Men of Science Fiction

by Dennys Ilic

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    1. Patricia Blackwell on

      So looking forward to this!

    2. Kilani Jones on

      dude, am happy to wait. your work is so well worth it. cheers with lads and ladies. from Aussie Land.

    3. Clare Millar on

      Thanks Denny for the update :)

    4. Mark Bennett on

      did the book proof arrive? Not heard any news and its July tomorrow.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bea Desroches on

      How can I let you know that I moved? I have a new address now

    6. Dominique Dabernard on

      And what about now ? We are in the late of July and we have no news abt the project and the delivery
      Could you keep us informed ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Becca Nx on

      Hey - hope everything's going well. Any chance of an update? Has the proof been approved? Is there a launch date?