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Bronco's House.
One man's quest for a roof.
A narrative experimental 16mm film.
Bronco's House. One man's quest for a roof. A narrative experimental 16mm film.
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Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)
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1/4 Inch Reel to Reel
1/4 Inch Reel to Reel


This is a quick update and a small request.

Although the film has a little way to go before it's finished, we've started approaching festivals now to get a sense of where to place the film on the circuit - more news on this when we have it!

The first assembly of the film is complete and Mark is busy filming pickups and recording dialogue. However, there are a couple of things which we're having difficulty locating and could do with your help please!


We need a shot of a newborn baby's hand - so if you, or anyone you know in the Penwith area has a new addition to the family - and you would be willing to give up 20 minutes of your time and allow us to film a Close Up Shot of your baby's hand - please get in touch.


We're looking for a working 1/4 inch Reel to Reel recorder (see image above) to pass the audio through for an experimental analogueification technique!

If you can help with either of these requirements - please email:


Oll an gwella

Mark & Denzil x


Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)
Test Scan
Test Scan

After the many weeks of hand-processing, it was really important for the next critical step of digitizing the film to find a service that understood and appreciated the quality of the image that Mark wants to achieve.

After a couple of test scans we decided to go with the helpful and reputable lab services from i-Dailies, who have been very supportive of our project and offered us an excellent deal providing a Spirit DataCine 2K scan to DPX and a technical grade to preserve as much information in the digital image files as possible. We highly recommend them:

The 5,000 ft of film is winging its way back to us now, with a 4TB drive full of the digital transfer files.

So begins the edit!

For the post-production aficionados out there, we’ll be using an Adobe workflow starting from the scanned DPX sequence in SpeedGrade CC, creating proxy media to off-line edit in Premiere Pro CC, then relinking to the source files in SpeedGrade for final full resolution corrections… more on that later.

Whilst all this analogue and digital wizardry has been happening, Denzil & Olivia have been developing a release strategy, identifying potential distribution partners and dreaming up exciting proposals for a launch event!

As we approach completion we’ll firm up the festival & release plans and start promoting the film – beginning with our friends who have helped us get it made, so look out for more updates soon.

Oll an gwella

Mark & Denzil x

Light Upon Crystal

Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)
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Mark is meticulously and methodically working his way through the thousands of feet of film we shot in and around Mousehole a few weeks ago (you can see pictures from the shoot on our Facebook page) using an ecological and experimental chemistry made from instant coffee & vitamin C, processing 100 feet at a time.

The image above shows just a few frames of developed film.

We're nearly half way through the processing now - and getting final quotes for telecine / scanning of the film which is the next step of Bronco's House post-production.

Denzil has also begun conversations with partners about distribution - more on that later...

It's fantastic (and a relief) to see images appearing and we'll be in touch again when we're in the edit.

Oll an gwella, Mark & Denzil

PS: When you next have half an hour - listen to this compelling radio programme where Tacita Dean talks about the importance of preserving the language of film.

Pre-production | stock has arrived | boards in full flow | shoot in 2 weeks!

Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)

It's been a while since our last update - we've been busy making final revisions to the script, confirming and recce-ing locations, sourcing props, scheduling and storyboarding in preparation for the shoot in a couple of weeks.

A very exciting moment when the stock arrived - 6300 feet of Eastman XX Black & White Negative 16mm - thats over a mile of film!

Keep an eye out for Bronco's House updates as we get closer to production and over the course of the shoot - and make sure you've liked our Facebook page for more frequent updates.

Thankyou for your continued interest and support - none of this would have been possible without you :)

Happy Christmas

Posted by Denzil Monk (Creator)
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Nadelik Lowen, Happy Christmas... Solstice... Montol... Mid-Winter merriment to all our wonderful backers!

We'll be back in touch in the New Year to ask for a few pieces of crucial information from you, so we can fulfill your rewards when the time comes.

In the mean time, in case you missed it before - you can watch Mark's festive feature for free here: Happy Christmas

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