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Create mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone without any coding required.
Create mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone without any coding required.
Create mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone without any coding required.
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    1. Choon S. Augustine on

      Hello The Demski Group,
      I have supported two of your MAGECREATOR kickstarter campaigns.
      I have wrote email regarding on your ability to develop app on our behalf and seeking refund from Mr Andrew Demksi.
      And, Mr Andrew Demski mentioned that refund through Amazon would take several weeks. Two week has gone and we heard no news from Amazon or Mr Andrew Demski.
      Furthermore, i could not find any link regarding NBC and CNBC featuring MAGECREATOR or Demski Group.

    2. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Augustine We currently have 5 game page types available. We also have 1 Flappy Bird template available and will be adding many more. We will be contacting you via message to resolve any issues you are having.

    3. Choon S. Augustine on

      Dear Creator,
      I have done as advice, add or create new page however Under page types but there is nothing showing GAME TYPES pages. The last option is Linkedin page.

      Did i miss out anything, please advice exactly how many GAME TYPES exist now?

    4. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Augustine We have already added some game templates. They are under page types. So just add a new page to your app and then near the bottom are all of the game types.

    5. Choon S. Augustine on


      I would like to clarify if i am missing something from your updates.

      I supported your campaign with Game Creator pack. You have missed the estimated date almost 120 days.

      Can you advice a date for the game template?

      Currently, there isn't any game supporting features and functionality. I could not design any game with your existing tools and functions.

      please advice.

    6. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Te It has been delivered. Please check the updates for instructions. If you have any other questions please message us.

    7. Missing avatar

      Te on

      Is something delivered? Haven't seen anything yet.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hiller on

      NVM I figured it out.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hiller on

      How do I find out my username and password for the Android app? Also, is the android app the final app or is it just a test? I've had it on my phone for a while now and have not been able to figure it out.

    10. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Big Poppy The game templates aren't available yet.

      @Dennis Only the Android previewer is active right now.

    11. You Can Cook Anything on

      Where are the game templates? I can't find them? Thanks.

    12. Dennis Gibson Daniels on

      bad url in magecreator:
      NOTE: The page displayed in Android simulator on the left is for ilustration purposes ONLY. It is just an image and there are NO clickable areas. Please preview this page using MAGE for Android app.

      the offered link:

      just goes to the generic apps page... not very helpful…
      returns LOTS of apps
      as does…
      no one app stands out

      what is the URL for MAGE for Android to test apps?

    13. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Jordan You can either message us on here or email me at

    14. Missing avatar

      Jordan Murray on

      I may be interested in a custom template. Is there a best email to inquire?

    15. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Shaunna we are working on a support site that will help users understand how to do things and will be launched soon.

    16. Shaunna Jagneaux on

      Do you have a support site that will allow us to help each other? (a wiki or some such where we can search for answers to our own issues, or post issues/solutions/how-tos/etc. allowing us to help each other?)

    17. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Robert we are adding all of the templates to everyone at the same time. We have many more almost completed.

    18. You Can Cook Anything on

      I think I found it on my own. At my funding level when will I see all my available templates?

    19. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Robert it's all online. You can go to the site and register. Our admins will then give you access according to what level you purchased.

    20. You Can Cook Anything on

      I haven't received any information on where to download the current version.

    21. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Dennis please message us your bugs, it's difficult to track comments and we may not respond as quickly. We have an issue ticketing system that we will be launching after Thanksgiving and all bugs can be submitted through there.

      We have both of those templates and will be uploading them very soon.

    22. Dennis Gibson Daniels on

      Is it okay for us to post bug reports and videos of the bugs? For instance, I cannot get my map data to load the lat/long correctly. It keeps showing a static map that comes with the template.

      Second, templates that I think is sorely missing are restaurant and hotel templates.


    23. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Dennis Yes, many pages on the site are not completed yet but the main pages used for building apps are all up and working. Because of this we are still supporting the Kickstarter's so you can message us on here.

    24. Dennis Gibson Daniels on

      I've logged onto your site.

      It's very beta. Lots of pages with filler text in Latin.

      No place to contact you or post bugs or a forum for users to share workarounds etc.

      How can we help you help us if we can't help/communicate with you?

    25. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Adie We appreciate your patience as we work to get this ready for you. We are really hoping to start giving access to users by the end of the month. We do apologize for the delay and thank you all for your support.

    26. Adie on

      Hi guys, I know the Alpha release is "just around the corner" but do you have any idea of time scale e.g is it a month or two or sooner? I'm not moaning and it's not a problem how long it takes but it would be nice to have a rough idea. I'm really looking forward to seeing it in action.

