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This professional cat litter scoop is designed for both strength and speed. Click the green button to visit our website for this and other great K-Kat Products!
This professional cat litter scoop is designed for both strength and speed. Click the green button to visit our website for this and other great K-Kat Products!
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K-Kat Returns from Global Pet Expo, Questionnaires Coming This Week

Posted by K-Kat Innovative Pet Products (Creator)

The K-Kat team ventured to Orlando, Florida, to the Global Pet Expo earlier this month, and received a great response to It's The Scoop! People really appreciate how much faster it is than other scoops, while still being very durable!

Jackson Galaxy, one of the biggest names in the cat world, was also at the Global Pet Expo. When we asked about the sample scoop we sent him last month, he seemed to really like it, although he was unable to make any official endorsements due to his other product obligations.


We are almost finished creating all of the Kickstarter Questionnaires, so all Backers should be receiving them sometime this week. The questionnaire is where you will specify your shipping address and other information we need to get your rewards out to you next month, so make sure to fill it out as soon as you receive it :)

Thank you again for the amazing support! We absolutely can't wait until the scoops arrive here so we can get them out to everybody right away!

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    1. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Hi Pam, I'm sorry for any confusion. I will send you a message through the Kickstarter Messages system so we can discuss this further.

    2. Missing avatar

      Pamela Hodermann on

      I ordered 4 or 5 scoops and it came with a T shirt, why did I get and email saying I am getting a Tshirt and A scoop?

    3. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Hi Jessi, we are just as anxious over here, to send them out :) We don't have an exact date yet, but we did get an update from our manufacturer yesterday and we will be posting a new Kickstarter Update within an hour or so with that info!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jessi on

      Do you know yet when you will be shipping these? Anxious over here! :)

    5. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Sarah - it sure does! Great of you to gift one out!
      Sue - all of the surveys have been sent out. You may want to check back through your emails for the notification and link. Otherwise you can log into Kickstarter and check your account in the upper right-hand corner to find a link to the survey there as well. If you have any issues finding it, please send me a message and I'll help you further.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sue Conard on

      When will the questionnaires be out?

    7. Sarah on

      Question- if I backed at $20 at the early bird rate, does that qualify me for 2 scoops? I was hoping to get a second as a gift.

    8. K-Kat Innovative Pet Products Creator on

      Thank you! We are very excited about our business and can't wait to help more and more people save time on litter duty!

    9. Missing avatar

      Shelby Bigley on

      Can't wait for the scoop. Everyday when cleaning the litter boxes I think about the scoop and how much easier and cleaner it's expected to be; I can't wait to get it and try it out.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Anderson on

      FANTASTIC! So happy for your family & budding business. I'm jealous....I wanna hug Jackson too!! Love that guy! Rebecca in NC

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeri Featherley on

      Congratulations on the positive response!!!! Yahoo!