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This professional cat litter scoop is designed for both strength and speed. Click the green button to visit our website for this and other great K-Kat Products!
This professional cat litter scoop is designed for both strength and speed. Click the green button to visit our website for this and other great K-Kat Products!
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First 800 Scoops Have Hit the Mail!!

Posted by K-Kat Innovative Pet Products (Creator)
Hello Everyone!
We are very excited to let you know that we have mailed out the first batch of 800 scoops! We know you have been anxious to receive them, and we really appreciate your patience in the meantime. Just like you, we have eagerly anticipated receiving the scoops from our manufacturer, and it feels great to have finally sent the first batch on its way to some of you!

As you know, we had originally hoped to receive all of the scoops in time for delivery in April. Our manufacturer experienced an unforeseen delay when starting the run due to a plating quality issue. We were informed that the issue was corrected and that production has gone on smoothly since then. We are truly sorry for the delay, and we ask you for a little more patience until we complete everyone's orders as we receive more scoops.

To lessen the delay, our manufacturer has helped by sending the scoops in batches as they are ready. When we received the first batch of 800 scoops last week, we discussed how we could send them out to the backers in the fairest way possible. We decided to go by Backer Number, starting with the first 800 people who pledged to the project. We thought all backers should receive at least one scoop, then the balance of multi-pack orders will be fulfilled thereafter.

The scoops were officially scanned into the US Postal Service system on Monday, May 4th. We sent them out Parcel Select, which is a ground service delivery for US that takes between 2-8 days, depending on destination. International shipment will understandably take longer.

The next batch of 800 scoops should be arriving within a week or so. As soon as we get them, we will pack them up, ship them out to the next 800 backers, and post another update to let you know. We are so excited for the first group of people to start using their scoops!

Here is a brief clip of our scoops being packed up and shipped out. Happy Scooping!!

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    1. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Sure, I will take a look and let you know the status of your order in a message. Thanks for checking!

    2. Maximilian Sarry Varriale on

      Still waiting on my scoop... I would have thought I would be in at least the second batch. Let me know my status please! Thanks.

    3. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      @Keith, the second batch went out last week, so you should be getting it soon!
      @Jenny, yours will be in the 3rd batch..... we aren't sending out emails, but we will post an update when we ship the 3rd batch, so you can then start to be on the lookout :)

    4. Jenny Moss on

      Hi, just wondering how I'll know when my scoop has shipped. Will I get an email? I want to be on the look for it. Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      We are very glad to hear that, Richard! Not so glad to hear that you got ripped off on other projects, but it's great to know you are happy with our scoop! Thank you!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard Baran on

      I got mine. Great product! It cuts the dust down to almost zero and cuts down the scooping time massively, just as described. This is the first project that I helped fun that I didnt get ripped off. Thank you!

    8. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      @Patricia, your scoop is going out in the next batch (today!) Hope it is all you hope it to be!! The scoops can be purchased through our website Thanks a lot!

    9. Missing avatar

      Patricia Kaplan on

      When do you think I will be getting my new scoop in Louisiana ?
      I teach a continuing education class through LSU on Felines and I may add it to " teacher's favorite things for cats" . How will people be able to purchase these? Thanks!

    10. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      @Sean, that is awesome! Glad it is helping with the chores :)
      @Kenneth, it is hard to say right now when they will ALL go out... we have received our second batch of 800 from the manufacturer and they are going out this week. The rest we are still waiting for.
      @Peter, no cause for concern yet... you are included in the second batch going out. Thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Aweeky on

      Nothing for me yet, looking for two eventually. At what point should I be concerned ? Thanks

    12. Kenneth Jaffe on

      At what point will the scoops all be shipped out? Thanks!

    13. Sean Mc on

      Received the first of my 3 scoops earlier this week, makes cleaning the box so much less of a hassle! Even my kids are groaning less about having to clean the box, no buyers remorse here!

    14. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Thanks, @Stephanie! Glad you like it, and thanks for the suggestion!
      @Lynda, thank you so much. We are indeed working on upgrading the handle for Version 2. Something else that works great to wrap around the handle in the meantime if you want is "vet wrap" or "coflex" which a flexible yet grippy tape-like bandage material.
      @Rachel, if you log in to Kickstarter, then click in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and find "Backed Projects." Click on It's The Scoop and it should show you your Backer Number there :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Rachel Lavery on

      How do we know where we are on the list to receive our scoops? :)

    16. Stephanie C.

      The Scoop is awesome! So quick on the litterbox pickup! Unbelievable, my time to scoop is cut in 1/2! :-)

      One thing: I do wish the back of the scoop had a little bit finer mesh to catch smaller pieces though. We've got a cat that pees towards the back of the box. The pee tends to rebound off the walls and not make a nice, neat ball every time.

