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Psychodrama Mystery "Once Again" for funny man Dennis Hurley's video poster

Twilight Zone-inspired short film about a disturbed man and the woman of his recurring dreams (or from a past life?) FILM IS HALF DONE! Read more

Boston, MA Film & Video
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This project was successfully funded on August 4, 2011.

Twilight Zone-inspired short film about a disturbed man and the woman of his recurring dreams (or from a past life?) FILM IS HALF DONE!

Boston, MA Film & Video
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About this project

The Twilight Zone was the main inspiration for this mystery drama about Charlie, a socially anxious recluse plagued by recurring visions of the same woman... who he then meets in real life. Is it fate, déjà vu, or are these dreams perhaps memories of a life they've lived before?

The film is shot on Hi-Def and will run around 20 minutes in length. Approximately half of the film has already been shot and we need your help to finish the second half!

In January of 2010, we filmed the present-day scenes of the main character: antisocial, manic-depressed and drinking himself to death.  Then he meets Fay and his world is spun topside. Charlie begins to turn his life around. This part has been filmed and you can see some footage in the video above.

Throughout the film, Charlie has recurring dreams in which he appears as an idealized version of himself: cleaned-up, confident and in much better shape than the present-day character. To prepare for these scenes in the second part of filming, actor Dennis Hurley has undergone training and to get in the same great shape as his character.    By the time we pick up filming again in August of 2011, Dennis will be a whole new man!

What You're Supporting

Funding for this project will go towards equipment rental, costume rental/materials, location rental, food, transportation, incidentals, and crew payment -- yes we are actually paying our crew!

Production costs will far exceed the $1,000 we're asking for, so even if we reach our stated goal we will be most grateful for your continued generosity. With your help, we expect to complete the film by the end of the year and then it's off to the festivals!

Starring: Dennis Hurley, Elizabeth Closter and Ken Breese

Director of Photography: Jeremy Traub

Directed by Johnathan Carr


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    Associate Producer credit (including an IMDB credit), a copy of the film on DVD, a DRM-free digital download, a signed copy of the script, and exclusive links to behind-the-scenes and cut footage and before the film is released!

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    PROFESSIONAL WRITER FEEDBACK FOR YOU! Producer credit (including an IMDB credit), TWO TICKETS to the premiere screening in Boston or any one festival screening of the film throughout the U.S. Additionally, give us up to 100 PAGES of your own work (film script, comedy sketches, etc.) and we'll give you professional written feedback and discuss your writing with you! Plus all the above!

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    DENNIS WILL BE YOUR COMEDY SLAVE FOR A DAY! Executive Producer credit (including an IMDB credit) with an invitation to the set when our weekend of filming commences in August of 2011 (craft services, yum! :-) and all the above! GREATER BOSTON BONUS: Dennis will bake you a cake, clean your kitchen, and do two hours of comedy/improv and/or improv lessons just for you (residents of greater Boston, Mass only!)

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