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The Undress - the world's first changing dress that became Kickstarter's #1 women's fashion project of all time.
The Undress - the world's first changing dress that became Kickstarter's #1 women's fashion project of all time.
7,297 backers pledged $615,663 to help bring this project to life.

The Undress - and how a US Veteran actually made it happen...

Posted by The Undress, inc. (Creator)

I have never shared this story before… so I hope this hits the right chords. 

When I woke up this morning, I thought it would be interesting to share with you about The Undress and how it relates to our US Military on Veterans day.

For many of you that may not know, I was born in the Philippines.

The Philippines is an archipelago (10,000 of islands) north of Australia, and southwest of China. We’re known for our creativity, music, hospitality, and hand-to-hand combat (Think, Manny Pacquiao) Oh, and our food, which I consider the “Comfort Food of Asia”!

Philippines is a relatively poor country, and big opportunities are fairly scarce.

In contrast, the United States is a land of promise, and a dream for many of Filipino who wish to live here. For those who may not know, it is NOT easy for a Filipino to gain access to a Visa to visit or live in the United States.

For example, there are members of my own family who have been petitioning to come to the US for OVER 30+ years, and still have not been granted a Visa. Having an opportunity to live in the United States is a dream (and will remain just a dream) for millions who wish to come.

Back in the early 70’s, my mom and dad were recently married, and I was born shortly thereafter. And in a very rare opportunity, the US Navy were recruiting Filipinos to join, and in return have a chance at US Citizenship.

So, one of my Dad’s friends signed up for a interview request, AND he also signed up my Dad without my Dad’s knowledge!

Oddly enough, the Navy requested an interview with my DAD, but NOT his friend. My mom encouraged him to take the next steps even though it wasn’t his original idea. Long story short, he was accepted and joined the US Navy which changed our lives forever, as they both became US Citizens at first opportunity.

The US Navy hired Filipino’s originally to do dirty work, so my dad was literally cleaning and scrubbing the bottom of the ship. He studied, worked hard, gained rank, became a boiler room technician, and he proudly retired in the highest rank possible for him - Master Chief. He served during wartime in the Persian Gulf during the most of the gulf war.

Thanks to the US Navy, we were lucky enough to be stationed in sunny San Diego (where I still live), and here I pursued the opportunity that my parents worked hard to give me: The American Dream.

Many of you may not know that I started my first business when I was 16 years old, and pursued my passions, worked hard, and have always been an entrepreneur. I was literally making millions when I was in my 20’s (and I was even bankrupt once to balance it out, so it wasn’t always “rainbows”, lol). And nothing has ever stifled my creativity, or entrepreneurial spirit.

In fact, I earned the title of SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006, which was an honor.. I have never stopped working hard to pursue the American Dream, and The Undress is an expression of that.

How else would an immigrant like me invent a dress, and launch it into a million dollar business in a year? Our current Kickstarter Campaign for The Undress Version 4 is over $200K in about 3 weeks!  There are only a few places in the world this could happen, and the USA is one of them.

THAT is the American Dream, and I know for a fact that these opportunities and The Undress would never have happened if I was still in the Philippines. So yes, a US Veteran made all of this possible.

We’re actually quite a mix of a military family: My step father (Navy), my brother-in-law (Marines), my father in-law (Marines) all served this great country and are proud to provide freedom, and opportunity to all of us.

And on this Veterans day, I want to say thank you to all the heroes, as I truly believe America is “Home of the Free, BECAUSE of the Brave” (like my Dad) and I never will lose gratitude for the gift this country is to me and my family, and anyone who dares to dream, and wishes to pursue it.

I am forever grateful, thank you.

Ps. Since you’re reading this right now, you’re probably part of The Undress Family. So, I want to make sure you are aware that the *CraZy* deal of $50 for The Undress or 3 Undresses for $99 will end in a few days. So if you’re still thinking about getting our best dress yet, please do so by clicking HERE:

Forever Changing,

Dennis Caco

The Undress, inc.

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