nothing lasts forever’. 

Visit for more of Alex's work.

Matthew is the Director of Photography and Co-Producer:

Matthew Rowlands is an Independent filmmaker currently completing a Masters Degree in Television and Documentary Production.

Having moved to Manchester in 2012 Matthew has become an established freelance filmmaker and dedicated member of the Generic Greeting Collective.

Having previously achieved a First Class Honours in Fine Art in 2011, Matthew has a great passion for the creative aspects of filmmaking and camera work in particular.

An example of Matthew's work with Generic Greeting:

Visit for more of Matthew's work.

What will we do with your donations?

Your Donations are essential to the completion of the film. Matthew and Alex have already invested a lot of time and money into pre-production and conceptualisation, but need your help in order to make the project a reality and realise the full potential of the film.

Your Donations will go to the following:

Travel Expenses – We'll we need help getting to Mexico, we have already purchased our flights to the USA. However we require your help to cover petrol and rental costs while we are in the US and Mexico so that we can reach our contributors.

Equipment – Although we already own the majority of our equipment, a proportion of the money raised will go towards essentials not yet owned such as extra tape stock.

Food – A proportion of the money invested will go towards keeping Matthew, Alex and the contributors fed and watered during their month long production period in Mexico. Our contributors are very important to us and gestures such as providing them with meals and comforts will allow us to show our appreciation.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Due to the scale of the project and our small team of two, a lot of work has been invested into keeping the film's budget low while also developing an approach and strategy, that is malleable enough to respond to any variables we encounter.

As with any creative project, there are unforeseen risks and challenges:

A contributor could drop out of the production requiring us to source new characters. The weather could set back filming on location for days at a time.
Beyond production the Editing process could require more time than accounted for, due to challenges encountered during production.

As an experienced team, we have dealt with these scenarios in the past. We will embrace the organic development of this film and approach risks and challenges with both caution and excitement.

We are confident and eager to start the Production phase of this project and we can’t wait to show you the finished film!

Thank you for your time, we hope we've secured your investment!


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