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This professional cat litter scoop is designed for both strength and speed. Click the green button to visit our website for this and other great K-Kat Products!
This professional cat litter scoop is designed for both strength and speed. Click the green button to visit our website for this and other great K-Kat Products!
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Newest Batch of Scoops... Arrived!

Posted by K-Kat Innovative Pet Products (Creator)

Hello Everyone! 

Great news! The new (3rd) batch of scoops has arrived! The scoops came in one day before we had to leave for SuperZoo, a pet products convention in Las Vegas. We have had our SuperZoo booth registered and reserved since 2014, so we had no choice but to leave the Kickstarter scoops safely at home and start driving toward the mountains. 

As soon as the conference ends on Thursday, we are hurrying back so that we can send out everyone's scoops as soon as possible. We can't wait to have all of your orders finally fulfilled! If any of you are planning to attend SuperZoo yourself, please visit us in Booth 21180! You can pick up your scoops from us directly and save the shipping time! 

As always, please feel free to send us a message with any questions in the meantime, and thanks for your support and patience :) 

Thank you,

Ted, Marie, and Dennis

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    1. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      All of the scoops have gone out, so if you haven't yet received them, watch the mail. We will put out an official project update tomorrow, so stay tuned and rest easy :)

    2. Jennie Treadway on

      This was my 1st Kickstarter and I am afraid it will be my last. I have been waiting patiently for my scoop and knowing I was one of the last supporters (I pledged when there was 2 days left) I think I have been more than patient. I have never posted on here asking where is my scoop, and I have read all the reasons for the delays but we are now in Aug and I still have no scoop in sight. I truely hope it will arrive someday soon but for now I am done with Kickstarter. I am not sure the greatness of this scoop outweighs the delays we have had to put up with.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kona Hahn on

      Finally received my order. Thank you! I am a contented consumer/investor. Hope u sell a million!

    4. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Young on

      Do you have any idea as to when the rest of the scoops will be sent out? I still have not received either one of mine. Thank you. Oops, just saw the other posts about family medical emergency and you guys are still working on getting the rest out. So no need to answer me, I will just keep waiting and sure you will get them out as soon as you can. Sure hope everything is okay with medical emergency.

    5. Dinah Lechner on

      I so appreciated my first scoop received several months ago. We found a kitten, who fell in love with her litter box. The scoop saved the day as this was a big litter box and needed to be cleared several times each day. Each time I used the scoop, I realized how good it was. Of course, cant wait for the others, but I never felt left out of the loop due to the updated info received on a timely basis.

    6. Joanne Buckley on

      I've still or received my scoop and have had to buy a metal scoop from as this is way too late. Disappointed.

    7. Cathy Fout on

      Really looking forward to getting my other 2 scoops. I'm afraid this has soured me with kickstarter. With an April delivery listed in the campaign, and now quickly approaching mid-August with one hold up after another, I won't be participating in another campaign. Seriously hoping my other 2 scoops arrive in the very near future.

    8. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Thanks for checking! Almost all of the scoops have been sent out already, and we are working hard to get the rest packaged up and sent out. Just a little more patience and then we'll all be happy scooping!

    9. Henry stephens

      Still Waiting... with 4 full litter pans in my house...

    10. Arlenemusume on

      im still waiting for my scoop, im very disappointed... :(

    11. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Last week we had a medical emergency in our family, which pushed our Packing party back a couple of days, and fewer people were able to come help on the new day. We did get over half of the outstanding orders into the mail, and we have been working day and night to get the rest completed. We are hoping to get them all out by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!

    12. Jonathan Jackson on

      Still waiting on my scoop(s)

    13. Missing avatar

      GuoQi on

      My no. is #1832. I have not received the message about the shipment notification. When can I receive my package? I'm waiting~~ THX .

    14. KS Addict

      How did the Scoop Packing Party go? Get everything shipped out?

    15. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      The Scoop Packing Party is on for tonight! We will be packaging up every last scoop that was ordered through Kickstarter... and they should all hit the mail tomorrow :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Katie Sipos on

      So should we expect our scoops within the next week or so for anyone left without one? I am looking forward to trying it out

    17. Missing avatar

      Gloria Walters on

      Neeeeed my scoop

    18. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Glad those of you who have received the scoop are liking it!
      Others who are waiting, we understand your frustration and appreciate your patience. As I mentioned in the update, we have finally received all the scoops, and will be sending them out this week as soon as we finish our cross-country drive back to Wisconsin.
      @Frederick, please send me a message with your new address and I will update our spreadsheet on this end.
      @Sloane, we understand that you are tired of waiting, but your assumption is incorrect and may be misleading to the other Backers as well, so I would like to address your concern. Yes the scoops are for sale on our website, and yes we are taking orders, but we are not sending any out. Everyone who has ordered scoops from us since the campaign has been sent an email informing them that we are back-ordered and that they will be in line to receive theirs only after all Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled first. We have been waiting, just like you, without scoops, until this new shipment just arrived. And we will be sending them to the Kickstarter Backers first, before anyone else, just as we have promised.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sloane on

      Still waiting since April for the additional two scoops.. I hope to see them soon since you guys are selling them without taking care of your funders 1st.. Ya, I'm really tired of waiting.

    20. Missing avatar

      Patricia Doran on

      Still looking forward to receiving one of the two scoops ordered.

    21. frederick brist on

      I've been waiting so long for my first scoop!! But now I need to change my address. How do I do that?

    22. Missing avatar

      H. L. Lenz on

      I love this scoop more and more. So much, in fact, that I'm going to order 2 or 3 more.

    23. Missing avatar

      Pamela Hodermann on

      I have to say that as a foster during kitten season and using over 100lbs of cat litter every week, I am very disappointed in your delays. I love the scoop that I did get, but I ordered several as gifts and wanted more for myself. I would suggest that you take a good look at your manufacturer before you consider working with them any further. I realize you are their customer and have little control over their delays, but the delays are so long them seem to me to be unexpicable unless the manufacturer burned down. You have a bad partner, this has resulted in you disappointing your customers. I will have fostered and cleaned up after over one hundred kittens by the time my other scoops arrived, it would have been helpful to have them. I do appreciate the updates, if I didn't get them I would just feel like I was scammed.

    24. Stephanie C.

      I've attended the SuperZoo in Las Vegas, it's awesome! :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Meg Long on

      Can't wait to get my other 2 scoopers as the one I have now is practically fought over at the cage free adoption center where I volunteer. Only suggestion I've heard so far was from someone with carpel tunnel syndrome who said the handle isn't comfortable so a soft handle would be an improvement. It really is a huge time saver...and when you're scooping for 100 cats at a time....WOW!