    27. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Augustine please message us the following information:
      First Name
      Last Name
      Desired Username
      Email Address

    28. Choon S. Augustine on

      I did not receive the Alpha survey. Please help.

    29. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @marc We are working very hard on this and hope to release the Alpha very very soon. This is an alpha version so there will most likely be bugs. Keep watching for our updates as we prepare to release. Sending out surveys was the first step.

    30. marc devillé on

      can you tell us when we will have access to the website and start programming? even with some bugs we could start learning.
      thank you guys

    31. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Adie MAGE will be able to handle Android L. We don't believe this will add to a delay but some features may not be available right away.

    32. Adie on

      Will MAGE be compatible with the forthcoming release of Android L? If it is, will this result in any further delay?

    33. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Thierry It's more of a problem with getting the system up and running on servers themselves correctly. So far the alpha release seems to working but the servers are crashing...hopefully it's not a programming issue cause a seg fault.

      @Adie We are considering it

      @Augustine Yes, MAGE will be able to support that type of application

    34. Thierry Charlemagne on

      I am a bit perturb by the announcement of your delay. Can you guys elaborate a bit more on what the issue is with the Alpha release? A bug here or there is not much of an issue if we can experience the product. I really hope this isn't going to be the first of many "delays".

    35. Adie on

      Hi, Do you have any plans for Android wear templates ? e.g watch face creation etc.

    36. Choon S. Augustine on

      I am keen to develop a mobile msg app. Users can create member groups by linking HP contact list, can take pics and insert msg then push to selected groups and upload to company website or facebook. All msg created has date stamped so that users can review by day, week or month. Does Mage able to create the above?

    37. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Augustine Yes, our team can do that.

    38. Choon S. Augustine on

      Is your team able to do that ?

    39. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Augustine of now MAGE does not support that. You could program that in a separate code segment and upload it that way, but MAGE itself won't do that for you.

    40. Choon S. Augustine on

      Hi, thank you for advice.

      Using a news magazine app as example, an avatar introducing the company financial information or report with different charts and I may require some form of animation transition effects on that chart.

      Augustine sim

    41. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Augustine Yes, you can develop a quiz app with MAGE. It can create many different typs of questions. Yes, you can modify the logic behind the questions. And yes, it can track scores.

      You can embed video, audio, and links. Zooming is supported. Transition effects depend on the templates, but there are the standard ones out there. It does not support animation as of this time, could you clarify what you mean by animation?

    42. Choon S. Augustine on

      Hi, I like to create a monthly news magazine app.

      Does it supports embed video and audio , and hyperlink ?

      Does it supports zooming?

      What kind of page transition effects are there?

      Does it supports animation effects and what are there ?

      Please advice, thank you.

    43. Choon S. Augustine on

      Hi, can I develop a quiz app out of MAGE?
      What sort of question types can it create ?
      Does it allows entry of the questioning logic?
      Example, filling blank, matching, selection choice, etc.
      Can it track the users' score ?

      Please advice.
      Thank you

    44. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Vincent There's a list that's in the updates of the features. Yes, push notifications will be available and we will be allowing you to manipulate who you send push notifications too.

    45. Vincent Dascher on

      Congrats on getting 123% funded on the project extension.

      @Joe: I pledged a small amount on the other project to be able to get notification updates from both, it's the easiest way not to miss anything.

      Do you have a link to a list of features that will be available? (I didn't search for an existing one, so sorry if I missed something obvious somewhere)
      I'm mainly asking because I wanted to know if it will be possible to give people choices for push notifications, like enable/disable on a list of 5/6 different subjects for example, so that they can only pick 1, 2 or all depending on their interests.

    46. Missing avatar

      Joe DiBruno on

      OK thanks for the clarification. I can't wait to mess around with MAGE when you guys make your Initial Operating Capability.

    47. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Joe These are the same project, as we said Kickstarter allowed us to put it back up to get more funds to enable us to add in more templates for you. If you look you will see the updates are near identical, and you only need to be checking this one as we will be keeping everyone updated here as well as there.

    48. Missing avatar

      Joe DiBruno on

      I have a question:

      Why are there more updates with an apparently duplicate kickstarter site here:

      Will these sites be unified or should we be checking both? Are there more drives planned?

    49. The Demski Group 8-time creator on

      @Vincent Shouldn't be, check our most recent update we posted a little bit ago. We are already working on ensuring that we take advantage of the new iOS 8 features.

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