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This professional cat litter scoop is designed for both strength and speed. Click the green button to visit our website for this and other great K-Kat Products!
This professional cat litter scoop is designed for both strength and speed. Click the green button to visit our website for this and other great K-Kat Products!
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Surveys (Almost) All Returned, and First 2 Batches of Scoops in Transit to Us!

Posted by K-Kat Innovative Pet Products (Creator)

April is here in full swing, and we're sure everyone is getting excited to receive their scoops! So far over 95% of the Backers have filled in the surveys with their addresses, which is really great. Anyone who hasn't yet filled out their own survey can find it by logging in to

We have already purchased all of the envelopes, labels, and packing tape so we can ship the scoops out as soon as we receive them, and we have a big group of friends and family poised and ready for a Packaging and Shipping Party as well! The shirts have been ordered and the LitteRemedy has been packaged and ready; all we are waiting for is the scoops :)

The latest word from our manufacturer is that the first partial order has landed in Chicago and is being shipped up to Wisconsin later this week. The next partial order has also been shipped and should arrive before the end of the month. We had requested that as soon as they are produced, they send them to us in batches along with their regular weekly shipments, instead of waiting and sending the whole large order together when they are finally all made. That way we can get them out to the Backers at the soonest possible time!

Thank you all for your patience, and we are as anxious to ship them out as you are to receive them!

All the best,

Dennis, Marie, and Ted

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gloria Walters on

      Got my first one. Love it, though I wish you had another version to get in the corners of rounded boxes, maybe curved a bit. Also, would love a silicone jacket for the handle, to soften the feel a bit and make it easier on arthritic hands...maybe like they make for frying pan handles (which don't quite fit; I tried).

    2. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Hi Cathy, we completely understand your anxious anticipation of receiving the scoops, and we are sorry for the slight delay. Our first batch of scoops that arrived to us last week are finally all ready to go, all address labels for the bulk mailing, and everything else completed. They will be going out in the mail tomorrow and take between 2-6 days for delivery. We will be posting a detailed update as soon as they hit the mail! :)

    3. Cathy Fout on

      Really looking forward to getting these. As a sanctuary director I've held off on replacing our broken plastic scoops because of expecting these to arrive in April. It's now May and no word about shipping them yet, though the last update says they arrived in your hands around April 14. Any idea when they'll actually arrive? Trying to be patient - but with many litter boxes to clean and using broken scoops it's getting frustrating. Thanks!

    4. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Hi Mark, we have been packaging the first batch of 800 scoops that arrived and getting them ready to ship. As soon as we do mail them out (hopefully in the next couple of days), we will be posting a new update with all the details. Thanks for your patience :)

    5. Mark Boerboom on

      Have they shipped yet? Will we be notified with tracking that they have shipped? Thanks.

    6. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Thanks, we'll try to keep everybody safe from paper cuts and other injuries during the packing party!
      Pavel, I see your survey was already filled out, and if you would like to review it, here is the direction from Kickstarter Backer Help page on how to find it:

      If you’ve already submitted your backer survey, you can review your response by visiting the project page and clicking the 'Your response' text in the bottom of the reward tier you selected.

    7. Pavel Royz on

      What steps do I take to find the survey once I log onto kickstarter?

    8. Missing avatar

      arianemitchell on

      Great work everybody! Hope you all enjoy your packing party and don't get any paper cuts!

    9. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      If you would like to review your survey, go to our project page (you have to first be logged in to Kickstarter) and under Campaign, find the reward you had selected. There should be a link there for you to review your survey response. Diana and Paula, I have checked and both of your surveys have been filled out. Thanks!

    10. Diana Gregory on

      Hi - I have the same question as Paula - how do I find out if you have the info you need?

    11. Missing avatar

      paula on

      I believe I completed the survey. I have not seen anything that I can check to ensure you have the information needed. Hopefully I did complete it as I am looking forward to the scoops.

    12. Bobbi Devine on

      yay! Having just adopted my 8th kitty and adding yet another box, I am anxiously awaiting my scoops!