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Bronco's House.
One man's quest for a roof.
A narrative experimental 16mm film.
Bronco's House. One man's quest for a roof. A narrative experimental 16mm film.
184 backers pledged £6,339 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)
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184 Wonderful Backers have raised £6,339 and we are now in Pre-Production

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

We've done it!!!

Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)

Thankyou everybody who has pledged, shared, given, promoted and supported us over the last 30 days.

We're there!!!

Bronco's House WILL NOW GET MADE!

We'll keep driving the campaign until it ends at midnight tonight, and send a final campaign update then.

After today, we will contact you for details we need to send your rewards, and of course keep you updated as we move into pre-production (though we won't bombard you with such frequent updates, prob one every few weeks)

Thankyou so much!

Oll an gwella Mark & Denzil

9 hours to go...

Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)

Just 9 hours to go... and a few hundred pounds more needed to reach our target of £6000

With your help, we'll get there - remember, we only get the pledged money if the project is successfully fully funded by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

What really helps is when you wonderful people who have already backed Bronco's House tweet or post an update on facebook saying that you have pledged, and why you want to see this film get made.

Thankyou so much - we're nearly there!!!

Bronco's House Warming

Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)

24 hours to get Bronco's House fully funded

We're nearly there!

80% funded from 125 wonderful backers!

As we hurtle towards our crowd-funding deadline please join us at our virtual day (and night) long soiree to raise the finance needed to get this innovative film into production.

Invite your friends and join us for Bronco's House Warming - the last 24 hours to Sun Dec 8. 11.59 GMT

One man's quest for a roof.

A narrative experimental 16mm film.

Handmade in Cornwall.

A note from the director… (about time)

Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)
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“Everything that I’ve always been interested in is linked. When I was young I was interested in history. I was fascinated about time, where it comes from and where it goes, how it disappears. I wanted to be able to capture it, and worked out that I could do that with film, that I could effectively bottle an essence, freeze a moment, or series of moments.”

For a pledge of £100, Mark will hand-print for you, a limited edition, signed beautiful silver gelatine print of 24 frames from the original negative of the film, freezing one second of screen time for ever.

Or for just £10 you will receive a single frame, a captured moment from the shoot.

And if you want to get a pre-release download along with a single frame – pledge £30