      Regardless, BEST SCOOP EVAR! WOOT!

    17. Missing avatar

      Lynda S. Guckert on

      This is an amazing project!! It takes less than 1/3 of the time it used to to clean a litter box. (And I use those big cement mixer boxes!) My only thought is, my hands are not very big, and I have arthritis - it would be nice to have some sort of tube - silicon, maybe? - to slide over the handle to make it a little easier to hold onto.

      I just told a whole bunch of my cat-friends about this amazing product. You guys did GOOD!

    18. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Awesome!! Thanks for the note, @Steve!
      @Stephanie, WOOT!! Thanks for that feedback as well. We weren't quite sure how best to set up the queue, but this seemed to be the most fair for everybody.

    19. Steve Diamond

      Received mine today. Superb scoop. Exceeds every expectation. It's super-sturdy, and the litter drains through effortlessly, without any shaking or dust. Thank you!

    20. Stephanie C.

      Woot! Got my scoop today!

      Boo! I already scooped this morning, so I will have to try it out tomorrow.

      Thank you for shipping in a timely manner and by backer number. (I've backed several KS were I'm an early backer yet received my reward in the last grouping.)

    21. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Oh that's great, @Diane! Glad that it is helping with your daily scooping chores!
      @Lynn, thank you! We are looking forward to completing the orders as soon as we receive the rest of the scoops!

    22. Lynn Iwamoto

      The scooper is awesome. It does the job cleanly and quickly. I can't wait for my second one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Diane Tyler on

      I received my first scoop Saturday and couldn't wait to try it. I just had carpal tunnel surgery on my (dominant) right hand two days before and prepared myself to get at it! Since I run a small, non profit animal rescue with about 40 cats I have LOTS of boxes to scoop. It was WONDERFUL!! As stated in previous comments, no sticking clumps! It seemed to take about half the time to do the scooping, too! Can't wait to get more. Super product! Well designed. Thanks!

    24. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Awesome! So glad you love it!! Thank you :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Sharon Lawrence on

      I got mine today!!! I think I've died and gone to heaven!!! Works perfectly AND stays clean (no clumbs of litter sticking to it as with my plastic scoop)! Can't wait to get the second one that I ordered so I can have an upstairs and a downstairs one!!

    26. Elizabeth Moonrose on

      As I was scooping yesterday, I wondered what happened with this. Now I know. I'm so HAPPY that this is moving forward. I can hardly wait!!!! Thank you for all your efforts! I know it's challenging. But, well worth it.

    27. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Thanks for all of the positive comments! We love hearing from you!
      We had already been planning to send the scoops out individually, to qualify for USPS Bulk Lightweight postage, so it's not costing us any extra to send them out this way.
      We're looking forward to everyone receiving their scoops!!

    28. Katrina Hennessy

      Wow! I like the idea of using the backer number and sending them in order. I do hope that your generous offer to send at least one to everyone as soon as possible then follow up with the additional scoops for multiple orders does not send you negative with the extra shipping costs. I think that sending complete orders would also have been fair even though less backers would receive something each time.
      Looking forward to reading feedback from those who have received their scoops.

    29. Donna Friedman Demeter on

      Sounds a completely fair way to send them to me. First to back, first to get them. I was a little late to the party, so I don't mind waiting my turn. Every time I scoop the boxes I think that before too long I won't be shaking and shaking the scoop because the pine will go right through. It looks fantastic!

    30. Missing avatar

      Pet Social Worker Rescue on

      looking forward to it. delays happen, don't stress!

    31. Missing avatar

      arianemitchell on

      My cat poops are all of a tremble with the excitement! Good job everyone!

    32. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Baker on

      YAY! The kitties and I are looking forwards to getting these!

    33. Andrea Glick on

      Holy wow, that's whole lot of packages! ^_^

    34. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Bauer on

      Great NEWS! Thank you for the update! Great customer service!

    36. RosyRazly

      @Creator - So you're sending one even if people backed for more? I'm pretty sure you already sent mine since I was backer #130, but I don't mind waiting if you haven't... no need to spend extra on shipping.

    37. Bee Somers on

      Yay! Looks great! Congrats!!

    38. Joe Filippello on

      Will you let us know when our order has shipped?