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Demon Waffle - Eat Your Breakfast.
12+ original recordings from ska upstarts, Demon Waffle
Demon Waffle - Eat Your Breakfast. 12+ original recordings from ska upstarts, Demon Waffle
75 backers pledged $3,241 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Your pro hard copies are in production!

Wow, it has been almost a year...but the time has finally come...we just placed an order for hard copies of our CD with full color artwork etc.!! You Kickstarter folks will receive a copy as soon as we get, we'll ship them within 2 days of receiving them. (expect to receive them early March)

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Heading to the Studio


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Update #3

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook then you already know we made our goal. We cannot thank you enough for helping us achieve this and are already in the planning phase of getting you guys the album you funded/want/deserve. If the $ has not already been withdrawn from your account it will be very see, we have been having some trouble with our account because (surprise, surprise) we are silly geese and didn't have our account info all ironed out. That's been fixed and we'll be receiving the $ very soon so we can begin working on our album ASAP. Thank you again and we'll be posting updates when we have the money to start working on those rewards!

Donnie Barnett and the greatest song ever written

One Week In...

We are one week into our Kickstarter project and we are right at 1/4 of the way to our goal! We would like to thank those of you who have donated already from the bottom of our hearts...nearly all of you are familiar faces from shows/events that have supported us time and time again and we would like you to know that it really means a lot. Thank you.

That having been said, now that many of our "hardcore" supporters have already been leaned upon the going may become a bit tougher for us to reach our goal. We would love it if you would pester your friends/families to maybe throw just a little bit of money our way...whether it is $1, $5, $10, whatever they can spare to help us achieve a goal that we are truly passionate about. We understand that a lot of people are having difficulty with money in these uncertain financial times (trust us, we know all about not having much money) but we would really appreciate it if you could just spread the word for us, when possible. Tell your church, boss, company, buddies, postman, dry cleaner, landlord, whomever...every bit of help will go to helping us put out a quality ska record. The best part? You'll literally be able to say "Without me, this never would've happened". 

Thank all of you who have already donated time and $ to help us get where we are today and thank you for helping spread the word. With your help, we CAN achieve this goal!

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